In case you wonder: it’s to pertect the wimmin an chilren, which is a heros job.


Officer Friendly cut his teeth pertectin freedum overseas–and then, he/she BROUGHT THE WAR HOME.



Freedum is not free–Herod’s ( for your rights to be free, and say mean things about freedum fighters. I mean–you don’t even know!!! YOU WEREN”T THERE!!!! SOMETIMES BABIES HAVE TO DIE OVERSEAS SO I CAN GO FISHING IN MAMASOTA!!!!

And besides, dead babies tell no tales…


I mean–white babies and Pure Black babies are almost going extinct in America! And we MUST UNITE to stop the evil Chinese from ointerbreeding with our American wimmin! After all–who can murder the fathers of American children better than the American propaganda system?? Huh!?? If it weren’t for the single mothers of America–our military wouldn’t have the balls, the staff, or the foot soldiers–or the self righteous pre-propagandized mindset within them to hunt journalists, and kill collateral kids overseas- and in case you missed it, those kids overseas have FATHERS IN THEIR HOMES *gasp*. Freedom fighters must eradicate that at all costs, so their kids here at home can get fat, and multiply ( I mean, basic math skills are important, right?–and those damn chineeseses are way too good at math;-(


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