It’s for the children!!!!!

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What do the letters HH, the number 88, and handkerchiefs have in common?

They are all symbols of one of America’s best kept secrets: There is no ‘racial component’ to social control mechanisms that kidnap children in America, and indoctrinate them into the ‘future’ social planning.

In fact, old time methods like the Ku Klux Klan, Joseph McCarthy, MKULTRA, and free love after that– previous government-led covert movements look quaint next to this ‘new thing.’

After the eugenics movement that happened in Mamasota in the 1920’s, the resurgence of the KKK, and the bedroom peeking exploits and antics of the McCarthyites of the 1950’s, and COINTELPRO of the 1960’s–what TEAM SPIRIT was left for those hillbilly Boys and girls to rally around??

Go Twins!

Knoblauch — a four-time All-Star and former Rookie of the Year — is out of jail on $10,000 bond and is due back in court on July 30. The station had more details on the arrest and Knoblauch’s other legal troubles: When officers arrived, they said Knoblauch appeared to be intoxicated. Police said Knoblauch’s wife told them she was asleep in her child’s room when her husband came in, upset that he wasn’t sleeping in their bed. He allegedly grabbed her by the arm and started smashing her head into a wall. Knoblauch is accused of throwing a humidifier at her before she ran from the room.

HH isn’t just a common abbreviation for His Holiness, or Her Highness–it also symbolizes HEIL HITLER, and the numerological cognate used by neo-nazi’s to signify the same: 88.

And, ironically, it also is an abbreviation for Hip Hop, the new social movement where the old social movement has been replaced by multi racial, multi ethnic racists of all colors who unite for the sake of ‘one world, full of US-versus THEM.’

But a quick trip down memory lane to the beginning of many of my assorted assaults, starting definitively in 1993, I remember Homer Hankies, of course! And Hubert H. Horatio Metrodome (RIP, little metrodome–home of heroes!), and the HH Hornblower business school at the University of Mamasota–the EXACT place where eugenics took hold.

Why, buildings on that campus are even named for the founder of the Eugenics movement in America.

Groups identified in the law Those groups identified in the 1925 law were the feeble-minded and the insane that were institutionalized. “The law provides that feeble-minded and insane in state institutions may be tubectomized or vasectomized upon the advice of the state board of control, the superintendant of the state school for feeblemindedness, a reputable physician or psychologist, provided or his or her legal representative gives consent”

AND: the famous Twins studies, too! Those other twins, illegal eugenic studies that were perpetrated by Hitler’s minion, Joseph Mengele, as he tortured, sexually abused, sawed apart and tried to rejoin (!!!) twins–he dissected Jewish and other children who were twins, just to see what would happen.

Would they feel the same pain if he sawed one in half, and watched the other? Would separating them, and subjecting one to torture while observing the other demonstrate a mental nee~telepathic bond? Or, how about propagandizing one to think one thing, while the other is used to perpetuate Twins-isms?

The ‘other twins’ themselves weren’t too keen on the research–but the Heroes just ran with it! The Twins win!! The other twins lost!!

Then according to the literature, Mengele and his minions tried to burn all the evidence of their crimes. I bet that took awhile–maybe six years or so? Or not.

Maybe they just spent the next twenty years after the war trying to gain access to them and those in power so they could subvert, redirect, or otherwise obfuscate evidence of their crimes?

I dunno, I’m just a doin’ mah job!

But thankfully, the results of his work can still be found in productive, big Pharma friendly subsidized studies at the U of MM!

And lots happen, indeed, when illegal experiments are perpetrated upon persons. Shit like wars and stuff. And lots of time stolen-lost forever, while social programmers manipulate data flows, and subvert relationships that lead to data flows.

Or, just friendly rivalries, where HEROES are created, the opposition falls or fails,  and handkerchiefs are waved in stadiums! Why, everybody just loves heroes! And stadiums! and being on the same team!!!!

After all–black and white thinking goes a long way in the backwoods of sooperstitious America.

In fact, Mamasota leads the nation in spin doctors, and PR firms–and the homer hanky was just one example of successful marketing by social programmers, and opinion leaders. Who could stand against that? Heroes, indeed!

Yay, kids–its for the children–children need heroes to look up to–except, of course, when those heroes fall flat on their faces. Or, actually beat their wives up, and actually get caught doing it, as opposed to being accused by some nefarious plot of law enfarcers, and other warrant subverting pigs.

Secret societies-the laughable masons–hehehehe.

You ain’t seen the truth gets its pants on yet have you?  Too busy snapping pictures of my wife in the shower, huh?

But I can promise you-I have wiped my ass with a homer hanky before–and more than once. There’s nothing quite like the shit scraping advantage of thick, plastic ink, silk-screened in some locally owned and nepotistically connected print shop to scrape a turd out of ones ass is there?

Go, Twins!! Mamasota is all about shaming the heroes into the bed. Or:

“If his previous legal troubles weren’t enough to make Knoblauch get his act together, perhaps a professional shaming will help. Before long, people won’t remember him for his All-Star play, but rather his disappointing behavior off the field after his playing days.”

Heroes, indeed. But one thing is for certain-you people know how to drum up business when business are leaving the state faster than water can flow from an exploding dam.

Because Mamasotans HATE it when men don’t sleep in Mama’s bed–rather than noticing how MAMASOTA is in bed with her children, and the locally born and bred panderers, breedbasket  financiers, sperm chasers, eugenic minded citizens,and their paid law enfarcers who make this shit even topical.

And even then? One cannotavoid the factthat Mamasota was a hotbed of Ku Klux Klan organizing, and KKK activity at the heydayof KKK recruiting drives.

Nor can one deny that at the highest levels of government (many senators, congressmen, local officials, and even American presidents were KKK members) there is and has always been systemic abuse, led by public relations campaigns, and in sync with law enfarcement to control the population with eugenics that actively interfere with, intrude upon or otherwise manipulate the ‘breeding’ choices of citizens:

Chuck Knoblauch is no exception: his wife, who was sleeping with his child, is truly a Mamasotan in every way-and Chuck, a typical man, likely has no words to describe such odd behavior by women who are under the spell of eugenic social forces.


Headline ripped from Modern American Police magazine: it is beat grandmothers, well, you know, because they needs a beatin’ sometimes.

I struggle with huge dilemmas of conscience, stuck as I am in my semi-private world of words. And, that private world trod upon and monitored for decades by law enfarcers.

Well-being one of the good guys, I have every day crisis like “should I go and save old grandmothers from wandering into traffic, or should I tackle them, and mercilessly beat them on and about their faces?” What lessons do I teach the citzens today?

Because, as a real American, I know the slippery slopes is that sooner or later if I don’t do my job, we will be a socialist nation, like England.

In this July 1, 2014 image made from video provided by motorist David Diaz, a California Highway Patrol officer straddles a woman while punching her in the head on the shoulder of a Los Angeles freeway. The woman had been walking on Interstate 10 west of downtown Los Angeles, endangering herself and people in traffic, and the officer was trying to restrain her, according to a CHP assistant chief. The officer, who has not been identified, has been placed on administrative leave during an investigation. (AP Photo/David Diaz)

Sometimes, even grandmothers need to get Putin their place.

Then, after I beat them, should I enlist the aid and protection of my brothers and sisters in the fraternal order to cover my ass–and lock these people up without access to their lawyers, or their psychiatrists and so forth?  Take their medical records before their own lawyers get their greedy, ambulance chasing hands on them?

I sure as hell think so-because –you could never know-but we sometimes need to ‘contain evidence’ before it becomes evidence, if you know whatI mean–which you don’t because you are the average citizen who has never had to stop a grandmother from wandering of in traffic!

