Writing on time delay has consequences.

Since 2005, everything I have written, or tried to write, has been on time delay. Generally, it is a seven-to-ten second delay, and that, intermittently. The intermittence is negotiated by several factors:

1) am I writing on a system that is ‘in my name’ or from a connection associated with “me”?

2) is the system I am writing on ‘anonymous’ or registered to a college, institution or other?

3) and then, after questions one and two–is the tampered with along the backbone of the internet?

And many more questions too complicated to cover here. But suffice it to say that in the time I published the last article in regards to the cop who raped his wife and killed his kids, my connection became SOOOPER slow.

Like thirty to fifty seconds per click SLOW.

The answer is #3, and here is one form of snapshot of that–I have a hotline to Washington finally! All to myself! They just love me in Washington;-)

And Chicago is where they re-route my traffic. It is beyond annoying when a connection is slow–but it is insufferable to be deliberately re-routed, re-directed, and tampered with for decades. This delay affects changes in personality-changes in the very structure of how a person views the world…(mock away) And–this delay ‘effects’ certain changes in the way one relates to those who do such things.

Now–it is important to understand that before Edward Snowden gave us the keys to the kingdom (actually–and no disrespect intended–he gave us the keys to the front portals of the kingdom, because the real dirty secret is that what he revealed is merely the tip of the ICEberg: what local law enfarcement, in collusion with other agencies, both national and international- are getting away with is not as yet described in the literature or the law*–because no one has stepped to the plate to reveal the personal experiences they have had with these nefarious and illegal methods in use by the US government: how these ‘means’ are interpreted across America, and what methodologies are being deployed against the citizenry in a catch me if you can police schema of social control.

And that is what I write about. I have written about this since 2003, and before–recently one covert was online suggesting that U had deleted blogs that I wrote prior to 2006, which is patently false–I would never do as they do and obscure, obliterate, or delete materials that are crucial to the defense of American freedom.

The mistake this covert is making is a mistake of attribution–and the assumption that I wrote it all myself, or that I wrote it in a blog that was “my own.” Indeed, much of what I wrote back then is in the form of–never mind! You will know on an as needed basis.

But tonights delay happens because of a historic, later to be subpoena’d piece of bone–a switch in Chicago that has been responsible for ‘internet lag’ that cannot be attributed to overload, or ‘too much traffic.”

From cmd.exe>tracert>

Tracing route to lb.wordpress.com []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1    13 ms     3 ms     3 ms  192.168.XX.X (me)
2    53 ms    53 ms    53 ms
3    78 ms   115 ms    77 ms
4    46 ms    45 ms    43 ms
5    68 ms    47 ms    56 ms
6    48 ms    46 ms    48 ms
7    84 ms    75 ms   125 ms
8    56 ms    83 ms    90 ms
9    67 ms    72 ms    56 ms
10    73 ms    78 ms    72 ms
11    51 ms    46 ms    44 ms  xe-9-0-0.edge4.Chicago2.Level3.net []

12    72 ms    74 ms    73 ms  vl-3607-ve-231.ebr2.Chicago2.Level3.net [4.69.15
13    91 ms    71 ms    74 ms  ae-6-6.ebr2.Washington12.Level3.net [
14    70 ms    69 ms    78 ms  ae-47-47.ebr2.Washington1.Level3.net [
15    69 ms    73 ms    76 ms  ae-62-62.csw1.Washington1.Level3.net [
16   113 ms    66 ms    67 ms  ae-13-60.car3.Washington1.Level3.net [
17    73 ms   103 ms    67 ms  PEER-1-NETW.car3.Washington1.Level3.net [4.79.16
18    72 ms    69 ms    74 ms  10ge.xe-3-1-0.wdc-sp225-sbcor-2.peer1.net [216.1
19    77 ms    80 ms    80 ms  wordpress.com []


* the law and the literature of the law describe the means in detail of how the government and its agents have corrupted evidentiary basis, probable cause, due process, etc. However, the law has yet to catch up with how law enfarcers around the nation/globe are effecting the very same corruptions via the internet. In most cases, the most basic being the ‘sting’: in olden times, they planted drugs on a bum, and hauled him in.

In modern times, with the aid and assistance of the internet (think the Deep Web as an easy example) they effectively spend months, if not years creating and manipulating the chain of evidence from planting drugs in the sleeping bums pocket to the arraignment hearing.

In modern times, this can be accomplished in a variety of ways, and these ways historically entail the use of foreign agents and agencies, relatively deep cover military provocateurs, and then, via an obfuscated/tampered with chain of evidence,  the appearance that law enfarcers merely ‘stumble upon’ the sleeping bum, rather than hawk around him/her in acts of military PsyOps grade street theater while they plot his demise.



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