Every good mystery story should have a map in it.

Disclaimer: I am not a cartographer, but if I were one (which I am not) my map would include California.

Any part or piece of California is map-worthy, and if you have never been there, bring a map, especially in San Francisco! And if you don’t have one? Friendly tall people–complete strangers who look like smaller versions/clones of big white egrets— will always conveniently have one to hand you, especially in an election year. (2006)

Oh–and bring a bag– any nice, cheap, khaki colored shoulder bag will do!

Now, here is my latest favorite map (no, Dora, not the one you use, which is ALSO omniscient, but a different one-) a relic from the past with klews and everything! But NOT the San Francisco map by a long shot. No-that map was flawed in so many ways that it, and the informational excursion it was on at the time, died much later–but, apparently, its ghost lived on!

Ahhh. The life of a map is a mystery, isn’t it? Well, the King of California certainly believed that ghosts tell us tales–that maps and old, seemingly buried stories, or stories that were written on unconstitutional paper are indeed relevant to today’s story–and everyone called HIM crazy!

So, here is my map–and it IS Californian!


“It’s a map, it’s a map, it’s a map, it’s a map, it’s a map…” Hey, Dora–where were you at that time? I didn’t meet you until later–chapter two in the story “Testing the boundaries of the boundariless [….] constitution in the era of exigent circumstances,” by G.W. Bushbama


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