I mean–these are every day crisises that the average citizen would never face!

No one can know how hard my job is, being watched all the time for any little slip up. It pisses me off big time.

And the average citizen has NO WAY of knowing about the threats that people like me face daily-FROM American citizens and GRANDMOTHERS who wander off. For instance, maybe she was wired with an I.U.D., and set to go off in traffic? Domestic terorrists do shit like that. She could have gone off, if I hadn’t jumped on her like a hot molatov.

“because if good women had their heads screwed on right, they would just have more children, and stop wasting time in relationships where men talk, argue, discuss, disagree, and or attempt to ‘relate to’ women–“

I mean-any common sense person knows that Alzheimers and other mental illnesses is a dangerous disease. I get special training in how to recognize that sort of thing, and this was that sort of thing.

Lots of people get these diseases, and I sure as hell don’t want that on my hands or my black leather gloves which I wear especially for these kinds of necessary beat downs. Probably, these people are contagious, and a threat to the public.

Other people are mentally ill, and–the average citizen could never understand how line walking teetotalers like me (except for steroids, which improve my muscle masses for the sake of the public) have a big reason to dislike and distrust alcoholics, the mentally ill, and drug users, or poor people in general if for no other reason than those people are taking the easy way out! They just refuse to work right!

I mean, I haven’t read up on this crap since my four year college and all that socialist brainwashing about “pyramids of self actualization,” and other gibberish, and seein’ as how I don’t have time for all that brainy stuff–because I am a doer, nota talker–because of the demands of my job–and because law enfarcement degrees focus on technical stuff–like weight training, in-group versus out-group hiring practices; sycophantic testicle nuzzling of my superiors, kowtowing to all of those ‘dieverse’ hires who got rank above me because they are dieverse; and domestic violence training.

Have YOU ever had to sit through some dieversity training?? Well shut up then! You would be like I was: paid, but not paid enough to do it over again.

And it’s not easy waging domestic violence on whole cities! I mean, when I show up at someones door, and I see 1) sexy, or otherwise fuckable women being abused by men (because all men-and lots of queers, statistically, are abusers, and women are not violent, unless they are forced to be, or are deranged grandmothers) I get bothered, because these breedable women could be with better men than the one she is stuck with–and because I am a better man, I know this.

2) domestic violence means that the breadbasket of America gets robbed of the potential to breed new taxpayers–because if good women had their heads screwed on right, they would just have more children, and stop wasting time in relationships where men talk, argue, discuss, disagree, and or attempt to ‘relate to’ women–because after all, women are essentially here for one reason: to give life to the state, for the betterment of the nation! And men oughta know that, or get the hell out of the house after she hits him in the face with a frying pan–get a clue, dudes.

Well-anyways, I am stressing out-you don’t even know! And I am pissed because writing this shit takes tme away from my gym schedule, snapping towels at the asses of my peers who think they are so cool because they did more reps than me today-or just because I like snapping gym towels on male asses, and then getting all serious and discussing “the bad guys out there.”

Here’s a peak at my daily schedule:Prayer warrior session at 5 a.m. just to touch base with Jesus; 6 a.m. roll call in a room full of farting men and women who are just starting to get their adrenalin on with a cup o’ morning JOE; THEN, four to five hours sitting in my cruiser, leering into oncoming traffic, and sometimes–sometimes–showing up at the scene of an accident and taking a report-which I have to write, on paper!

And that’s when I am not volunteering time at a local fushion center learning the spycraft of keeping America safe by chatting up fifteen year olds in chat forums about whether or not their moms and dad’s smoke weed, or use guns like I do-as extensions of my pride in being FREE.

Now, in contrast to those big talkers all over the internet, I am a real and bonerfide keyboard commando, because I get paid to protect the conversational flow of Americans from going in directions that are un-American, and SOMETIMES, I just give those conversations a nudge to make them more American, or at least, to cause those fake mom’s basement keyboard commandos to feel the shame of loose talk that threatens American lives overseas.

Well, you get the idea-there’s almost NO TIME in my day to work off all that stress that builds up, and I get real pissed when helping people gets in the way of my time at the gym. I mean, like, I do 400 reps a day, and that’s just on my gluteous maximi musculature–the Lord knows how hard those cruiser seats can be–and my pecks,and biceps– because how would you feel if you were part of the SWAT team, and your bullet proof vest looked all saggy in front of the team?? And some of the people on that team are women with bigger chests? NOT GOOD for the photo ops, I can tell you…

Saggy, like a grannies tits, is not gud-I can hear them now, just mocking me! And I don’t have any time in my work schedule to adjust my ego for LOSERS who compare bad apples with avocado and raw egg smoothies.

Or grandmothers who wander around probably on drugs or something.

So, yeah, sometimes, grandmothers just needs a beatin’, and it’s MY JOB to dish that beatin’ upon them. I am the guardian angel of grandmotherly beat downs.

You don’t know–you weren’t there–and if you were? I might have beat you down too–or putin my own camera in your face! Or just beat you with it.

Yeah-I can show YOU what to do with a camera, alright. You’ll see, I promise you. And I am sayin’, it won’t be pretty at all.

And that grandmother? Bitch was yammering on about “I am ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille,” whatever the fuck that means.

Probably some conspiracy she was involved in, with the French, or some other Arabs.

But I just don’t give a shit- doin’ mah job means never, ever doubting that there are only two colors that I need to be concerned about: black, and white, and–you weren’t there–but she looked black to me.


It has come to pass that I was right all along. Have THEY no shame? Police state pornography IS: acts of power, humiliation, and shame

SPECIAL NOTE: The links below are provided old school style, because after a night of being attacked, and having had my router crashed, I cannot post links via WordPress. Not much new there, escept for this story–below, is keyword heavy for exactly the type of malfeasance that state agencies are perpetrating, via PRISM, et al, upon citizens, citizen journalists, and Fagebookers of all types, etc.

And those shameful acts are more often than not directed at males–and police have no compunctions about directing their repressed sexual desires, manifested through noble pretenses and theoretically moral pretexts, at young boys.

Virginia Police sought and obtained a standing warrant to photograph a young boys penis.


AND–they want to penetrate that boys penis with a needle to cause him to have an erection.

O.K.–I can die now–it has come to this: I was right all along–cops are not only voyeurs, but they seek the most outrageous forms of voyeurism disguised as upholders of morality –they relish their roles as window peeking symbolic rapists, and violators of your children–because others in this “democracy” have sanctioned them to be “all that they can be.”

And this, is what they really really are: people who are devoid of imagination to the point that they use the private lives of others to fill/fulfill the void within themselves; and they perpetrate and perpetuate deviant behavior while hiding behind shields.

Or, Freudian projection, times NSA, et ass.

End result? As I have said all over the net for decades–the end result is that your sons are likely to become targets of deviants–and those deviants are the police. AND your daughters are likely to be trolled, observed, watched, and objectified by same–especially with the technologies of webcams, and the ability of the NSA et al to store those images of your daughters forever( and this, a FACT,  revealed by Edward Snowden).

And, I might add, I knew this about them as they projected this upon me, years ago.

And–gee whiz, did my connection get slow as I wrote this piece! Like, I am still waiting to create the link to the article. So, because the net is slow (must be jet lag from flying my post from Denver to Dallas to Chicago, the GHCQ BEFORE I write it) I will publish this old school as well.

