LIve, from your local fusion center: DHS/ OSI/law enfarcement dollars at work

Do you want to know what the so-called Dept of Homeland Security “fusion centers” and their butties are doing? Here are some recordings from the OSI/unknown central provocateurs that incite, exacerbate, mal-inform, or manipulate American citizens via ‘official channels’

Listen here! They are attempting to provoke degenerate sexual activity (I will depose you on that), they are masquerading as “targeted individuals”( I will depose you on that as well) and,  in order to pre-emptively obfuscate the warrant requirement ( I will double dick dog depose you on that)and to instigate, provoke, and , via miloitary PSYOPS waged on Americans, tape record and monitor such provocations–this is what your tax dollars are paying for: police state pornography, where state agents talk to each other, and masquerade as citizens, while mocking the plights and the social places of non-government affiliated/paid citizens.

Then, I bet they all go off and circle jerk at Bohemian Grove or something like that, high fiving each other every time they create a mass shooter or provoke other crimes.

Don’t believe me–listen to this.

File an FOIA or  a general information request against the radio station/internet podcast community- TalkShoe– that is broadcasting this crap. It is our right to know who they are, what their license number is, and where they operate from.

Then, just sit back, and listen to how their technology operates–the clicks, buzzing, and other psyops designed to attack citizens sense of logic, trust, and belief in ‘official channels’ of dissent.


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