Here is what framing is–in action. Perhaps chapter 13.

Now that I have your ear, you can wait for the novel, because this is just groundwork for the novel you have tried to discourage, and often with deadly force against my body– for all these years.

Nope–I own the details;-)

Because framing an issue, a cause, or the perception of an event, or a series of events-perception management- is the job of media managers, editors, and, sadly, even reporters; public relations firms, government PR agents, and law enfarcers routinely engage in framing.

And that is not my strong suit at all.

But law enfarcement, let me be clear, that at the highest levels, law enforcement agencies gain funding and garner public interest in their missions by framing issues, or participating in the framing of issues in such a way as that the ‘average person’ gains an understanding about what those issues are, and why they–the average citizen–should concern themselves with those issues.

A good case in point, and at the highest levels–is that Saddam Hussein had “weapons of mass destruction,” when in fact he didn’t; and that the 9/11 hijackers were terrorists from just about everywhere except Saudi Arabia, when, in FACT, the majority of them were Saudi’s.

So, the government, working with and directing the media, and law enforcement agencies working to enfarce the law, created the perception that  every terrorist and any terrorist was responsible for those 9/11 hijackings–EXCEPT Saudi Arabians.

Why would they do that? Because, at the time as some of you might recall, our nations highest authority had stopped all planes from flying in American airspace–except the plane that flew a certain Saudi Arabian family around that day–there was only one flight, with one group of people on it, flying after the 9/11 event. You can find the details yourself–there is NO conspiracy involved here, just the facts.

Well–fast forwards to to today, and every foreign war since that time, and based on that set of lies–that incremental Fabian timeframe wherein authority asks that you suspend your belief, and just trust them to tell you ‘the truth.’ And then, they park a tank at city hall, and claim that they got a great deal on government surplus, or use SWAT teams where a simple letter in the mail would have done the same job-with the exception that the coordinated efforts of media collusion, publicity stunting, and cause–like armed action, garners more headlines.

Or, PR.

What is important to note is only one fact: on the back of a framing campaign, waged by master PR agents, and waged AGAINST the average citizen, and that perpetrated by nations/states/organizations on individuals that are ill equipped to fight against such tools and tactics–we have, now, a situation where current AND prior authority has been proven to base its causes upon lies, and media manipulation–but ‘average citizens’ are generally unaware of that, and who just go along with the program, and seldom if ever question the media campaign that was waged on their minds –these miss the subtlety of the framing, or the vast duration of time that expires while they nail their cause together, board by brick by nail, and cement it with the mortar of more lies and fabrications.

And let’s not forget: PR campaigns waged in time of war, are called Psychological Operations. Or, in simple terms, this ‘revealing dialogue’ is the product–the direct product of warfare–some ten plus years and counting– waged against a citizen of the United States of America.

Now–on a personal note: this might seem like the long way to get to a set of facts that concern this story–this story that I am writing, and have been writing, for over 21 years. In fact, this story has merely been incubating all of that time, plus or minus five more. And the lengths at which certain persons, or certain aspects of authority have tried to stop my writing are beyond belief.

And then, when I add details to this story–details like the fact that two of my family members were molested or otherwise manipulated, sexually assaulted, or otherwise used by a police officer and his wife–I have to add almost another fifteen years to the story.

All told–what is that? some 40+ years of my life NOT telling a story, affraid to tell the story, and then, after my life became a stomping ground for others from this secretive society; this “brotherhood” and fraternal order–and, the subsidiary stories that spring forwards from one story to another and another?

There IS NO WAY, one can frame that, because it is so personal, and so ‘anecdotal’ and so private, that one has to ask: Why would someone even want to frame that? It is a story that will tell itself, sure enough, and that, without major media, propaganda machines with billion dollar budgets, or even the simplest request to enfarce the law in any way–what individual could ever depend upon law enfarcement to work in their behalf?

I think one capable person could judge the facts, based on these stories alone.

But who, in this climate of fear-this terrorized America? None, I can tell you with proof. Yet others–other individuals are part of this story too, and little details like which cop and which cops wife molested those that I know, or how it felt to live with that information; or which later convicted pedophile cultishly encouraged such behaviors; or which other state agency/ies, and particular police officer and state agent (last name starts with Klein), fostered children who variously harmed children that I knew.

Yeah–how do you talk about that–and to whom, when it is agents of the state who at every level create and control and block, manipulate, or manage the perception of the framing of such heinous things?

No individual can stand against that, and if they even tried, secondary mechanisms exist to stop such stories from being told.

Like, the story of the bogieman, repeated often ad infinitum in whisper campaigns, by state agents who feel threatened, challenged, or in some other way, self righteous in their repetitions, suspicions, or other blather, based on what occurred once the genie got out of the box–or, once the Milgram got out of the experimenting business, or Standford revisited the grant and funding potential of jumping in bed with the PCA*.

Here is a secondary framing example: how, currently, state agents and agencies who were complicit in the last generation of negating insight into the sexual abuse of children from the ages of 1-5, BY women, are active in the current generation, negating the effects of women’s sexual predation on young or teen boys.

Here is one such example–(and really, I can almost hear the onlookers in the Athenium gasp *Yeah-I wish this one or that one in the pitcher below would——, I would be lucky!”

The web is full of these stories, but remember: the ISSUE is that a young boy was molested by a woman, yet media, complicit with nearly a wink and a nod from law enfarcers and other agencies/agents who have been in my lifetime non-receptive to the idea of women as abusers, are framing the issue as “hot older woman is framed for having sex with young boy.”

Which, by my own standards of having been such a young boy once, and research in that area, combined with my recent memories of complicit state federal collusion to stop this story–this is still an unappealing idea, no matter how much or how hard law enfarcers become over such ideas. I much rather would have had assistance in my schooling, from women who did not pursue, sexually taunt, or otherwise misinform me.

But I was one of the “lucky ones,” some say–after all, I ‘grew up fast,’ and all that other B.S.

Which left me hanging, and speechless for most of my life. Strong and silent, dontcha’know, and prone tothe ovary missiles that the same state launched at me via their daughters and the vast propaganda machine of shame and bickering that is the ‘war of the sexes’ in America.

And, speechless and overwhelmed by such madness–it’s what hero’s are made of.

Because dead men tell no tales.

*PCA: Prison Corporation of America


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