Hit the fat guy the hardest-and then slip to his left or his right. Usually, that works.

And, when it didn’t, just pull his helmet down, face first in the dirt. Fat guys think they know dirt–but most often, their instincts of self preservation stop them in their tracks, and caution them to stop before they go face down. They usually DON’T have a recovery plan.

Which is why they look so larded and slow after a play.

That used to work for me-the “smash fat guy’s face into the dirt” maneuver, up against those lumbering front linemen. 90% of them are too slow to predict which of the three options (outlined above) were the one you would use.

And then, there were the subsidiary actions one could take: flail like a bantam weight in their face (great diversionary tactic); go shoulder to shoulder for awhile (not only because these big guys thrive on body contact with other men, but also because they secretly cave in when they think they are big, and you are littler; or, just go down–hit the dirt and let the slob try to land on you.

They don’t usually have a plan if you go down, and fall in the dirt yourself, because it kind of sets them off guard–after all, it’s what they expect of the ‘little people’.

And then, bounce up again, and kick their legs out from under them–poke their eyes if you can get away with it, and cream the quarterback if the play hasn’t run yet. Or, something like that, according to what I have read about how the ‘world’ works–or, the ‘world’ of American football, with all of its violence, and self protective padding.

Yeah-and then, often, I had to confront the subsidiary players–the tackles who had missed thier play, and were out for vengeance. I can’t say that I had a plan for them, other than to outmaneuver their action–or stif them in the face, or stomp them with my cleats once the latter moves diodn’t work. I was even caught on tape once *gasp* doing exactly that. (you HAVE done your research, right?–it all comes into play in the end;-)

Now–do any of you understand those terms? Yeah–I don’t really–after all, I was just a center linebacker most of the time. Another dummy, being acosted by testosterone challenged “potential breeders” in the bread basket o’ America.

I was good at defense,especially when the line cheated and flagged out. And I had no fear–still don’t–of any of the fat boys there, or you. After all, the extra 150# you have on me makes it easier to throw you around, when you are in motion, and even then, you were never my goal.

And, as you know, when you sit still? You only get lazier-more weight gain, ya’ know? And coach HATES IT when the fat boys/girls (especially that slobbering black retard Mara–gee whizz–is that what Uncle Same pays you for? To be a female lineman–but even dumber, and less literate? To hide your license plates from my cameras. No wonder I can’t get a real job! Al the geniuses are occupying my spot.) but fat people can’t move fast–reminds me of “why” I had to deal with those little Pollacks in 2010-2012… Not that I have anything against Pollacks, for sure.

I am a regular Jurgis Rudkus myself http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Jungle

An amateur workman, trying to make sense of how things work, and getting rocks thrown on my head from any and al angles, everyday, by cave- people who think they have me cornered.

But anyways–my raccoon trap is FAILING! Cat food doesn’t work! It seems that the coons have been jive talking amongst themselves again-they know I have it set.So they stay away, for now. AND–they killed most of my minnows;-(  And the egret barely comes by, because its habitat has been mercilessly torn apart by barbarian raccoons, whose paws aren’t quite big enough to grasp or eat what they kill–but big enough to kill.

THAT sounds like every law enfarcers dilemma these days–its big-I caught it!–but what do I do with it? After all, I wasn’t there LEGALLY, and all.

And it usually works that way when entrapment is the ‘game’ or the methodology. See, these coons think they own the night. They think that no one else is awake, nor is anyone else aware of their presence. They think, they can act exclusively and anonymously.And, they aren’t all aware that Wireshark is a god good fren.

But Mellissa Olsen can tell you differently–I promise you. Coons are not quite the bandits they are made out to be–really, there is not much to fear with racoons, because most of them have predictable behaviors (think, for a moment about the two at the ashtray in Chi-town–who couldn’t hve seen them coming? The look on their faces was like the look of crack adicts, looking for the next free bump–you know? Predictable–especially next to a piece of lard like you–why, they nearly ate you on the spot, but stoped short because they were out of pocket-on your expense account, and you hadn’t saved up yet to go fishing in Mamasota–yeah-YOU. BUSTED. But to me, a taxpayer, it’s sort of difficult to imagine that my dollars go towards the soking habits of big, fat people like you, end those two sows. I mean, really-don’t you have a seminar every year wherein they teach fat asses like you to NOT SMOKE?))

They are relatively dumb animals, those raccoons. They are only smart after they smell your footprints in the latest incarnation of sweat, plus odor, near their feeding grounds, and then, smelling only until the rain washes that away–washes it away like the current web-scrubbing going on over at Google. Collusion isn’t just a conspiracy over at Duck Duck Go! (and actually, there is no conspiracy at DDG, but there IS one over at Google, as they use the element of TIME, plus algorithms to obscure NSA et ass activity, plus more time to obscure collusion, etc..multiplied by national security, divided by Fusion Center obfuscation of evidence).

So, the  coon trap is failing, because I was too enthralled awhile back at the fact that my trap actually drew them in! AND, as trapping usually goes, I wasn’t intent on the kill. And, over the years, yes, I am GUILTY of not documenting EVERY incursion–the HD’s in your possession will demonstrate that–butI got the general idea–you know? The flavor of your labor. And I fed you at noontime, like hired hands.