Then, I will go and get a blowtorch, and some sheet steel and wrap my own cock in a toasty shield, like a Hotpocket, “so they don’t have to,”do it for me, in order to protect the new world order,  to protect the Virgin Mary, or any and all other goddesses of fertility from my sperm, or the mind my sperm carry.

After all, with young women cruising sperm donor websites these days according to NPR)–who needs my cock anyways, or any cock at all?

Women as young as 18 can get sperm for free in America–but only the police state, and the Fabian agenda can “guide all of the little sheepies” that Americas army of teen moms create-with the assistance of the state-into the right corral, at suppertime;_)


Stay safe Kids–uncle Sam IS watching, recording, and photographing your genitalia!

And even then, all this focus on the penises of men and boys-You would think that the local law enfarcers who perpetrate this shit have enough dick to deal with every time they confront the farting slob in the squadcubicle next to them–but the reality is that America is PLURALIST, and not everyone is as hung up on what hangs between a young persons legs as THEY ARE–despite programs and incentivized federal grants to try to prove otherwise–“by any means necessary” they tell me.

If you sat me down as a youngster and told me “son, your life will be a life where law enfarcers and their kin seek the most perverse methods and most despicable and shameful means by which to force you to conform to what they perceive as normal”–I would have understood that.

But if you told me the police state and its mechanisms would one day seek to stick needles in my dick, just to look at, and photograph my boner? I would have called the cops on you! Oh, wait–what a conundrum American society has becum. Let me parse that out: call-the cops-who want to stick needles in my dick–to inform them that their are creeps, weirdos, perverts and other scum–WHO WANT TO STICK NEEDLES IN MY DICK!

Catch 22–or, as we know thanks to science “Catch 40-600 million” per load of sperm, and these days, while they watch.

Where IS my blowtorch–I have to protect that little guy, and all of his “lil’fren’s'” before it’s too late!

Perhaps the most perverse thing of all In a rare, odd, unusual, and most unlikely scenario, a Child Protective Services appointed guardian ad-litem actually–actually, which is rare (most CPS ad-litems are schils for paychecks–their own)–seeks to protect a child! And to protect that child–the young boy whose penis has been photographed by the police-the guardian ad-litem  actually knew the law, and sought to protect the child ACCORDING TO THE LAW, from being used as state and police pornography:

“Carlos Flores Laboy, appointed the teen’s guardian ad litem in the case, said he thought it was just as illegal for the Manassas City police to create their own child pornography as to investigate the teen for it. “They’re using a statute that was designed to protect children from being exploited in a sexual manner,” Flores Laboy said, “to take a picture of this young man in a sexually explicit manner. The irony is incredible.”


Finally justice for Jhessye Shockley. But when I wrote about her–and the sorts of abuse that women perpetrate, I became a hunted man.

(uncut draft post, in progress…Hannibal the Cannibal, reporting.

Sthnipthniphhhthniphhhh, thnipthhhhh.)

I practice an unusual form of activism–like Gonzo journalism, without the drug habits–I hold myself out to sharks, in certain shark tanks, and wait to get eaten.

Yeah–I know how odd that sounds–but imagine something more odd: what might make a person do such a thing? Well, the answer isn’t singular, but rather complex. And the reasoning behind such methods are lost even on me. I can’t help myself, perhaps-or is it something deeper?

Like–mercenary journalism? Or, bi-polar reasoning, intruded upon by law enfarcement and it’s HYDRA’s of social manipulation?

But here is a case in point: I wrote about Jhessye Shockley when all of the feminist bloggers, and law enfarcement agents who read them ever heard about her.

And, I was insistent, and I  wrote that cases like hers do not get solved by police because police work off of certain “profiles,” and that sadly, those profiles are often more politically created, rather than factually correct, or statistically likely–their profiles of “the bogeymen” for example*.

Every time a little girl disappears in America, the feminists wave the flag of the pedophile, and a hunt for sex offenders trumps logic: the fear of the mysterious male that kidnaps little girls, and rapes them, and discards them ALAWAYS precludes the ACTUAL possible and most likely scenario of the MOTHER who hurts or kills her own kids; the female caregiver that  abuses kids and gets away with it, generation after generation.

These ARE the most likely scenarios, ALWAYS. Men, and the ‘bogeyman’ are a distant third place after that.

But the reality of most, if not ALL disappeared children*, is that  a woman knows who how where and what, of these events.

And, most often, mothers in America get away with murder, rape, and other inappropriate behavior as pertains to their children–here is Jhessye Shockley, deceased:

Jhessye Shockley, Momma’s little toy, momma’s little paycheck.

And the truth of most sexually abused children is this: women, who have access to, and control over  children, women who are caregivers of children, are, more often than not, the least likely to be suspected in these cases–yet the reality is that women abuse more children than men do, by measurably HUGE accounts compared to men who do such things–and that is according to the DOJ’s own statistics (look it up yourself–I was exhausted talking about it five years ago.)

And when I wrote about the disappearance of Jhessye Shockley some three years ago, I had cops chasing me all over the internet; cops and others in their employ, like crackheads in L.A>, white female ‘tourists’ in San Francisco, and even a few detectives who I recognized after all the years that passed between the time they conspired to frame me, to the time I caught them in my cop-trap for the first time (2005).
They chased me, and this story that I am writing now, all over America–all over America-for over two decades. They tried with every power of the law (which was on my side) and failed to create me as a ‘bogeyman’.

And then, they went “off book,” and began assaults that boggle the mind, trying to torture this story out of my throat, for decades.

I actually had joint task forces following me around; and I was assaulted with actual physical violence (since one of theirs shot me in the back with a Taser in 2008, I have suffered no less than five physical assaults, some BY police, others by agents who work for them, or who could be influenced BY them; and others as yet unexplained, which I have written about elsewhere), my cars were broken into, my computers hacked, my apartments and houses broken into repeatedly ( and they ALWAYS made sure they left markings, like large, wood tearing scratches on my doors, footprints in the3 snow; bags of my childs diapers torn apart and tossed about behind my house….

Or simply gas-lighting me by moving my belongings around, or deleting my camera footage); and my belongings stolen at one point, and returned at another–there is an endless list of things that have happened to me that have not happened to me for quite some time now, like as if I shut off a faucet handle with the installation of 24/7 surveillance cameras.

And in that same period, they stalked me, wiretapped me, internet redirected me, and worst of all-began a whisper campaign against me–I will present this evidence in the proper forum soon-and they distanced me from people that I cared about; and some of whom cared about me.

And I became a ‘loner,” in order to protect those who I knew, because I realized that they were using me in a grand fishing expedition, and trying to corrupt my narrative; my narrative of how their use of police power was itself corrupt, unlicensed, and misdirected. They tried to use me to sniff through the baggage of others, and when that didn’t work out, they targeted me with terror.

How can one prove that? I suspect the clues are in the exact “lack of proof” that the evidence will suggest. In other words, the needle, ‘found’ in the haystack, is itself begging of the answer ” the pile was soooooo big. Me? Miniscule.-So….why the big exclamation points?

AAAAHHHH. The exclamation points–their narrative, whether I WANT IT OR NOT.

Billy Jack at the gas station, with Gangrene’s tribe, in “the Born Losers.”:

Ape takes Billy Jacks hat off, gingerly:

” Hey Cueball?”

“Yeah man?”

“Fill’er up please.”

“You want regular or ethyl?”

As they fill my hat with gas….

I didn’t want any of it.

Yeah, that’s basically my talking point, you will see, no matter how you try to create a chain, your links are all broken now;-)But my links document, and predict that. And, none of my actual friends were hurt (hopefully) by their association with me.

