When life throws you a fiery curveball, hit it as hard as you can…

…and hope the flames spatter into the eyes of the constant watchers who throw such shit at you.Collateral damage; more mud splattered from wrestling with pigs over what is and isn-t lawful. At least, that was my experience for the last decade, and counting.

The fiery curve ball almost always takes a hitter off the plate. That pitch is one that few will even take a swipe at, much less survive contact with–and that pitch–the use within American culture of targeted schemes of blackmail and coercion deployed by US agents and agencies against dissenters is one that seems to go only two ways: reporters and dissenters back down and back away, or they get burned, or worse, entrapped in the story with the diabolical, false narrative that is “state seekrits privilege’ couched within a ticking time bomb scenario. Endless putrid streams of suspended belief, suspended human rights, and everlasting casting of shadows of ‘ doubt’ about truths like the nature of a persons character: no person can stand long against a state system that uses endless suspicion and false pretense to cast doubt and suspicion on individuals.

This is one of the myriad methods and pretexts–provocations, really–that they have deployed in my life–which is minor, compared to the decades long attempts they employed to entrap me in ways that would make the most hardened soul whither. In the case of Michael Hastings-the reporter who forced the retirement of the top-ranked general in Afghanistan, and the  journalist who summed up America’s failed and greedy grab at the middle east with one name: Bowe Bergdahl

So, yeah, I know a bit about he story some say he was trying to break–Shit like four-prop, first generation drones ripping over my head ( a fear and shock and awe campaign directed at me, personally), with their loud weed whip sounding motors, and their glaring red lights; because domestic terrorists disguised as hero’s; law enfarcers and task farces all over America today, that are working in America and terrorizing citizens thus have been operating in this manner at least since 2010, when I first encountered that EXACT scenario, in Hutchinson, Mamasota.

And I know that, because in those days, aside from the cowards who rode bikes past my dwelling nightly, or stationed themselves at one or another corner of my buildings using ‘soft force’ mental torture, I had a deer camera propped as near to me as I could, so that I could document these and other ‘odd’ happenings that were occurring in my life on a daily basis.

See, in those days, I was on to a whole bunch of stories–but then, people thought I was crazy, like Mel Gibson in ‘Conspiracy Theory.’ After all, our government would never spy on citizens phone, e-mail, and other private conversations(speech) without a warrant, and only then they spied on the ‘bad guys.’

Yeah–I had had several ‘run-ins’ with the law–none of which were provoked by my own actions, and one of which–getting Tasered in the BACK by security agents who, despite several police reports, legal depositions, and a host of other opportunities to explain ‘why they Tasered (shot) a man in the back one night–could never articulate any form of pretext AT ALL.

They could not, did not, and would not specify any criminal act, civil disobedience, or other actual reason–ANYWHERE in ANY official report–for why they shot me in the back, one block away from my home one night.* You can look it up yourself.

But I was at the time documenting a story that was a very scary story to write–and to this day, I cannot and will not articulate what that story was, until I am in the proper forum to do so, protected by the law as much as I could be implicated by that same law–for we live in a time when the most radical act– the telling of the ‘truth’ is indeed te last defense against a nation that has adopted only lies as official credos–:Saddam and WMD’s’; no, depleted uranium has not been proven to cause Iraqi mothers to birth children whose hearts are outside their bodies, or who have two heads!

No! The NSA, et ass are really  trying to ‘protect’ freedom–by extorting, blackmailing, or otherwise manipulating the data flows of open and honest conversation so radically, and so unconstitutionally; other agencies have fanned out across America in a great and as yet undescribed black operation that is just beginning its own body count– Americans are directing force, slander and rumor campaigns, and causing the deaths and imprisonments of other Americans, reporters, breakers of real stories, and  other speakers of radical truth– so that we no longer know each other over the internet–that we know longer know who it is we are talking to, or about, because our country employs/deploys sabotage directed at speech itself.

And that, deployed against US citizens who are tenuously, and only theoretically protected by the most glorious piece of writing to ever be writ, the U.S. Constitution, and its guarantees against such filth as that which is dispensed from the mouths, the minds and the computer backbone of America’s ‘protectors.’

I for one, know exactly what methods they are using. My sources won’t lie.

And my deer camera doesn’t lie–nor the buzz of the last round of drones above my head (driving from Chicago to Minneapolis, last April…) nor do my other cameras, as they are caught on film in my house; caught on film DISABLING my cameras(WTF!?), and caught in vague and inter-generational lies about my character, and character assassination via a black op’s smear campaign directed at friends, family and associates over the last fifteen years (yes, that is documented as well–but where? After all, in the various break ins over the last decades–they haven’t found that documentation! Where oh where might it be?? Until they break in again, and again…). I have people who will validate exactly that.

And the break-in at my storage locker last year–the great and final act of creating or using some pretext or another to gain access to my journals and notes about a certain so-called terrorist that I interviewed in 2003, or a certain lawyer who sits near death as I write this–and her, just released from federal prison for violating the SAMs (sham) provisions of the federal conundrum known as pre-trial invasion of the right of attorney client privilege.

But I get what it means when another reporter ( the body count has merely begun) dies in a fiery car crash, and then, the conspiracy mill starts generating hypotheses as to why this reporter–not others–died, one day after texting his friends that he was on to a big story about–possibly–drones; or maybe something bigger, and something harder to describe than that.

Maybe he knew that he had entered the realm I have lived in for decades–that he was about to be black mailed in the worst of ways.But I think I know who killed Michael Hastings, and I think I know something about the methods they were deploying against him to do so.

And soon, others will too.





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