Don’t blame me for what happens in Vegas–after all, it’s Vegas, and….

….what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right?

Hopefully not.

Suspects shouted: “This is a revolution’, before killing police( cue the little whining violin).

But don’t blame me, even though one could make a case that I somehow “pre-saged” the event here, just a couple of days ago–after all, for decades, cops have been manipulating database information, and outright trying to frame me as a terrorist or something worse.

And, I have not only presaged other events, but I have managed to somehow write about news before it becomes news-documented elsewhere, of course.

But I know nothing other than what I know–and I had nothing to do with this. These revolutionaries were independent, but likely influenced by government provocateurs. As I have talked about, there is a wave–an epidemic, of government agents working day and night to subvert free speech into acts of terror and acts of violence.

Cnn reported that, along with cops being shot (boo hoo) , a “woman was shot” as well.

Which is total bullshit-Cnn later redacted that LIE and stated the truth–but as most of Anderson COPer style CIA affiliated CNN journalism goes, they know the lie takes off like a rocket, while the truth barely ignites a fuse- CNN later said ” “He (the subject who was shot during an act of revolution–that act characterized by an objection to police state mechanisms of blackmail and social control)– was carrying a concealed weapon, and he immediately and heroically moved towards the position of Jerad Miller. Upon completing that action, he did not realize that Amanda Miller was with Jerad Miller,””

Hey-introduction to the sword, by–the sword. Friends til the end, morons with guns.

America is under attack from unknowns who dispense lies in place of facts or truth( CNN, FOX)–and (boo hoo) the person shot who was NOT a cop was a gun toting moron who deserved what they got for trying heroism, with a gun, against dedicated revolutionaries who also had guns ( and please don’t misinterpret the state propaganda of revolutionary to mean neo-nazi: the Nazis were a state controlled, nationalistic, nee patriotic ‘movement’ with the police at the center of law enfarcement doing the bidding of the Christian majority and Jewish minority wealth strategy building class-but this couple are merely protesters with skewed, less than popular, and poorly negotiated/extrapolated views, but the right direction on their actions( cops are the bigger part of character assassination across America–the brain dead servants of popular opinion, as opposed to ‘moral interpreters of right and wrong’–how many peoples lives are ruined by what some pension minded pig writes in an ‘ official report’ ?

. We still don’t know if they had actual Nazi ideas-but nothing is more Nazi than a state media that runs with the Nazi story, is pro-police, and deliberately mis-states facts, before it states the facts of “officer initiated homicides” across America that kill the mentally ill, the homeless, or others who aremurdered, framed, or otherwise deliberately sidelined every day by Officer ” I’m just doin’ mah job”.

The NSA scandal, the SOD programs, as well as a host of yet to be named covert ops that leverage or blackmail individuals (NSA reidrection, etc) are all covert black ops aimed at the psyche of the American people, and the police state is more than willing to allow for the deaths of their own because it drives the further public acts of violence and creates the perception that they are martyrs, rather than law enfarcing bureaucrats and bullies with badges, driving free speech issues to the point of absurdity, politics, and other topics on the internet into disastrous conclusions tat serve their ends.

Bunch of jokers, that’s what the CIA led New America* et al are creating, as I have said elsewhere.


And it is true, I have little sympathy fopr cops–they are the wage earning, law bending, blue line towing cowards that did nothing–said nothing, when the facts came out that it was more likely than less likely that 9/11 was an inside job. And they draw daily praise and benefits every time a citizen such as myself is further framed as a ‘bad guy’ for driving memes of dissent.

Or, live by the sword, while holding it against the throats of others and their children, and get what you deserve–flowers on your graves once or twice a year for being cowards who hide behind increasingly false American meme-tics (lies and mincing half truths that are dispensed by the military as ordinary ‘facts and factoids’ to the press, and adopted by the ‘people’) that cause more death and dying across the world than :

1) Bangladeshi sweat shops

2) sexual exploitation (most of which is the American propaganda machines own profitable market, in collusion with police state privacy crushing initiatives)

3) terrorism (as has been said by many others more reputable than me–Americans create terrorists)

4) Chinese militarism–China has never been responsible, in modern history for anything remotely similar to : the nuclear bombing of citizens in Japan, the fire bombings in Dresden Germany, the dropping/planting of uranium in the play yards of Iraqi children via the American ‘depleted uranium’  schema that took place there.

5) North Korean religious fanaticism–the North Koreans do not have ‘state religion’ like American and British people who rely upon the fanaticism of Jewish thought, extrapolated through murderous Christians/ Catholics.

6) Iranian state religion–Iranians have never, ever violated the nuclear treaties that the west has had them sign, despiute the Israeli pre-emptive war propaganda telling us otherwise (and Israel IS a nuclear power that refused/refuses to sign any and all treaties that allow other nations to inspect or monitor its weapons of mass destruction)

7) miscellanious ‘other/othered bad guys’ that the US has attempted to vilify or ‘frame’ as enemies of the state–Maduro in Venezuela, and Chavez before him, any of the South American elected leaders such as Evo Morales, etc that the US cannot subvert or overthrow in its quest to subvert democracy outside the Us.

and etc, lots and lots of etc.

CIA Led New America: the last 23 years of American politics, and the four presidents who served in those years all had one thing in common-direct affiliation with the CIA from early in their lives. a)GHWBush was the head of the CIA and he has been linked to the Kennedy assasination. b) Bill Clinton was the son of a single mother who was known to host CIA targets as well as CIA operatives in her bedroom c) GW Bush is the product of his father, the former head of the CIA, AND the great grandson of one of the few Americans who were sanctioned for trading with Nazis d) Barak Obama’s mother had direct ties to CIA funded organizations that destabilized the Pacific region, terrorize the citizens of the Pacific rim, and otherwise cause the torture of those citizens

You can look all that up yourself, I don’t need to prove anything, and argument with morons and ‘invested’ parties has taken years off my life


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