Yet another cop goes postal-but when cops do it, women and children die.

And, women and children die, because cops work extra hard–and get double overtime pay by assaulting, hunting, preying upon the fathers brothers and sons of the women that are then at the mercy of the police.

Every time I read a story about a cop who beats up an old lady, or kill the mentally ill, rapes a kid, or his wife, pulls a stranger over and rapes them–or just does the kind of things that lurk in the minds of nearly every every law enfarcer, I am not surprised anymore. Conditions in America have deteriorated so gruesomely that these are EVERY DAY events.

If you blasted a hole through the mind of most cops, or cut a deep path to their hearts, what you would find lurking in there is that violence directed at citizens is what turns cops on. In the erotic sense–they can’t get it up without getting away with what they do.

It is what they think about, slather over, talk about at lunch or a doughnut; it’s how they flirt with each other, and how they smirk as they hold citizens in contempt for talking about this. Using the intrusions upon citizens is what they secretly throttle themselves into knots over.

And citizens are the butts of the jokes that cops relay over morning roll call–violence, voyeurism, power-especially power wielded over those perceived as helpless or weak, is always a god inside joke, or talking point for cops–this IS police pornography.

It is these daily news stories that attack themselves to Americans more than other stories about how the police and other law enfarcement agencies collude to rob this country of justice or peace–and the stories of mass surveillance of citizens (90% of data collected by the NSA is the emails, phone calls etc of ordinary Americans) are barely read by most.

Law enfarcers are out of control in America.

And every time one of these scumbags dishes out murder, pain or death to a citizen, there is always some element of the propaganda mechanism that attempts to justify, or otherwise uphold the image of police as anything but cold blooded predators, perverts or worse–the rapist, and child murderer–Officer Joshua Boren,

below was-

“praised as being an excellent father,”

These guys hide behind their badges, and seldom get caught doing what it is they do daily–enfarcing the law. The shield is just that–protection from any kind of insight into what makes these people what they are–a cowards protection, and only after one of them crosses that thin blue line–the brave ones, usually as whistle blowers, or the cowards, like this guy–only then do we get a peek into the police personality.

The mind of police and other law enfarcers is that of the hive mind–or the herd mind, with one exception: these people live within secret confines, and hide behind fortressed walls, and well armed,testosterone charged bastions-as they intrude upon those who they feel are inferior to them; those who challenge them; and those who they simply “can” abuse.

They are in many ways the worst elements of our society-but because somewhere, at some point in time, they were able to pull a fast one and manage to place themselves into positions of trust and authority–they escape being seen for who they really are.

In this case, we have a rare glimpse of the behind the badge personality of one such law enfarcer–who no doubt, embodies a piece of the collective mind of all law enfarcers.

Here is another rapist cop–raping a woman who called 911!

And here, below, is yet another video of a cop doing what they do when they think they are getting away with it:


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