My best guess then is that they had a score to settle, and sought for these decades to pin something-anything-on me, because I simply make them look bad, and based on how I have outed them for several decades as morons who work off of profiles that they themselves create–profiles of bogeymen–rather than working off of profiles of actual suspects, like women who abuse children) I have outlasted their attempted murders, assaults, and even managed to outlive suicidal ideation in regards to these assaults–and I have a story to tell you.

So… “Are you planning on fighting, or talking?

My question to you Webterrogator.

And it was when I began to write, and when I began to seek aies in this cause, and in my writing, that I encountered treble damages, and treble assaults of all kinds. I now know that the story I am writing about Mamasota is one that they do not want to be heard.
And most men do not live to tell it, nor live without the derailing assaults upon their character that is the default mechanism o f state agents who act as de facto publicity agents for the state–even tonight, I heard a story about a local police chief ‘spinning’ the abuse that police are responsible for; and just the other day, I read a story about how their are now “more eyes on cops” because body worn cameras are coming to this city; and, tonight, I heard about how the local jail is ‘revamping’ the way it deals with ‘mentally ill patients’ in their custody.

Where were all of these changes when they did what they did to me these last decades?

I didn’t want ANY OF IT.

If you haven’t guessed by now-yeah–I AM THE local agent of change in my vicinity. My writing has forced them to examine themselves-because as I have mentioned repeatedly, the ONLY people who follow me(….) or read me, ARE COPS, and their affiliated brethren and their “sisterns.”

Well, anyways, Jhessey Shockley. I once said (many times) that women who are caregivers, and mothers are more often than not responsible for the deaths and other abuses of kids. AND it is NO SURPRISE that sdome years after I wrote about this, her natural mother is now implicated in her death.

I wrote about Jhessey Shockley several years ago, and I noted this: most often, when a little white girl disappears, the whole world–and certainly all of law enfarcement–‘pricks up.

Law enfarcers cannot resist the imagery of raped white women, no mater how hard they try. And it is even harder for them to NOT get involved with little exploited white girls.
Or, the fantasy, and fiction of little exploited white girls, anyways, because anyone with a half-brain, and anyone with any sort of ‘mind’ KNOWS that little girls of pre-adolescence are the primary targets of rape, incest, and other forms of sexual violence.

And that doesn’t concern Americans AT ALL, because cop culture is too busy trying to glean revenue from prostitution right now–cop culture acts as the ‘heroic’ intervener when it comes to teenagers who employ sex for money, or who could do so.
Which, oddly, is what pimps do as well.

And white teenage females are the favorite ‘girl’ for them to ‘save,’ with African American teenagers running a close second. But forget it when it comes to any sort of critique or controversial alternative explanation of the “who” and the “how” of what is killing and disappearing young girls.

Young girls like Jhessye Shockley, who is engendered female, and African American–and who, for me at least, vindicates my thesis; and me? I have nothing nearly as precious to return to her other than to say ” Jhessye–I hope my insistence upon a changing of the guard as pertains to ‘suspects’ helped find you.’
And Jhessye–I might add, no black woman ever harmed me, so I am sad that you had this happen to you. Most of THEM are NOT like your mom–or, according to Mamasota’s latest scandal in regards to Adrian Peterson-maybe it’s high time to examine why the whip is still used in some places on any kid?

Much less on you….or me.

Jhessye Links:

Jhessye’s mom likely the only suspect:

Jhessye’s extended family sues CPS:

A prediction: Soon, I will be ‘no more’ but my prediction will come to pass.

(with extra fart cookies to whoever got ANtenna TV to run a Billy Jack Movie tonight as I write this)

And, I will only discus this prediction with qualified journalists of my choosing, because the PR war waged upon and then in the press, by the Fed, the county, the state and the local city police has started already.

And it involves these four news stories which ran between 9/21/2014, and today:————————

But first, note how these four stories DIRECTLY affect the case at hand (Hi Rich and MIkey!).

Does it make you wonder about the timing–does it make you wonder why some ‘official source’ or another is attempting to influence a potential jury pool, much less local news coverage?

And, my prediction–this is one of the DSM5 criterion of a paranoid schizophrenic, and this is the explanation of how they try to make you crazy, before your face ever hits the news page.

I will be dead at exactly 5p.m. tomorrow.

According to the literature I have read, what I am about to do should work perfectly.

And, I am starting the process right now-it takes a certain “buil-up” in my system to combat ‘immunity,’which could cause this to fail (like the other day).

This time, I know ‘what’ failed, and I have eradicaTED that flaw.

In the next world, I bet that the newspapers don’t talk to you or me. But this world? What crap-the news is always trying to subtly incite or aggravate me, and I know who it is that plants these stories.

In the next world, they will believe me when I say that the news is just an FBI platform of people manipulation.

When I say that I say it with this in mind–this which any real journalist knows to be true–:

The war begins when they plant items in news stories, or otherwise begin an ‘information’ campaign via journalists and news outlets. War begins at the tip of the pen, or the punch of a computr key, via journalists who are enamored with ‘connection’ to ‘official sources.’

And, such a war waged against a viable enemy is possibly understandable. Al Qeada, yes, Saddam and ‘weapons of mass destruction’–bin Ladens porn stash–? no– complete falsehoods propagated by media outlets via journalists hungry for ‘connection/s’.

But, still a lie.

Imagine, now, such a war, waged against one singular American citizen. All of the power of the state and its alphabet agencies; and all the hunger of journalists for a meaningful story–all of this, against one person; an individual with scant resources, and the entirety of the same media, and the same military propaganda machine aimed at them for decades.


Needles in Haystacks are important to these types who seek connection and credibility–I want nothing to do with either, at least, not in this nation of psycopathic and narcissistic people who maraud around the world murdering children, and then, using the press to cover over it.

They and those like them burn entire towns, and plant depleted uranium everywhere they go, and agree to NOT talk about it; and vilify, stalk, harass and otherwise derail or subvert those of us who DO talk about it.

What kind of social compact is that? I just cannot sign on–and because of this? Wait–just wait till’ I tell you what they have done to me.

Yeah–my life, without the towns, the villages; but plenty of burned children, and things more toxic than depleted uranium dropped on and into my head.

Then, there is this: I am monitored and they subtly insert their narrative into mine in ways that have no words yet:

10 6 2014 the suicide post

And always, some of this:

10 6 2014 writing about Ginsbug my connection Tmob gets this

While my connection gets rerouted, redirected, and subverted at all times; subject to and smitten by programs that as yet have no names, despite Snowden’s best efforts at awakening us–US.

This type of thing:

tracert says this(note the timeouts)-

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.2.9200]
(c) 2012 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\Users\SpA Newspaper plant>tracert

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1     5 ms     2 ms     2 ms
2    43 ms    46 ms    48 ms
3    47 ms    53 ms    46 ms
4   253 ms    73 ms    56 ms
5    53 ms    56 ms    54 ms
6    49 ms    56 ms    56 ms
7    52 ms    55 ms    49 ms
8    52 ms    48 ms    48 ms []

9    74 ms    68 ms    73 ms [4.69.15
10     *        *        *     Request timed out.
11     *        *        *     Request timed out.
12     *        *        *     Request timed out.
13    63 ms    79 ms    66 ms [
14    67 ms    66 ms    81 ms [4.79.16
15    70 ms    66 ms    67 ms [216.1
16    82 ms   122 ms    74 ms

Trace complete.

