Da Bears- gotta love those fishing expeditions “up nort.”

“The essence of the independent mind lies not in what it thinks, but in how it thinks.”
― Christopher Hitchens

Yeah–so there I am, coming home–and a flock of nightbirds can’t help but follow me. From town to town _____, and ____ – mile after mile, —–are sitting in wait.

I don’t enjoy adrenalin at all–because, unlike some in my culture who are literally addicted to adrenalin rushes and I might add: adrenalin has an opposite in the human chemical makeup–opioids. Some of us are addicted to downers or opioids and the things that emulate them, just like certain elements of my culture are addicted to adrenalin.

They are the natural, and opposing opposites of each other. AND, any and every study, anywhere will and can demonstrate that those of us who thrive on the “downer”, kill far fewer people than those of us addicted to the “upper.”

Don’t get me wrong here–if I was an uppers type person, I would be a kiler to–I couldn’t help myself. Except, I did–I chose a life where I was not in contact with the need to be “pumped,” or the need to be “ready,” or the need to “do whatever it takes.”

And it is this last piece that causes this:
Shoeless Grandmother punched by MMA Wannabe Highway patrolman

But my oh my, when I got home–after the drones, the small town —- and the —, I was escorted nearly to my door by the State patrol. Gotta love the state patrol where i live–after all–who could fill Craigslist Rants and Raves section with so much bitching about bad drivers?

Either way? It’s “for the children,” and bonus points if your grandma is in the mental hospital, after such a brutal beaing.

Yeah–yo’ mama too.


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