No, that killer energy–energy spent on after the fact scenarios wherein entrapment failed-yeah, a trapper thinks about death scenarios, and traps that are not “live” traps. Trappers think about “death traps.”–Right? after all that is YOUR field;-) has to come from a deep well of  angst, driven by the one that got away, multiplied by hunger(pensions and other benefits) times times it got away, times desire to kill.

Yeah–that last one, come to the surface, is what drives the fat people. Death to FOOD! Food, is death/death is food-because my stomach is oh so hungry! That IS their desire, at all costs.

And the coon? He will be back, after all–he sniffed the trap, but the trap is still set–you get my drift? And all of that as you monitor, log, and sniff at my ass–found the clue yet?

Nope. Because the clue is this–there is technology out there that YOU DO NOT CONTROL. AND, that technology is in the hands of people and agencies I trust–none of them are ‘western.’ You see what I am saying?

So, get your head out of the dirt, and fess up–your fat ass got plowed these last several years (and you don’t even know how to spot that.)

So, this isn’t the first time your narrative has paralleled my own.  The other one is on a deer camera, “somewhere in America,” as I write this.(Maybe the property guy can verify this, but, um–isn’t six years a little long for an agency to hide evidence–and obscure justice?)

You people do it by rote, and by training. Mimickry is a skill of mockingbirds. Oh, to kill one–just one..! But it’s always Boo Radley, and really, why DO you people just go after Boo all the time and miss the real killer?  Sure-O.J. is in jail, but NOT for murder–isn’t that kind of like (and pardon me here ladies) but isn’t that like fucking the fat chick? Half the fantasy with twice the price.

Oh, yes, the price! I can hear those Fabians as I type, but what they are saying?  Who shall PAY?!?! Screams the whore and her daughters Nonya…nonya….nonya…

Like crows, but without the music.

So, in my own song, then, I sing, but not alone. Not by a longshot.

In its entirety:

Guantanamo lawyers plead to put 9/11 case on hold

GUANTANAMO BAY, CUBA – JUNE 27: (EDITORS NOTE: Image has been reviewed by the U.S. Military prior to transmission.) The United States Military Courtroom is seen at Camp Justice where the U.S. military is holding its war court for the five Guantanamo Bay prisoners accused of helping orchestrate the Sept. 11 terror attack on June 27, 2013 in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The courtroom is seen from behind a glass wall where victims of the 9/11 attack and the media sit to witness the proceedings. Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

GUANTANAMO BAY NAVAL BASE, Cuba Lawyers for five Guantanamo Bay prisoners charged in the Sept. 11 attacks urged a military judge Friday to put proceedings on hold because of alleged security flaws in their computer network, an argument dismissed by the prosecution as merely an attempt to stall the case.

The lawyers said they had no confidence that their private emails and confidential files are safe as they wrapped up three days of jargon-filled testimony on network security at the U.S. base in Cuba. The defense teams asked the judge to suspend future proceedings until a secure network could be established for their exclusive use.

“To keep going at this point without a secure infrastructure is to penalize my client, who is looking at the possibility of death, and it undermines the integrity of the system,” said Cheryl Bormann, a civilian attorney for defendant Walid bin Attash.

Ed Ryan, a civilian Department of Justice prosecutor, said the defense complaints about the computer network were exaggerated and that there was no evidence of significant data loss. The request for the suspension of proceedings was “the emergency motion to abate du jour,” he said, comparing it to an earlier defense request to halt the case because of allegations of government eavesdropping on their private meetings.

“We had to stop everything else and spend days proving no one was listening. This time we had to prove no one was reading,” Ryan said. “But at least for these few days, they did in fact shut us down.”

This was the sixth round of pretrial hearings since the five prisoners were arraigned in May 2012 on charges that include terrorism, hijacking and nearly 3,000 counts of murder for their alleged roles planning and aiding the Sept. 11 attacks. A trial date has not been set.

In recent months, the defense teams have said emails have disappeared, large amounts of data have been lost and they say some of their private work has been subjected to monitoring. The problems were severe enough that the chief defense counsel for the military prohibited the use of email and the Defense Department network for privileged legal communications.

As a result, lawyers said they have been unable to adequately work on a case often portrayed as the most complex terrorism prosecution in U.S. history. Setting up a new system would take at least three months, at an undisclosed cost. Attorney David Nevin, an attorney for lead defendant Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, said they cannot represent their clients and meet their ethical requirements without a secure network.

“My request is that we stop until we have a computer system that works and that functions and that you not force us to go forward with one hand tied behind our back,” Nevin told the court.

Ronald Bechtold, the chief information officer for the office of the Secretary of Defense, testified that some of the security concerns can be resolved with “relatively, low cost, easy to implement solutions” such as encryption. He also expressed support for keeping defense documents on a segregated server network, though he did not endorse either of two specific proposals being considered by the chief defense counsel.

The judge, Army Col. James Pohl, did not issue an immediate ruling, but he appeared skeptical that he could order the government to set up computer servers that would be segregated from the rest of the Department of Defense. The court is scheduled to reconvene in October for another round of pretrial hearings.

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