C:\Users\SpA Newspaper Plants>

While online tracert via Monitis says this:

United States
0 ms
0 ms
1 ms
1 ms
0 ms
1 ms
2 ms
2 ms
2 ms
1 ms
0 ms
0 ms
0 ms
2 ms
2 ms
2 ms
2 ms
2 ms
2 ms
2 ms
2 ms
110 ms
2 ms
2 ms
110 ms
29 ms
56 ms
11 ms
10 ms
10 ms
48 ms
10 ms
48 ms
0 ms
48 ms
0 ms
no response
no response
no response
no response
no response

THere’s no clear playing field any more; not even a hilltop to wave the white flag of surrender–they just keep pushing, and driving people, while they rape our anonymity, they hide behind the great firewall of United States concieved and implemented terror, lobbing mind bombs at me, because I once read Gregory Corso’s poem into my wiretaped phone.





When the revolution suceeds, cut it’s head off. Or, just sit around and armchair navigate the cruelty, and the excesses of the next generations abuses of power.

I mean, that’s what Ruth Bader Ginsburg is doing anyways. Because the “next generation” wants to behead her, like jihadists behead journalists.

AND, most ‘progressives’ and ‘liberals’ want her to step down so that Obama can appoint a justice who will speak for the “new progressives.”

The problem is that the new progressives might just as well be Antonin Scalia clones, but with purportedly ‘liberal’ ideals.And they want her out, so that they can further their agenda of sleeping with the internationalist capitalists who, for all practical purposes, are the people who gave us slavery, the Holocaust, and today’s Iraq, where children sleep next to depleted uranium, and whole generations of children are made infertile by proxy to it.

Put another way, the Supreme Courts most cherished leftist is under attack by today’s so-called “progressives”‘ those, merely Fabian incrementalists with a need for speed–and a need to speed Ginsburg off of the court.

As the New Republic put it:

liberals have a new fear: that Ginsburg has stuck around too long, and should have stepped down while President Barack Obama had the best chance of replacing her with a successor who shares her ideals.

Yeah–I know: you are thinking “WTF?!” or something like that, so first (my dear readers, all two of you from the law enfarcement community*, and those who you have activated to stalk me), some background.

I once had a secret crush–a forbidden and secretive love for a woman I have never met. In fact, my crush on her was soooo perverse, and soooo beyond the pale of ‘normal’ that it behooves me even today, to admit to the thoughts and feelings I had for her.

But I once fell in love with Ruth Ginsburg, because in her voice, and in her opinions, I sensed a true and real ideal of equality, which is  something that progressives in my era have no concept of.

Especially, those who ca themselves feminists, are indeed, mostly, and merely opportunists seeking revenge upon others for what they lack; seeking superior status at the expense of equality, having never endured unequal themselves, and far too willing to dish out class based and gender based ‘punishment’ to those who do not embody their version of ‘better than you, because we have the power over you.”

Or, as Ginsburg said:

One thing that concerns me is that today’s young women don’t seem to care that we have a fundamental instrument of government that makes no express statement about the equal citizenship stature of men and women. They know there are no closed doors anymore, and they may take for granted the rights that they have.


THis of course, reminds me of a certain cult that is led by a certain academic in the state I live in, Mamasota. I was villified, and metaphorically ‘jailed’ because I challenged this idea that equallity means EQUAL, in word and deed.

This particular academic preaches hatred from a bully pulpit, and makes no bones about his dislike of the ‘mentally ill.’ In fact, he preaches that the mentally ill should be followed, harassed, stalked, and slandered.

I will not go any deeper into that story because I do not want to lend any credibility to this person, who is a likely pathological narcisist, nor do I wish to enable  his cult following. But I make note of this, because of the events and the persons within those events, who I can name, and trace back to certain groups and certain agencies who are in part, my constant stalkers, which is matter for a later civil suit of conspiracy.

What maters here and now is this: some of them have worked directly for Ms. Ginsburg, and, as matters later will demonstrate, these local agents–these progressives–are exactly the types who “take for granted the rights” that they have, whereas I am a lynch pin; I am a fulcrum upon which theirt slander campaigns and collusion with law enfarcement balances itself upon.

This, above, will be demonstrated at a later time, however, back to the narrative of the ‘me’ that very well might be the real ‘me’:


In short, I objectified her, in a very naive way; I pilfered items of hers that she left in newspapers, and stored them in my treasure chests-my cardboard boxes; I stalked her writings and her life as best I could (because class issues of gender, wealth, and social placement made it impossible for me to actually stalk her); and I sometimes wondered this forbidden thought: ‘despite the fact that I in no way find her physically attractive–could I love her–?

Could I find it in myself to cherish her, and only her for her mind–for her querulous, and obstinate assertiveness–an assertiveness that she maintained at great peril, and at great  risk-and at great disparity; her concurrent nature and her ability to demarcate the difference between private and public forums–and that disparity, engendered as she was, female, and who asserted herself against her peers (males) who had little to no idea what she stood for, or why–that such disparity was indeed the root of repression, and thus, oppression?

And of course, In my stalkings, I found her to be married–and I was at once delighted–at once enthralled, and at once very happy that she had found love in Martin–for those who wish to know.

But I think she hit her head on more walls than I have–and that disparity certainly was her nemesis; and likely, that such disparity was indeed her call to arms.

And, also, it is likely that disparity–unjust and unrequited justice for her at least, was a talking point….lost on one of my recent encounters with a nemesis who has chosen me as a victim of her own odd and entitled, and subsidized, purchased position as a gate keeper, and an arbiter in the  narration of ‘truth.’

THis person, will be named at another time–later in this story.

Well, enough of all of that–who cares about my stalking tendencies, or my voyeuristic impulses directed at the words and images of a woman who I have never actually met, nor clerked for….

Becaue right now, Forbes v. Arkansas Educational Television Commission, 93  F3d  497,  24 Med.L.Rptr.  2295  (8th Cir.1996)  is on my mind. And as a dissenter myself who vigorosly opposes censorship in educational materials–and who vehemently objects to the way that state agencies have adopted the fauxminist stances of censorship of not only public dialogues; but I also object to how some of same have put state and federal agencies up my tailpipe for the last 8 years or so.

And, I dissent that what constitutes a ‘public forum’ in the definitions of 1996 are accurate today.

Which is perhaps, why I also vigorously object to anyone who can justify what has been done to me over the last 8 years by certain academics who, working with law enfarcers and other agents/agencies,  deployed  the techniques and methods of ‘silencing’ me in public and private forums.

Lastly, the nature and the venue’s wherein I was slandered by aforementioned academic/s, I note here and now that the legal actions forthcoming will indeed be portrayed as ‘political’–and that includes your participation Ms. ‘Clerked for Ginsburg’.

I will subpoena various records and various logs to ascertain your participation, and then, work towards your own generations, in a Fabian manner, in civil court.

See you then!

And of course, nonoe of this diminishes my respect for you, Ms. Ginsburg–I still admire your fire, and I beseech you to stay on that court, so that I can meet you one day, and explain this case that they have been trying to make since 1998.

I beg you, please, with al of my heart and soul–to stay there, and to die there if you must–because you are SOOOOO right in your assessment of these modern fauxminists.

And I will need your opinion one day, because my case began the very year that you were appointed to the court; my troubles with the corruption of poloice-state feminism, and the police power itself began that very year.

I would cut my dick of if it meant that I could plead this thing before you, because I am an unlikely ally in your own cause; I am the bogeyman, who despite my own wishes, still carries the burden of the ugliness that was perpetrated on me in that very year–I am the bogeyman who has a parcel, ready to deliver, for the sake of all of us who backed the ERA, and then some.

And, I am very tired, and my back is broken by the carrying of such a burden–I wish to drop it at your door, but I know that such a burden-the coruption of truth and the manipulation of truth by progressives, is too heavy for only two to bear.

