It has come to pass that I was right all along. Have THEY no shame? Police state pornography IS: acts of power, humiliation, and shame

SPECIAL NOTE: The links below are provided old school style, because after a night of being attacked, and having had my router crashed, I cannot post links via WordPress. Not much new there, escept for this story–below, is keyword heavy for exactly the type of malfeasance that state agencies are perpetrating, via PRISM, et al, upon citizens, citizen journalists, and Fagebookers of all types, etc.

And those shameful acts are more often than not directed at males–and police have no compunctions about directing their repressed sexual desires, manifested through noble pretenses and theoretically moral pretexts, at young boys.

Virginia Police sought and obtained a standing warrant to photograph a young boys penis.


AND–they want to penetrate that boys penis with a needle to cause him to have an erection.

O.K.–I can die now–it has come to this: I was right all along–cops are not only voyeurs, but they seek the most outrageous forms of voyeurism disguised as upholders of morality –they relish their roles as window peeking symbolic rapists, and violators of your children–because others in this “democracy” have sanctioned them to be “all that they can be.”

And this, is what they really really are: people who are devoid of imagination to the point that they use the private lives of others to fill/fulfill the void within themselves; and they perpetrate and perpetuate deviant behavior while hiding behind shields.

Or, Freudian projection, times NSA, et ass.

End result? As I have said all over the net for decades–the end result is that your sons are likely to become targets of deviants–and those deviants are the police. AND your daughters are likely to be trolled, observed, watched, and objectified by same–especially with the technologies of webcams, and the ability of the NSA et al to store those images of your daughters forever( and this, a FACT,  revealed by Edward Snowden).

And, I might add, I knew this about them as they projected this upon me, years ago.

And–gee whiz, did my connection get slow as I wrote this piece! Like, I am still waiting to create the link to the article. So, because the net is slow (must be jet lag from flying my post from Denver to Dallas to Chicago, the GHCQ BEFORE I write it) I will publish this old school as well.

Then, I will go and get a blowtorch, and some sheet steel and wrap my own cock in a toasty shield, like a Hotpocket, “so they don’t have to,”do it for me, in order to protect the new world order,  to protect the Virgin Mary, or any and all other goddesses of fertility from my sperm, or the mind my sperm carry.

After all, with young women cruising sperm donor websites these days according to NPR)–who needs my cock anyways, or any cock at all?

Women as young as 18 can get sperm for free in America–but only the police state, and the Fabian agenda can “guide all of the little sheepies” that Americas army of teen moms create-with the assistance of the state-into the right corral, at suppertime;_)


Stay safe Kids–uncle Sam IS watching, recording, and photographing your genitalia!

And even then, all this focus on the penises of men and boys-You would think that the local law enfarcers who perpetrate this shit have enough dick to deal with every time they confront the farting slob in the squadcubicle next to them–but the reality is that America is PLURALIST, and not everyone is as hung up on what hangs between a young persons legs as THEY ARE–despite programs and incentivized federal grants to try to prove otherwise–“by any means necessary” they tell me.

If you sat me down as a youngster and told me “son, your life will be a life where law enfarcers and their kin seek the most perverse methods and most despicable and shameful means by which to force you to conform to what they perceive as normal”–I would have understood that.

But if you told me the police state and its mechanisms would one day seek to stick needles in my dick, just to look at, and photograph my boner? I would have called the cops on you! Oh, wait–what a conundrum American society has becum. Let me parse that out: call-the cops-who want to stick needles in my dick–to inform them that their are creeps, weirdos, perverts and other scum–WHO WANT TO STICK NEEDLES IN MY DICK!

Catch 22–or, as we know thanks to science “Catch 40-600 million” per load of sperm, and these days, while they watch.

Where IS my blowtorch–I have to protect that little guy, and all of his “lil’fren’s'” before it’s too late!

Perhaps the most perverse thing of all In a rare, odd, unusual, and most unlikely scenario, a Child Protective Services appointed guardian ad-litem actually–actually, which is rare (most CPS ad-litems are schils for paychecks–their own)–seeks to protect a child! And to protect that child–the young boy whose penis has been photographed by the police-the guardian ad-litem  actually knew the law, and sought to protect the child ACCORDING TO THE LAW, from being used as state and police pornography:

“Carlos Flores Laboy, appointed the teen’s guardian ad litem in the case, said he thought it was just as illegal for the Manassas City police to create their own child pornography as to investigate the teen for it. “They’re using a statute that was designed to protect children from being exploited in a sexual manner,” Flores Laboy said, “to take a picture of this young man in a sexually explicit manner. The irony is incredible.”



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