Big Pimpin in Mamasota: a primer in state mechanisms of sexual blackmail

When Dr. D. Ewen Cameron was tasked with the great and –at the time–theoretically noble task of diagnosing and entire nation, post-WW2 Germany–with a mental illness, it was indeed an interesting if not entirely flawed, and as has proven since, an American experiment in mind control and the creation of pathological narcissim in place of religion as a guidepost of human morality. Or, a national narcissistic endeavor.

Cameron’s job, basically, was to come up with the ‘science’ and to utilize the proper jargon that would lead Americans to the conclusion that a conquered nation-Germany- was systemically, and endemically flawed–that there was a ‘cancer of thought’ that operated in that nation; and that this cancer had led to the horrific outcomes of that war.

Or, in layman’s terms, he formulated MKULTRA and its sister programs, using the template that the Nazi’s before him had used: psychology, disseminated through mass media propaganda, using the state as a surrogate for religion, and employing every form of ‘official source’ and ‘highest authority’ (after all what higher authority is there than the victors in a war?) as the final word in all matters of moral or ethical dilemmas, and in all commonplace day to day discussions of the ‘people’. He basically led the world to the conclusion that Germany and its systemic ideology–from Hitler on down to the fathers of each and every individual family–were one and the same inseparable ‘sick’ individual.

And I won’t go down like that….

He enabled Americans to believe that they were somehow better than–their gods were more powerful, more resourceful, and more ‘pure’ that the totems of Hitler’s Germany; that in victory, there is truth.

Which is bullshit, from each and every perspective of truth–but he enabled America and its allies to fully and definitively harness the machinery of contrived and manipulated appearances of truth through the power of propaganda, and that propaganda disseminated like an injection into the heads and hearts of those who listened intently on their radios for news of every battle their sons had been on–hoping with each broadcast that the news would carry positive tidings.

And, victory after victory, America became the harbinger of ‘truth’.

Which is also total bullshit.

The era of Cameron–whose advice and counsel was used to convict Nazi’s at Nuremberg, and to cow the nation of Germany into what it is today, has not yet ended. Whereas one could say that Freud had led the German and American propaganda conflicts, one could say that Cameron was finally triumphant–the sit and listen psychology of Freud–and Jung–was replaced with the mitigate, medicate or incarcerate ideology of Cameron.

Which is a whole argument by itself.

But suffice it to say that Cameron’s era is not over, and that the state of Mamasota is a breeding ground for exactly the kind of mentality-an epicenter, and the exact and specific form of incubation-for the ideology of Cameron to take root.

And its product is the memetic that I once heard in a bus stop in Los Angeles, spoken by a man who claimed he was a pimp: “I sit here all day. And I ask every girl I meet ‘ are you from Mamasota?’–and when one of those girls says yes, man, I ask her what can I do for you? And I will do anything for her to get her to work for me!”

Now, my personal connection to that is that when I first heard that, I had never imagined a world where girls run away, and become prostitutes, or that anyone would be so naive–so stupid really–to sell their bodies for the benefit of anothers’ pocket.

But I learned much later in life that those men who Cameron diagnosed as having a “national illness” had all fought and died or worse, lived to slave for an international cabal of bankers that use male bodies as tools of war, and compensate them less than those same internationals compensate their young mistresses (Donald Sterling?).

Moreover, I wondered what makes such girls in the first place–what ‘national illness’ breeds such girls into existence?

And as my story began–with another stories telling– I began to see patterns. And central to those patterns were a few key themes:

1) religion–Catholics especially perpetuate a narcissistic and gender based victimology where women-no matter how deranged, predatory, violent, or otherwise harmful–are of perpetual victims of men, or non-Catholic state structures. And, any man in contact with such women are instantly drawn into the victim/ oppressor/rapist schemas.

2) police and state mechanisms of control, not least of which is sexuality, and the free expression of it. Many, if not all police are ‘genderized’ and comprise a category of the human psyche that operates from a gendered, sexualized, and proscribed format.

3) issues of pro-scribed gender in conflict with individuality. The operations of the state, and the direct manipulation of the ‘herd’  are proscribed by genderization–children are manipulated into certain behaviors, and shamed/ praised based upon their adoption of such proscribed behaviors.

4) women and motherhood, and the hesitance on the part of my society to examine the sexual/ gender programming of children between the years of 0-5, and to connect it with later outcomes in life. Women are integral and crucia; to the formation of the mind, behavior, and behavior of children. The ages of 0-5 are under-expored, under-examined, and generallly serve as a blind spot to any and all later behhaviors of children and adults. As an example, Adam Lanza, the purport4ed ‘shooter’ at Sandy Hook Elementary, was said to be autisitic. It was also said that he lived alone with his gun toting mother. All suspicion, and later discussion centered on his father, who was tasked with explaining his sons behavior-yet nothing–NOTHING-in the press questioned the childs relationship with his mother. That is suspect in itself–the mother was unassailable in terms of her ‘relations’ with her son, but major media made sure that her guns were described. This is important for one reason: the ages of 0-5 in a childs life are the foundation of whop they become later in life–and in MOST cases, only women have access to or contact with chilldren in these ages. Adma Lanzas issues eminate from this period in his life, as any Freudian would tell you, but since Cameron, all we have to go on is ‘ was he on his meds’? and ‘ where was the father???!!!??!?!?’

And no one explores the ‘ what was his daily/ life like with his mother?

Sp, fast forward–no, backwards at this point–It was around this time when I was

1) employed

2) self employed in my own business concurrent to being employed i a job

3)that I met the first person who ever mentioned teenage prostitution, the involvement of the police or the state as her pimps as well as her benefactors, or the connection between her, and the psychological programming, or the horrific manipulation and extrapolation allowed to the state by men such as Cameron.

Put another way, at 18, fully employed and otherwise engaged in my culture, I was swindled by a teen hooker whose father was a disgraced Mamasota law enfarcer ( he had, according to her telling, attempted to molest her sister, and was thus forced out of his position as Beaudette county, Mamasota Sheriff), and that teen hooker spent her life swindling the state in return for sacrificing her children to that same state, and all the benefits that derive from such an unnacountable, enmeshed life.

And, by enmeshed, I once heard her telling that her mother–who believed in ‘spirits’ had put lotion on her sisters vagina “for what seemed like hours.” AND, the only son of that family became a several times convicted child molester.

I heard her stories of victimhood, and her fears about every other thing–but at the end of the experience, I only remember her most prolific statements: that, if I informed that state of how she had abused my child, she could ‘make her say anything’ when asked–implying of course, that she could turn the girl against me, and falsely report abuse–and that in that in her years as a young prostitute, her pimps and handlers had brainwashed her, and she had learned that ‘she could make (my daughter) say anything.’.

She also let me know that I could do nothing about it, and she was right about that. After all, she was fucking her state paid therapist who checked in a coupllle times a month to make sure that my childs MKULTRATION was succeeding.

That poor baby is now the head of a household of wards of thre stete–children born to buck privates who never knew what hit them–my grand children are all preventable collisions with sanity and the insanity of a system that perpetuates a mentality of wombs and warriors–intellect aside, my country is killing the best that we could be.

Mamasota law enfarcers are everything D. Ewen Cameron could ever have dreamed of, and more–they serve as the willing beneficiaries to a systemic flaw that negates the existence of a childs rights, and replaces it with the idea that the sheep are their to be  bred and slaughtered.






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