WEird, delicious chop suey, and a safe distance from bombs (for now) remind me why I love America

Reason number one–why I love America: we have more cops on the streets and and more human beings who smoke pot, drink too much, or jerk off in prison–where they belong! than anywhere else in the world!

Reason number two? Old ladies who are likely homeless and mentally ill are safe in the hands of police:

And all the good guys are trained killers for YOUR sake-they protect you from having to see awful things–like old ladies crossing the street being pummeled by MMA wannabe’s, who never ever touch their weinies or their *clits* without permission from a missionary, or their direct superior officer (now that;s a weird sense of body contact indeed).

Or, in other words, all of our bombs dropped, well anywhere you can bomb–registers as ‘productive activity’ to good Americans, while beating old ladies, the mentally ill, or the smokers of pot, those drinking too much, or those pulling on their wieners andor clitori denies America tha’ opportunity to produce and then pimp children into a glorious future–of dropping more and more bombs, to feel ‘productive–and by getting their hands on OIL DOLLAHS, or by employment in mine-sweeper operations and other heroic activities!

Safety, first, kids!

AND, those good guys beat shoeless old ladies because shoeless old ladies needs’ a beatin’ sometimes, apparently, or, just to burn off all of that adrenalin that stores up from their police porn sessions–after allthe stress of being a police officer is surely like PTSD–every anti-social bugger who ever found their place on the wrestling team or group sports learned how wankers, artists and Glee clubbers were a threat to the missionary position.

What are police porn sessions anyways? Well voyeurism isn’t just a park in the great white north!

Here, have a listen yourself to some cops inciting the mentally ill in America–cops actually get paid in America to incite crime, using those with mental illness for target practice of quasi legal, quasi-judicially supervised incitement! They get paid to subvert the first, second, fourth, and fifthth, and sixthth, and etc.–every other amendment of the U.S. Constitution that is DESIGNED TO PROTECT CITIZENS FROM THEM.

Whatever happened to policing outside threats–to cops who weren’t trained to believe that American citizens are THE threat, rather than invasion form outside forces? Oh, I am so naive–I though cops were their to help old ladies across the street….

Here are some recordings from tax dollar funded “Fusion Centers” wherein cops, military personnel, and other law enfarcers bait mentally ill people, politically incorrect people, and targeted activists about topics like drugs, poisons, murders, pedophilia, conspiracy theory related ideas, and a host of other fun things!

(OOOPS. Sorry, kids, the link is broken–two days after I wrote about it. Seems that the good people can’t handle the truth–or, maybe, they have something to hide? After all–“if you have nothing to hide…?”

Well, I have nothing to hide–unlike people who beat old ladies who are trying to cross the road.

So, anyhoo, police porn isn’t just pictures (me, photographing them, photographing me)–because after all, pictures are impersonal, and relatively distanced from the acts depicted therein–but police porn IS the act/s of entrapment, and watching, orchestrating, developing, and instigating crime, via the modern surveillance apparatus, and those who are paid to enfarce the law–law enfarcement is a big gambit of the modern surveillance state, because the sheer magnitude–the awesome, and unbelieveable power discrepancy between the average citizen and the police state is indescribably HUGE. No citizen can with stand what they are serving you, nor can a citizen stand against how they protect each other, and cover each others asses once they entrap, or ensnare, or otherwise maliciously corrupt a chain of evidence, and that served to you over a flawed, vulnerable, and easily subvertible internet.

No, police porn is targeted, ultra personal, and highly invasive. Cops get horny when they see anything and anybody who refuses the normative and predictable–cops want to fuck, fuck up, beat, Taser or assault anyone who defies the “norms” that they tie themselves to. Like, old bag ladies who try to cros streets.

And rape, is about power–and police ARE the power in America.

What are police porn sessions , and why do they matter? Well, anything on t.v. that posits that the poor, the marginalized, the scapegoated, the ostracized or the downtrodden(or merely those accessible, and vulnerable to police circle jerks, aka, the easily targeted) are ‘bad guys’ who could ’cause harm to themselves or others’ (deep, deep bullshit on so many levels)–but cop porn is CSI Miami and the gruesome faggy redhead; Arnold Schwanzen-Jeager, and testosterone; Silence of the Lambs and that gay bitch Jody Foster, and especially SVU (nothing makes cops more horny than the topics and masterful interplays of police state voyeurism on display in SVU. The level of police porn that Dick Wolf disseminates against the citizenry is rivaled only by the mechanization of Joseph Goebbels propaganda machine, working for Herr Shecklegruber in Germany).

But the real porn–the ‘hands on porn’ is when they can come into your homes, after creating a pretext to do so, and then, force you face down onto the floor (power and control schemes are big police themes) and then, to actually cause circumstances where you can be arrested. Or, when they can objectify you as some old bag lady–when they can presume that no one will come to your defense, and they beat you, or otherwise harm you.

Well, anyways–police state porn sessions look like this: (….8=====0)-NONYA–that should keep you blue balled ;-).

Or, see above, until this story develops further.

AND: lest I forget–I was able to urinate upon my compost pile no less than three times, before midnight on July 4th, 2014, and NO WORMS called me in for exposure; no flies (who are caught in my piss scented fly trap) found me to be obscene; and not even one neighbor was looking out their window, when I peed, dick in hand, into that filthy pile of leaves and other detritus. No, I am free indeed of perverts and weirdos for now–GOD bless America–the only people I have to worry about are the ones peeking into my curtains.

And they, seldom realize what they look like on film–and when they did taking my bait-think Chinese leftovers, in a bowl)? The harassment nearly stopped, except for the internet, and the Fusion Centers that really love looking in my Windows.

Hope you enjoyed the show-the fireworks, that is;)

Boom, boom, boom, you little cunts. In your faces–especially you two shoe-size 4-6 bitches that have been subverting my free will for the last decades with your curtain peeking ( under a bridge, 38th, Harriet, San Francisco)–and your big foot buttie. He sure does get a hard one with you two tailing him around. I giess that is what freedom is really about! One pretender to an alpha male throne, folowed by two little puppies, peeking in windows/Windows. HERO/ines’s, I salute you! Sieg Heil, and may the best man win–ooops–“person.”

AFter all cowardice is a group activity, while standing against the worst sort of crap that cowards can throw at you? PRICELESS–and yes, your budget will be dented, and so too willl your reputations. After all–wrestling with pigs gets muddy sometimes.


And Why? because you din’t like my lil’ ol’ words, in 1999, 2000, 2001, and forwards. I can, and will demonstrate that. Along with a certain demonstaration of what you tried to do in 1998–with a hostile witnes nonetheless.

Civil conspiracy is SOOOO hard to prove–but I imagine hostile witnesses help my case rather than hurt it. What do you think? But you can Taser me in the back from here till next year, and this time, I have you, too.

Like flies in a stinky rotten trap.And as you know–or have since learned? Entrapment is a two way street. stinky flies-entrapment is a two way street

Firecrackers, crackers–I will see you to the grave, and take your jobs away–or, in the very least, find out who you are, where you live, and who else you have done these things to. It’s my right to know.

And then? I will trace your family lineage down to your favorite nieces and nephews–your grandchildren will be mine to know, as you have stolen from me my most loved children–my relations–I will find your grandchildren, and visit upon them the revelations and mystical, powerful, rhetorical madness you have visited upon me and mine. And that, with kosher salt and vinegar.



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