An entire Nations Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines*, following me, via their special fren.

You know, it would be easy for a pathological narcissist to feel flattered that the police farces of 5 states (to be named later) and the criminal apprehension Bureaus of two states ( to be named later), are following me, in some way or another(to be demonstrated later), and several nations–three in the European theater, two without), apparently find what I have to say “challenging” to their versions of “truth.”.

Thank JEEBUS, I am NOT a path narc like my inquisitors. All along, I just wanted my privacy–which is my right–though not a right enshrined in the constitution, a right by default.

But they kept it up: they stole my email accounts over a period of decades, corrupted my data flows over the internet, put me on time delay, and waged a whisper campaign behind my back–a certain Armenian looks like he is telling the truth, even as HE tries to defame me, then–those doped up potheads–one never knows with them–untill they are on record, like the mindless memes they have become–;-)

Nothing in me could EVER justify looking into another persons Windows, much less manipulating the appearance that their windows shades are as vulnerable as (your own, soon). Or redirecting a persons thoughts and “actions” over the internet for DECADES.

And last, but not least, is Jankowski’s failed prosecution, ballooned,some twenty years later, in her own precinct, deep in the heart of Americas war child breeding bread basket–Mamasota, USA, home to wombs and warriors–warriors and the wombs they salivate over; and the wombs that ovulate al over them. (BTW, J-Kski? Last time you sat for coffee? I documented our interaction–and every Po-lack you sent after me since then -as the record will show–I knew it was you, you faulty, narrow minded breedbasket wench.

You should have been honorable enough, and approached me at the straight gate–because kids got beat, brainwashed, and harmed because you didn’t use the tools at your disposal–like honest conversation from one person to another about how stereotypes were flawed and failed in your era–and how real criminals escaped your own awareness as you jousted at phallic symbolism, and cauterized my ability to protect them.

Gee whizz–if you had merely asked, instead of trying to set me up year in and year out? America would be a “free” nation, and those children–certain and specific children, would not have had to suffer their hair being pulled by their mothers, or learned to drink alcohol in closets as compensation for a lack of guidance by “absent”fathers.  Bitch-I was here all along.

SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on you. YOU, meet my lil fren, because you helped to fuck some kids up, real gud.

Now, that above Scarface, is a weird , vague sentence and paragraph in every way/or not, unless you are local: structure, meaning, intent, etc. AND, I wish I was a pathological narcissist like her/them/it/those/, then–because then I could  fully appreciate and savor the conscienceless blood of the kill with them/you. But my belly, is still empty. And the truth, is just pulling up its pants.

Yet I feed off the land–

And even then, I cannot possibly eat all that has been laid profligate before me when I count the other agencies and nations involved: England, Sweden, Hong Kong, the Phillipines, and dear old Russia–those damned ICE breakers!–but I move forwards, anyways. It would take an army of me’s to prove what they are doing is wrong–and even then? The Jankowski’s of the world merely lay their eggs, like flies, and fearfully, calculatedly beg for even  more maggots to lead them in to the next corpse–that of rotting American children, murdered in every aspect of possible positive growth by the state and its agencies.

And  here is what is EVEN MORE WEIRD: entire nations apart from, but in collusion with my own, are dependent upon the outcome of convicting me as a thought criminal. But it is omni-important to know that these dependent nations are “western nations”–not eastern ones.

Don’t believe me? Your prerogative–but evidence will soon and eternally show that I am correct.

Makes me wonder about Mikhail Bulgakov, and why he didn’t write what he wrote, but sooner.

Oh-yeah–we have that answer already, in historical narrative–his novel was called ” The Master, and Margarita,” was one that the Soviets/localists attempted to 1)  persecute him for 3) pursue him for and, 3) lastly, to lessen the exigency of persecuting his writing near to his death, lest their methods of social control were revealed, eventually allowed to be published.

Who can know the heart of “the masses,”? It is ambiguous at best, and easily led to conclusions by flies, who claim they have a corpse to consume. Which, according to my fly traps, is often not the case.stinky flies-entrapment is a two way street

* re: Marines–they usually have better things to do than follow me around, unless they are as some are, failed, de-enlisted members who work in IT, and forgot what real heroism looks like. NO ONE, and I mean no one, can or would stand against the guns that are in my face right now. I would take REAL bullets, any day(and I have, before, been murdered), over what they have planned for me. Real bullets give you an “out.” An out, is an easy way to look like a hero.


What they have targeted at me? There is no end of courage that can possibly sustain life after such fire. Unless of course, it is truly by courage alone.

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