BUt two are stronger than one–if only I could show you what they are doing, with thre complicity of the police power-Oh!

Then we could see how the ‘new progressives’ are really just kids who inherited all of the dirty tricks and the unconstitutional toys of their predecessors–the hard right, and it’s manipulations and bending of the laws….

Then, my feet wouldn’t be so tired, my back, a bit less broken–but I do have a tale to tell you, about how an insane attempt by Dworkinites to censor Mamasotans view of things failed, but was reborn again with the aid of a police state that uses the internet to corrupt the meaning of private v public, and education v politics.

Oh…I am tired of this burden–where IS Jake Baker when you need his poison pen?.

Dear Frank: Have you noticed the kinds of identity theft that your colleagues are up to these days?

Probably not, because you are so busy buying suits that make you look like Bernie Madoff.

That’s not a joke–because we all know that he made off with more than you did;-)

Catching Up with Frank Abagnale Technology Breeds Crime

A SECURE FUTURE: “Big data analytics helps uncover patterns that would be hard for any human to determine.” Photo: Abagnale

And Bernie never sold out, either, to those who routinely steal more than mere identities. I mean,

your kind steal families, actual love invested families; whole nations, and according to the body counts of the last several decades ‘at war’ your kind also steal entire generations of human life, so that you can drive to work today.

You sure were an ideal FBI recruit: no conscience, and proud of it. And hey–here’s a nod to those eighties hipster glasses–whatever works right?

Go with it–for another decade or so, maybe they will catch on again.

But identity theft is just the tip of the iceberg of what you peeps are up to–in fact, my identity documents that have been pilfered, stolen etc over these last few decades?

Every single one of them was filched by, or under the watchful eyes of your ‘superiors’ and ‘colleagues.

And my oh my, do they like to circulate these.

Hmmm….maybe I should have kept up with my printing skills….

Naaaah. I like writing better–it gets the word out, and the word lasts much longer than any bank draft. I ain’t in this for the money.

And printing is printing-but writing? An art.

Your people don’t have a department of ethical behavior either, but the next generation might, if this trend below becomes popular:

Bill Bratton declares war on

dirty cops, says he will rid

NYPD of those who are

‘poisoning the well’

Backing up his words with a disturbing video montage of police officers mistreating members of the public, Bratton said they have to face facts.

Poisoning the well? These crooked motherfuckers (and daddies dick suckers–you know who you are, all you lil’ Jodie Fosters) poison the SEED, then grow a poisoned TREE, which drops poison fruit, without a conscience–and every fruit, of every generation after it.

Not that you AREN’T one of those who re-shaped modern law enfarcement into what it is today–a “Catch Me If You Can” scheme of illegal covert police actions deployed against  regular citizens for durations of time that would boggle the mind of any person from YOUR ERA, but then, utilizing the illegally gained material as ‘predicate’ for later persecutions?

Yeah–I think I have a work around for that too.

So keep smilin’ Frank!

You made good on your promise to your dad alright. I am certain he would have appreciated your cheerleading skills more if he were around to see how you schill for the police state’s invasive, illegal, and unethical data collection practices.

But I bet Bruce Schneier could teach your dad a thing or two that your dad fo0rgot to teach you–like, the fact that real security comes from being impenetrable on every front; and so does a good legal defense.

But you had a conscience, didn’t you? And you KNEW that YOU did wrong.

SO there you go.

But, hey, man, nice suit. And I am willing to bet that your prostate has some issues, too. Can’t put polish on that, can you?



What is “webterrogation,”? What is “netterrogation?”

Recently, I have invented two words: webterrogation, and netterrogation.

Neither of these words have a ‘web presence’, nor a “copyright.”

However, both of these words are MINE, at least, today. And I promise–these two words will come to dominate internet discussions that document, relate to, chronicle, or otherwise attempt to describe the FACT that governments, and government agents, subcontractors, and other state sponsored entities are using the ‘net’; to interrogate people; to interrogate ‘suspects’ and to interrogate personal narratives and personal ‘data’ that individuals would otherwise expect to be “private.”

Put another way, webterrogation, and netterrogation are means and methods by which, through which, within which and by means of; aside from, and within, government agencies and agents ‘interrogate’ web speakers; means by with government agencies, federal agents, international bodies, and any and all legal and interrogeuratory agencis and bodies query a narrative, or a dialogue; question an individual or a story via the means and methods-instrumentalities and methodologies of a personal or institutional narrative or story-and individual writing, manuscript, or other revealing item of narration.Or, so, something like that–here’s my pay-off:

You can have this definition (it’s worth hundreds of thousands), if YOU cease and desist from otherwise setting me up; blackmailing me according to the results of your setups’ stop, desist, and refrain from intruding upon my writing, etc., ad simulacrum.  of innovation? I am Ready to sponsor it, if you would stop YOUR constant leveraging.

Or, knock it off, PLEASE.

Meantime–can we work together to mine the emergent IP related and timestamped marketing and blackmailing behaviors that your crones and cuntards are responsible for?

Reallly–take this as a first offering.

How do I know? I have searched the web- Patent office, and I am as I write, timestampoing

Webterrogation, part 2. Where DID all of my personal photos go anyways?

I really can’t take YOU seriously–and because of that, I will NEVER give you my secrets.

You simply haven’t earned them.

Now, about webterrogation: I invented this word “webterrogation.” Here is the time stamp (see logs). Surely, whoever jumps forward to claim copyright will at least agree that this word happened here, today.

Or not–I really don’t care–because it actually happened here, the other day, when I was under an as yet to be named attack by an as yet to be identified web assailant.

NOw-it is important to note that women’s violence takes place in ways that the web and the rest of the world has yet to take notice: women’s violence is organized, secretive, aided by males, and also, highly directed and focused ON and AT speech itself–women’s violence is verbal; women’s violence is highly manipulative, and women’s violence against men, children, and societies, is highly and largely, focused on attaining the aid and assistance of “the police state” such as we know it.

Put another way, most if not all of the current crop of violence prone women, and ‘feminists’ employ, deploy, and most often utilize men, and so-called patriarchal systems of violence (police and state functions) to do  violence for them–in place of their own abilities to employ physical strength and domestic violence–that, a function of state power levied upon, and at, and ‘to’ individuals within the national boundaries of any nation.

This serves a two-fold purpose:

1) by employing/deploying males to do violence in their behalf (to arouse fear mongering narratives) predicated upon, or based upon their fears, insecurities, or other physical, emotional shortages and intellectual lacks, they remain unnaccountable for the effects of that violence, always able yto blame ‘patriarchy’ or ‘male leadership’ for their gross overages, and failures (like the Iraq situation today) and

2) women–and feminists–raise males to be violence prone, while coddling or ‘pimping’ daughters to such narratives; and these mothers are willing, in the least, to act, or to cause others to act,  in violent ways of response to the above mentioned ‘fears, etc.” of their mothers, and the ‘universal woman’–the ‘monolith’ of the totality of female led religions and cults.

Well, either way–I live in a society that is a cult in and to itself–I live in Mamasota, USA.

that alone should be cause fopr conscience, butr it’s not. My o;d dear friends  are indeed my assailants in this place, often leveraged, and often sol as chattel here, to interests that sek only my silence.

And, we both know, I cannot provide that, though YOU have sought in other ways to cause me to, or to provoke me to, or chain me to YOUR naratives.

I just can’t do that–I am the one who cuts his foot off, and runs on a bloody stump, seeking anywhere, and anyone, and even death-so long as it doesn’t include YOU.

