Dear Israel: stop knocking at my door unless you are serious this time.

Because LASSSSt time, at the big ol’ dance hall, you kind of set me up to fail. And YOU KNOW, it is this kind of shit that makes me look like you-which, I am not. []

All those Telia nets are hot as a southern fried CHIcken, just out the frier! After all, we both know that Sweden and Norway are flies on the picnic table.

And when–OH WHEN?? Can I just get back to writing the novel about Mamsota, and her penchant for breeding creatures of war? Her eons long ode to death and starvation, combated against her eugenic slice of pie, oh, that poisonous taint!–large, juicy, and available, always, but fattening, and attracts fruit flies–piece o pie?

Because, “[12]Ultimately, the novel deals with the interplay of good and evil, innocence and guilt, courage and cowardice, exploring such issues as the responsibility towards truth when authority would deny it, and the freedom of the spirit in an unfree world. Love and sensuality are also dominant themes in the novel.

And these, I think are noble themes–even schoolchildren can benefit from a new morality, that doesn’t pre-select them, or otherwise manipulate them into being war slaves “when authority would deny it”–wombs and warriors for some corrupted version of “Adonai! Adonai!” and all of those blathering idiots town to town that profess allegiance to ‘it,’ that co-opted Jeebus.

Shit–some of these towns have thirty seven churches and only one library (Hutch, MM).

Ich, Du- I think we can figure it out–but please be a little more transparent with your new steps–I can’t keep up with the young folk these days–always some new steps, with beats I haven’t heard before.

ANd then the cows, and their pig friends shit all over the dance floor, which makes for slippery floors–slopes indeed.

Blaming the ebil Chineeesesesesess all the time;-)

Transparency–um, yah, but no. You leaked again.


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