Are Sony Cameras still made in Japan?

I don’t know–and I don’t really care that much. But, rhetorically, it seems to me, that cameras could have won the last GREAT WAR, for Aisia, if the Japanese were even nearly as aware of propaganda techniques as their aggressors were (their aggressors meaning that Britain and it’s “allies”/servants who fed endless amounts of corpses–and lots of those corpses “Catholics”, to it’s pyre).

And look at how heated this “bigger picture” has become! ( and here, and here, and here too.)

Cameras and the images they create are tools of learning–images tell us much about cultures, and the people within them–how those people utilize daily activities for the benefit of nations–how individuals on film are used as tools of peace or tools of power by those who stand behind the lens—but also, cameras are tools of entrapment, and tools of opportunity.

Think for instance, about how the National Geographic Magazine captured images of pre-pubescent girls from Africa, shirtless women, for decades if not a century–and documented/blackmailed/empowered entire generations; or how, today, the same magazine captures images of naked boys, some of whom are “war slaves” who are drugged and forced to kill.

Not at all unlike Americans, raised on Ritalin and video games, African boys don’t have the benefit of popcorn as they watch the horrors that unfold before them as war, financed by Americans, rages across their countries.

African boys do not have the benefit of their mothers loving hands laid upon them during the “coin collecting phase” of their video game lives–because often, boys who are ravaged by American/western wars, can barely escape the poverty that engulfs them, and NONE OF THEM atre on Ritalin, or Prozac.

Life for an African boy soldier is more real-too real–to ever contemplate “video games”.

But, here at home, you can watch a different war, once you are aware that there is one–the war on independent though; the war on individuality; the war on your mind–and the minds of your children for generations to come.

Cameras are mere devices, but devices by which American citizens can protect themselves from entrapment in third world narratives. Because recording the world around you is, after all, a two way street.

One thing I learned when I was a kid, surrounded by the mawing expanse of the country, was that life is full of danger–especially in the night! And, you cannot always predict what danger you might encounter–and these days–these dangers invade even the most minute aspects of our personal narratives!

So, since 2005, I have kept cameras around, or other recording devices, because one never ever knows what ANIMALS lurk outside their doors! Why, tonight, I was nearly assaulted by an unknown predator! Thanks to my Sony, I have evidence of who it was that harassed me tonight–and it isn’t who you think it is!

stinky flies-entrapment is a two way street

Ooops: wrong picture. This is just a snap of my daily life since 2003 and forwards

Here are some snaps of tonight’s inquisitor:


Yeah, this one, center right–I stepped outside my door, and this little gangstalker was hissing at me–and I was unarmed! I had to go back in the house after he tried to assault me, and grab my big CHINESE butcher knife–which, I only use on things I will EAT. And I do not like the flavor of raccoon, though some in my area swear by it


Yeah–this guy. DON’T BE THIS GUY. Sneaking around at night, digging through other peoples ponds, and stealing their fish. This is what makes Amurika weak–thievery, by bottom feeders, self righteous homeboys and girls, and bandits. But I busted this guy doing what these types do–sneaking around at night, and stealing from a taxpayer. Lucky for him, I don’t eat raccoon. But IF I DID, I would publish other pictures of him and his kind, sneaking around my houses for over twelve years–and some of these pictures,are not flattering at ALL.

Now, a word of warning about coons, racoons, and other vermin that sneak around your houses: always–ALWAYS have a hidden camera and an outlet for that hidden camera where the footage cannot be corrupted–think “wireless,” via  a double hopped router, or, my favorite, hard copy, dropped of at a pre-arranged drop spot–like National Geographic, or something else that just loves wildlife, and respects the nature of the honeypot sting…ooops–that’s another story..

You know, these days, the even cops study up on how to “act for the camera,” even if some of them missed the class, but some of them just get caught like lil’ coons in the flash.

It’s not an easy life–being under constant surveillance. And it carries risks! Especially for fat, angry coons! This one nearly charged me. I had to run back in the house and ask the vital question : if I kill it, will I eat it? or, if not, can I get paid for its skin?

And of course the answer was : I prefer my racoons tamed, not “flamed.” they are so cute when they are domesticated. and *ughh* I just hate wearing fur.


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