Chapter one, reccuring themes: heroism is thin, self righteous cover over the acts of violence directed at helpless targets, and bogeymen.



Police Officer Eugene Donnelly shook hands with Mayor de Blasio and received the Police Combat Cross on June 10. The next day, he allegedly broke into a Bronx apartment and attacked a woman while she was in bed.

Can you spot the bully in the picture above? How about the cowards? Hint: they are often one and the same–most cops, without their butties or their dogs, or a gun at their side are just cowards who resort to criminal acts of violence, intimidation, and hundreds of other deviant acts, perpetrated upon citizens, and more often than not, citizens who are easy to access, and easy to target and victimize.
And almost anywhere that you find a neck to hang a medal on, and a medal actually gets hung their It is more often than not the case that the medal hangs their because it is official ‘bling’ given to an individual who has covered something up; because, you see, the medal represents something like a collar on a dog–a loyal, slobbering dog that never questions or challenges its master.
In the case of police, medals of commendation are often given to the guy who watched a partner gun down an unarmed citizen–but who kept his mouth shut about it; medals are given to the cop who instigates a crime, and then steps back during the frame-up of a suspect, and gets away with it.
One classic example is the cop who helped frame African American MOVE members in Philadelphia, who later committed suicide, likely due to the pressures of earning his living by beating, framing, racially profiling, and generally earning a paycheck by doing what cops do: taking an unflinching, unashamedly biased, civil rights eroding approach to law enfarcement.

Move Cop Dies & Suicide Is Suspected

Mulvihill gained notoriety during the Aug. 8, 1978, MOVE confrontation.He and two other officers were charged with beating MOVE member Delbert Orr Africa


A several times decorated officer, “Mulvihill was one of a number of officers whose mission it was to shoot tear gas into MOVE’s Osage Avenue compound in an attempt to drive the occupants from the house.”
And this, as  police helicopter dropped a bomb onto the roof, which ignited a fire that burned an entire city bock–some 60 homes in all.
This incident was an opening salvo–a sort of blast that began the militarization of the police that we see everywhere in America today. But it was also an early attempt by law enfarcers to backtrack, lie, and obfuscate and occlude insight by manipulating the local and national press corps.
And the result of these actions and others? Everyone in the building died with the exception of a woman and a young boy who managed to escape, despite a barrage of police gunfire at the un-armed members of the movement.

And so, anyone who knows me knows that I have utter disrespect, and disregard for heroism, especially the official narratives of what  a hero is, and what a hero does, which is thin cover–a special gloss lipstick marketed as SPF fireproof ego-balm to pad the narcissistic supply chain of the hyper-masculinized– lipstick, or medals hung on the faces of pigs, for example.

SO this recent example, from this weeks headlines (picture and link above):

“A Bronx woman who has accused an NYPD cop of breaking into her apartment during a drunken early morning attack told investigators that he viciously beat her in her bed, punching her more than 20 times.

Officer Eugene Donnelly, clad only in his underwear, eventually fled — but not before taking a drink of milk from her refrigerator, a source familiar with the woman’s account told the Daily News.

Hours earlier, on June 10, Donnelly had experienced his most honorable moment since joining the NYPD in July 2010: He was awarded the Police Combat Cross — the department’s second-highest honor.”

Read more:

More on MOVE:

Excellent documentary about the MOVE coverup: Let the Fire Burn

And then, on the topic of heros. there’s this guy: real bonafide hero, who went undercover and pissed all over the thin blue line, which ran like wet tempera paint or piss in an adult diaper when it was exposed as the cowardly farce that it is–legendary whistle blower Frank Serpico, who has joined the legal team of a whistle-blowing cop.


Officer Adrian Schoolcraft was gang-stalked, and imprisoned in a mental hospital after he blew the whistle on NYPD’s practice of stopping and frisking people for no good reason at all. He also blew the whistle on the police practice of creating the appearance of crime by manipulating crime stats, which is a major source of revenue for most if not all police departments at every level.



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