Dear Utah Fusion Center: How did you miss this?

Utah COP Joshua Boren KILLS his ENTIRE FAMILY, after raping his wife–and the Fusion Center in Utah, somehow missed the warning signs…because they all play for the same team, as they spy on you!

Utah Police Officer Joshua Boren is one symptom of a larger disease. He murdered his entire family, including two children, and his mother-in-law, after raping his wife. And this is happening AL OVER AMERICA–cops creating crime and mayhem. Yet, somehow, the police find my blog interesting, and fusion centers are always on high alert that I am a threat to society.

Now there is a suspension of belief. After all-the cop was one of them! A mandatory reporter for domestic violence, and other suspicious activity! Is it too late to call the fusion people and educate them what terrorists and murderers look like? Is it to late to hold a seminar, or do we need a podcast to figure out how to educate law enfarcers as to what murderers, rapists and every other bad guy/girl looks like

Best clue to the profile: they hide behind badges of authority.

But you can call the Utah Fusion Center and ask them what to do–after all, your tax dollars at work in the Fusion center schemes have NEVER, EVER even ONE TIME, broken up a terrorist plot, or stopped a cop from killing his wife,( and here) the mentally ill, or otherwise mugging old ladies and kids.

Here is a hotline to the “good guys”–but be careful–after you call them, they put you into their data base, and watch you forever afterwards-as they miss the warning signs of cops who rape and kill women and children:

Investigations – Statewide Information & Analysis Center (SIAC)


410 West 9800 South, Suite 370

Sandy, Utah 84070

(801) 256-2360


Report Suspicious Activities (SARS) to

Homeland Security Criminal Tipline 1-866-473-2873


Naw–I think I won’t call in-after all, they know where I am already*;-)


* note to self: quite unusually, the internet DID NOT slow down as I wrote this, and wordpress DID NOT cut me off, or later my content, or otherwise redirect my writing. However, I WAS redirected through DENVER, CO instead of WASHINGTON D.C> tonight, via Cricket instead of T-Mob.


And most strikingly? There was no masked hop before and after Dallas, asis often the case.

 1     4 ms     3 ms     2 ms
  2    64 ms    76 ms    58 ms
  3   104 ms    95 ms   101 ms
  4   105 ms    96 ms   104 ms
  5   104 ms    95 ms   118 ms
  6   103 ms    90 ms    92 ms
  7   137 ms   116 ms   120 ms
  8   106 ms   101 ms   101 ms []

  9   141 ms   194 ms    98 ms []
 10   112 ms   121 ms   123 ms []

 11    98 ms    99 ms   100 ms []
 12   141 ms   129 ms   152 ms []
 13   477 ms   132 ms   130 ms []
 14   148 ms   155 ms   138 ms [216.1
 15   171 ms   143 ms   160 ms [216.1
 16   142 ms   163 ms   160 ms  . []




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