So–what about that fifteen year dissection–that ongoing, Neverending dissection of my narrative that you have been responsibly for?

Well, for now, let me just point out a few things-a few things that, given to the minds of the ‘rational’ and ‘free’ and ‘normative’ citizens, might raise at least, a hackle:

YOU have come and gone through my narrative for decades–AND YOU have taken with you every time, the pictures-the PHOTOGRAPHS of the people I have LOVED.

Yup. You did–since 2001 and forwards, the mementos of my failed loves; the photos of my successful loves ( they will be there, in the courtroom, when YOU-my chronic voyeur, arrive with your dossier’s–they will shit on your narrative, my deserving scatfan–; my shoe-size 6-8, later aged female, chronic follower–my nearly breastless 58 something FBI’er–yes–she will show up and refute your mid-80’s narrative of the lack of female power; and it will be for you to shoot her down in the narative; for you to convince her in your last gasp that she wasn’t loved by me.)

Yeah: I can’y imagine what the “average people” wil think, when they realize that YOU have been creeping –CREEPING, and CREEPING in and around my life for several decades-and that when you broke in all those years ago( 2009 was when you made it ‘official’; but 2001, I was aware, 2005 I was enraged; 2006-8 I was saddened by your lack of premise–by then, I was willing, and able to obliterate YOU and your illegal methodologies–but then, for YOU to take my most cherished ‘objects’?–pictures of those who I have oved, and those who I have brought to fruition??? THose whose careers and opportunities ONLY increased after my ‘knowing them’ in YOUR biblical sense?

Yeah-you guessed it: I didi document the losses.

And it will be for you, grey haired lady, to proive me wrong.

And, while YOU are at it? Bring that shoe size 13+ moron with you–because if I possibly can? I will punch that fat old cocksucker right in his face–and ask him to give me the pen back , that he STOLE, in that weird copology discussion at the Cowboy Bar.

But If I even get half the chance? I will punch YOU in his place–equality and all–because we both know he outweighs me by, like 100+lbs#

But you? We are MORE NEAR each other-me, somewhere between 150-180; you around 110-130#–so you won’t mind if I kick you in the face a few times, would you?

Or, lleave my footprints outside your windows? Seems more fair if I do it to YOU, than the way you and your Gollem did it to me all those years–and BTW_ WHEN DO I GET MY HAPPINESS BACK?

Yeah–those photos–completely leaqgl photos–at what point does ” infringe upon happiness” come into play-and EVERY ACTION AFTER such is nullified by your political agendas?

We’ll see;-)

Justice, by the pound.


Webterrogation, day 11 years, 7 months, and some odd days–very ODD days.

NOTE: The first paragraph of the writing below the double line contains numerous ‘errors’. This was due to the fact that as I wrote, my writing had to pass through a government wiretap/switch, which is laden with various malware, and backmail oriented web redirections, which altered, slowed down, or otherwise manipulated my intentions as a writer, writing “live” into a “web platform/format”.

In fact, as I wrote, I could not ‘see’ a single word on the screen. This sort of attack is quite common to activists, journalists, whistle-blowers and so forth, throughout the western world.

So, do your best to interpret the words (fill in the blanks in the first paragraph, or write to me if you realy need to know. Otherwise, understand that my writing is usually read, and redirected by, a group–a paid class of operatives who subvert my writing nearly every time I attempt to access the web.

But also know, in full disclosure, that I was actively involved in demonstrating, and ‘receiving’ an attack by as yet to be named government agents and agencies, TO agents and agencies who are complicit in such attacks, that is quite common on the web several days.


[this first paragraph below is the one ythat took several minutes to publish–which is a common attack by government agencies]

Where I live, there is nbo law. At lleast no laws that the ordinary citizen would recognize. But in a world tat has allowed, accepted, condoned the torture of presons–against every convention or international treay written ever that stands against torture–I live in a world of perspicacious and min-numbingly two-tiered narrational vnce, directed at me, personallu.

[ NOTE: I am writing this article because I am using a ‘borrowed conection’ from anotherperson who is a witness to the kinds of shenanigans that I endure regularly via ‘law enfarcement agents’ and the associated, as yet undisclosed methodologies of these enfarcers.

Everything above the word “note,” above,  was written into WordPress, and i.e. published/attempted to publish–but because of certain as yet to be named government programs, which slows the internet down to nearly unusable speeds that easily and quite handily negate the expression of ‘free speech’ –even though the connection is paid for, and the ‘instrumentality of speech’ is also paid for–I cannot write–for DECADES–without such interferences, as documented elsewhere (I am currently writing from a 3 and 4 G connection which has gigabytes left on its plan).

Equally, I make note, that what is written in pp. 1 was written ‘blind’ meaning that I could not see or otherwise correct and edit the mistakes therein. The screenshots of this are below, and, I will re-write, and edit that paragraph–but at this time merely seek to arouse you into action, and awareness of such methodologies, deployed upon me (and, I am already 11 minute past writing what I set out to write in the first place.)

note-I have to endure the glare of the five eyes just to get to google--in AMERICA--but in Bloomington Mamasota accdng to others note-writing as hidden networks spring up around me every time

when I look up Yonas Fikre note-here is what the pre-editing of my writing looks like-I write, but cannot even see my own words note-here is what the pre-editing of my writing looks like-I write, but cannot even see my own words 1013pm note-here is what the pre-editing of my writing looks like-I write, but cannot even see my own words 1014 pm -finally publishes-get it question mark note-I have to endure the glare of the five eyes just to get to google--in AMERICAnote-I have to endure the glare of the five eyes just to get to google--in AMERICA--but stil in TX accdng to somenote-I have to endure the glare of the five eyes just to get to google--in AMERICA--butin St Louis accdng to some note-normaly there are pages and pages of IP info--not when you are being monitored

Wow. Do you feel raped? I sure do– I mea, one source says I am in Texas–another says I am in Missouri (the ‘show me how you beat people, kill people, and run tanks into the faces of people state) and another says I am in dear old Texas, where GW himself set a pack of wolves upon me!

Still, another says my location is “Ireland” dear ole Ireland, while another has me locked up in Bloomington Mamasota, in the headquarters of ICE, DHS and the FBI substation! I must be a baaaaaad person–why else would so many sources confirm confirmation bias against me?

Yeah– I bet it’s because about four days ago, I was re-routed, redirected, and abusively bombarded with the best that these types of agencies have to offer. Which, by my own calculations, equate to nil-nil in the sense that they are so busted that their eyes–all five of them, will be TORN OUT and eaten when I get my chance to do so, in the PROPER FORUM.

In the meantime, I have been contemplating certain nefarious persons and agencies that routinely follow me around, who threaten to ‘make me homeless’ and who also have implied that they can and will kidnap my child–and I think of Maddy Mc Cann (where are the fauxminists on THAT topic??).

Yes, I live in daily fear that these agencies can and would kill or steal my child. Yes, I know how they do that, and ‘why’.

But I will personally take bullets in my face, and whatever other sorts of blackmail you offer to ensure that it doesn’t happen–and they have threatened me with that for years.–And, yes, this is directed at you, my ONE dear reader–I once suspected there might be ONE law enfarcer who actually  works FOR the law, and every single word I write is a hope that my gambit is possible–that even one of you will actually read between the lines here, and act accordingly, against the designs of your peers and your political alliances to see that what is happening to me is indeed part of a larger, more heinous plan.

What more can I give you than my last weeks internet horror? My last weeks ‘investigation’ of YOUR PEERS and their complicit agencies? And what they are ‘up to, is truly not good at all. As WE both know, I AM NOT BIN LADEN, or anything even close to it.

