Internet Scrubbing 101- a primer in falsifying internet evidence.

Long time no see–not, you, the big fat guy with the shitty window leering loafers, or you, the grey haired lady (Savers) who thinks that you can read my mind–nor you the morning prayer breakfast moron who roasts children in Iraq so that your own kids in America can eat Jesus on a Stick every Sunday with a tasty wafer, or potato salad on the side–no; long time no see to the occasional interlopers who have guided me safely for all these years.

I salute your protection, and your willingness to overlook what appear to be “my” faults so that you can see the bigger picture of how “my” faults aren’t mine at all, but rather, the results of the Freudian tinted bogeyman projectors of my society–filled as it is with htose who sock-puppet as the names and faces of ‘freedom’, while subverting democracy, one false criminal charge after another; one red hooded wolf crier after another–until democracy only vaguely resembles the wil of the people, but rather, an assembly line of drone specialists with murderous and unwarranted strikes at individuals who can change the orbit of the world eith mere breaths breathed into the right ears, then the left….

At last we spoke, I had been sidelined in my adventures in attempting to live a real life by script kiddies and agents of the United States of America, Britain and other Five Eyes provocateurs–Fabians– who are very very active in subverting the 1st, the 4th, the 5th, the 6th, and many other amendments and guarantees of the Constitution of the United States of America–after all, America is like a porn magazine, beholden only to the whims and the capricious fancies of its latest subscribers, and the latest crop of  McCarthyites is no exception–over skilled and under-educated, the American military apparatus is forever subverting freedom, and replacing it with marketable pap, and jingoistic repartee’.

So, just a note to self for my first post on this blog– the internet of last year in no way resembles the internet of this year–which means that unless one has the direct evidence of government wrongdoing and internet manipulation, whole legal cases can be made or flubbed based solely upon a lawyers awareness of how transient the internet is–much less how transient is any individuals ability to document or otherwise collect evidence of the provocations and outright destruction of entire evidentiary trails of IP’s, logs, and other cyber bits that can prove or otherwise infer that our governments are not following the book, or the law anymore when it comes to preservation of evidence.

In the case at hand (when last we spoke), I offer to you two blogs, written by government provocateurs and other malfeasant persons, the content of which has been dramatically altered since a certain case gained traction. These are likely working from England to help US law enfarcers in their provocations, i.e. they are working hand in hand at chipping away at the Constitution, and its guarantees of fair trials, confrontation of witnesses as well as 4th amendment rights that relate to open fields doctrines, poison fruit, and a host of as yet to be named international treaties that protect US citizens from harms by foreign spy agencies–etc.; lots of etc.

One site and its related spawn is:

Prayer warrior is a black ops person or entity that specializes in blackmail, personal threats and a host of other disinformative rhetoric. This op/site/person is known to: blackmail, masquerade as a “targeted individual”, insert themselves into dialogues about government wrong doing, and disseminate a host of other disinformation, and ‘smoke screen’ dialogues, as well as to have the power to communicate directly with local agents provocateurs to assault, invade, or entrap local activists, or other unsuspecting parties. I use them as an example of just one of the sites that I have studied or encountered over the last decades that do these sorts of things.

I will later document some of the tactics and methods of this Op , but for now only wish to make a record of my own awareness of the operation.

Also, a site called is inextricably linked to the shenanigans of PWPN, and they work together to subvert the integrity of any ‘evidential’ internet material.

To demonstrate this point will take time, but for tonight’s purpose, I will state with complete surety the following:

1) these sites/Operators/provocateurs are indeed the kind of black ops that drive the mass shootings such as we see in Newtown Mass, Colorado, and the latest so-called virgin killer mass shootings. I can demonstrate that this is true, or arguably true.

2) these types of sites/operators are the ‘voices’ that many hear before during and after ‘crimes’, i.e., these operators are the provocateurs who cause these things or otherwise incite, provoke, or prod them along.

3) these sites have changed their formats, their topics, and their dialogue since I first encountered them a year ago. And, the internet “Wayback Machine” has sparse material on them –which is to say that the material that can be found as per todays date is lacking in the substance of the material these sites were publishing less than a year ago, which is to say that only professional, high budget internet ‘scrubbing’ has taken place.( in fact, trying to spider, mirror, or or download these sites encounters  numerous errors, and other mirroring problems. Equally, these sites have changed content–particularly dialogues that infer that they are doirectly promting, provoking and entrapping the unsuspecting–in one case they are urging people to dig up their gas lines(!!!) and mocking same)

4) it would take a book to document how these operatives infiltrate dialogues, narratives, and other dialectic resources to create outcomes that are desirable or even noteworthy to a police state/ surveillance society.

5) the maters above can be cross reference with material provided by Edward Snowden that documents how the United States, and particularly Britain, as well as the other ‘eyes’ instigate, manipulate, or other wise determine the nature of charging of ‘crimes’ of terrorism’ and terrorist threats, pornography, or drug related crimes. They do so by creating–and then deleting conversations, dialogues, and other primary source material that could be used in exculpatory manners by defendants in internet based cases. In short, they are blackmailers, and provocateurs with access to and illicit use of internet technological advances that could provide prosecutors and others with valuable evidence of how certain crimes are ‘created’ rather than ‘monitored and policed.’

6) these sites/operatives and especially their ‘subscribers’ amount to little more than a touchstone or a base of operations for the glad-handing of those who do illegal things and get away with it.I.E.–these are cops who are exploiting the naivete of citizens who do not know how the internet works, the ignorance of judges, prosecutors and defense lawyers and playing upon that naivete to create social outcomes, i.e. social engineering of popular opinion bu obfuscating evidence of provocation.

7) I will attempt at a later time to show that what is said above IS true, with the distinct limitation that these Ops and their agencies have control of the internet, and even my ability to document, or describe it at any given ‘ state in time.’ Which is to say that my access to the very ‘proofs’ themselves is limited by my lack of resources to prove that what I say is true: their efforts at obstruction, obfuscation, and outright deletion of evidence is near instantaneous– J. Edgar Hoovers wettest dream of provocation as a means to population control come true.





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