Further notes about blackmail–note to self

1) each time they have come over the years, they take personal things–notebooks, pictures, etc.

2) the round of black ops invasions in the 2008-2009 period ( the first ones on camera), the raid/s on the restaurant that left tell tale markings of content being taken off the store computers (->>>) they took hard drives, and flash drives as well as various discs and CDs. These can and certainly will be used as tools of blackmail, although the general idea, and angst is that they have held these over and away from me for six years and counting, hoping that I, or the legal process would just forget them–I haven’t, and due to the serious and egregious and blatant acts of voilence that I have endured under their watch, I have most certainly been aware that these same can be altered, or otherwise leveraged against me in some way. It is important to note that if at any time there was a case of some kind, these things would, and rightfully should have been used in some form–but if not, then returned, becase in lieu of them, I have endured one eighth of my life without the happiness these things could bring.

–also, the erased thumb drive that contained my AAS term paper, re: white, or American women’s objectification of other bodies

3) each time they come, they are certain to take that which is dearest or most personal to pieces of my plays, poems, newspaper clippings, etc–those sign posts that help me remember who I really really am, like anyone else; my mementos are my memories.

4 In regards to my stolen e-mail account that foretold these events, and predicted these outcomes in advance (that prediction informed by the newsroom invasions, and the PSYOPS directed at me in the earlier part of the decade), there is certainly a record of this account–and the meta data that goes with it–saved in the form of correspondence to the various Constitutional scholars, lawyers and organizations (Chuck Samuelsen of the MNACLU, Williams and Connelly, etc.) on those hard drives and those accounts in the form of unencrypted simple meta data. Equally, Google and Yahoo will have traces as well–those which will lead me to the thief/s, those who accessed that account for their nefarious and illegal purposes.

5) and all this–written today, June 7th, 2014, within the backdrop of my daily fears that they are seeking to kidnap my child, and attempt to come through on their other threats, made last year, and years before, documented elsewhere.


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