Why you target me thus; why you harass and redirect me–I haven’t a clue, other than that I know that you are employed/deployed in double agency: the truth and justice/ what appearances can be created.

Or: I try to teach you, you try to set me up.

Very Not Cool, actually. Legal? Possibly, but not likely–ask the IP’s!

I am asking for just ONE of you to admit it, and act courageously as I will and do, in the face of such fire.(I bet NONE of you can match me in this form of courage. But, two wrongs do not make a right–no matter what the feminards amongst you say.)

I wonder: did British agencies kidnap Maddy McCann for profit? Did they use her as some kind of leverage against her parents? Because, in Britain, it is widely known today that the ‘agencies’ and the secret services DO maim, rape, kidnap and kill children–just read ANY British newspaper.

It seems that the very power of Britain, and her allies are fueled and inflamed (od paradox, that) by child kidnappings and murders.

Wel, anyways–when any IP in the range of shows up in my tracert, I know how difficult it is to tel this story–the bullying I have endured since this comment was egregious, and I was put on notice that the years of dificulty and blackmail before it were not necessarily ‘in my head,’ as I finally had a witness to your provocations and implied threats.

ANd I stil invite you to meet me, in a legal forum, anytime, and any jurisdiction.

But I think a jury of my peers will recognize the sad state of affairs that has evolved when we let your programming run OUR lives.

Sure, there’s always about 72% that have a relative in the military–but amongst them? I am CERTAIN that about 22% KNOW how the military has used and abused their kin.

I am banking on that 22%–allied with the ONE juror that recognizes the difference between ‘choice’ and ‘set-up.”

But you won’t silence me either way–I have your methodology now, under my skin.

And i think that the last five days of weeding through your IP’s, servers. programs, and persons in charge of such programs will make for an interesting, if not revealing subpoena.

Girl-porn is: every time one or more women conspire to keep a secret; or when women work together to create the false appearance that a man is worse than they are, collectively.

And, of course, semi-nude pictures of Miley Cyrus, or whoever the latest femfabulous cutie is who is making the rounds and showing her ass to the world–Ariana Grande, Igy Azealea, or whoever–but  women love to hate young women who they cannot control or contain.

But they also love to compare themselves to that ‘new’ woman and to assert their dominance or superiority over that new woman, secretly.

Many if not most women then do a personal, secretive mental calculation that takes into account:

1)the body parts (compete, compare, devour with the eyes; and then, dismiss any and all carnal or challenging thoughts that they have as the result of being trapped in [patriarchy, which forces us to compare, compete and devour…’ Its always someone else’s fault that women are each, individual, and beautiful, or desirable in different ways–so, they must be contained within a monolithic structure before their individual impulses run wild )

2)the ‘intelligence level’ of that new woman(compete, compare, seek weakness, compete against perceived weakness, come up ‘morally superior’ to the imagined weakness of that woman thus compared) and then

3) to draw up a plan of action that they can employ/deploy within themselves to defeat the narrative of raw, youthful beauty (compete, compare, assess and defeat)

4) Lastly and most important-project their own deviance onto men; onto patriarchy; onto anyone they can scapegoat, or use as a human shield to deflect insight away from themselves.

And, more often than not, they project the sum total of this odd rationale upon the world, and project any and all sensual or sexual feelings that they might have about the latest ingenue onto MEN (MEN! Those bastards!!!)

WEll, where I have lived for the last several decades, I have had such beastly women following me around.

Its as if the “Cult of Jodie Foster wanabe’s” just can’t get enough of the smel of my soiled underwear.

They folow me to the grocery store, the bars, the colleges, and anywhere else I go–and they have literally formed a carefully scripted narrative–a secret and as yet be actualized fantasy about who “I” am.

And they have used the power of institutions, law enfarcement, plain gossip, and many many other tools, not least of which is “TIME” to create the narrative of a bogeyman–a regular Georgie Porgie, who somehow deserves their spite, and their scalding shame.

BUtr I beg to differ–because really, these types of women–who are afraid of debutante’s–are really angry, violent, sociopathic and narcissistic bitter hags who look within themselves, and fail at attaining the beauty that counts: that inner thing, where one is lovely, because one is innocent.

And these hags are not either, on the inside, no matter what they look like on the outside.

And it is this desire to rape the privacy of others that makes them no better thanmen, and, most likely, predators whose secrets may never come to light, because their narrative–that of a monolithic woman who claims to ‘protect’ women, is actually an empty shell–like a hermit crab of a person–collectively organizing to face the truth that all hermit crabs face: they smell bad, and even worse when grouped together; and even then, they are scavengers, who do and will eat the most foul detritus of the sea.

Amelia Earhart herself likely died at the claws of such crabs–but these crabs were much bigger, and they had no compunctions about eating their own.

So, for me, it has been an od few decades, with women such as these baby-sitting my personal space, and time–wiretapping me, and forming groups to cause me to fall ( I have been taking names, you know)–and al of that because I do NOT cry when all the boys come out to play.

Instead, I seek to enlighten those boys about how women such as these empty shells smell badly–and about what it is in them makes them rot.

Freud would call it “projection,” but to me, it is simply the way female bullying works in a war based economic structure.

And, no, I am not in the slightest interested in kissing “all the girls.” Just the beautiful ones, and also maybe,, secretly, I want to kiss Marge, who lives in a nursing home, trapped in her own body, and her wheelchair, who said to me recently ” I just want to die.”

Why did Marge want to die? Because–you guessed it: her sisters did not want to visit her.

Probably, they are too busy chasing down Georgie Porgie–that’s my guess. Or too busy, enlisting the aid of ‘good men’ who ‘respect’ their forms of objectification, and their means and methods of fighting the ‘evil’ of ever escaping youth.

Which reminds me of this one guy–you know this guy, I know you know this guy: slim, slight goatee, baby face, just the nicest fellow.

Well, I know him to–he ame al the way up to Mamasota in a Naperville squad car, just to help out those who are on the prowl for Georgie Porgies everywhere–yeah–he IS the Apple of his Mothers eyes.

So of course, I tasked him with the complete subterfuge of Avrams computer. As he said at the time, it wasn’t just one user there, it was “five of us.”

Then–as will be witnessed to by the ‘good’ Christian boy, he whipped out a disk of the best that HS has to offer, and gee whizz–it sure was an interesting disk.

But I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO used to that. ike, for the last many years and counting, every time you approach me, it is nefarious, but ‘well-meaning,’ for the sake of people who are like YOU: crabs, in a bucket.

So, I don’t want YOU to get the idea thatI was somehow newly aware of what you have been doing–I don’t suddenly “look back and it all makes sense….”

Nope. As you can see from my writings, my records and many other things that you have now raped right out of me? Yeah–I have ben watching YOU about as long or longer than you have been watching me.

Which by my records (which date to a certain attempted frame-job in 1997-8) is probably longer than you thought. I mean after all, you are so original–so unique–such a one of a kind lovely lady that your obsession with me has only been a recent one, right?

Nope. Because you are not alone, they are not alone, and I though isolated, have indeed(as your records show) tried in every single way possible, previously,  to merely LIVE without people like you assaulting me, invading me, blackmailing me, investigating me, following me, and mostly, using my life as a blank page where you can write whatever YOU want in the margins–or to leave whatever bookmarks behind –what you have been doing since then is really the essence of why I exist these days: probable doesn’t mean anything next to innocent–which is what I am.

But you and yours? Smelly, ugly crabs, trying to steal my shell, and drag it back in to your bucket.