American jurisprudence 102: after negation of basic rights for the poor, create the appearance of “probable cause,” or, failing that, probable, endless suspicion

American Law can be a goddess, or a whore–they are, really, inseparable. After all, the goddess is ever giving, ever flowing in wisdom and power. But, so too are the whores, whether they know it or not.

But American Law–the pimp that it is–is seldom if ever obstructed by the rights of citizens. In fact and for the most part, American Law is merely an extension of tax collection and property owners rights. It has very very little to do with the rights of citizens, or individuals at all, and even less to do with upholding or enforcing the precious and already tenuous rights of the accused who, more often than not, stand in the dock only after the 1st, second, fourth, fifth, ad eighth amendments have been breached in nefarious ways by the state.

And, of particular note, the state has pre-emptively destroyed the most valuable of all: the 6th amendments right to be represented by counsel In fact, by the means and methods outlined by Edward Snowdens revelations about warrantless wiretaps directed against UIS citizens and such, the right to build, maintain, or even defend oneself with the aid of counsel has been abrogated completely.

The right of counsel has been usurped, because the modern police state takes great pains, and great amounts of time to even ‘charge’; and offense; meaning simply, that technology and paid personnel exist for the exclusive  purpose of undermining the right of citizens to even CREATE a defense against the state!

Put simply the state has engthened the time of prosecution and altered the ability oif the accused so far into the “future” and aganst the prevailing norms of speedy trial (much oless completed investigations, ie investigations are forever ongoig) that the 6th amendment is out the window.

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