Well–sometimes I get it right. But not always, due to “lag,” and other nefarious means to entrap them.

Yeah–that darned coon was here again last night. And the mechanisms of entrapment have become SOOOOOO complex these days, that someone needs to bring them to the light of day–after all, the knowledge of the last generation should, and ought, and MUST be passed on to the next generation–or “they” win!

But I learned early that the simpler the gambit, the more ikely it would go unnoticed-simple, like a BIG HUGE SMELLY CAGE, set RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF A PATH.

Yeah–“they win” every time one of the last generation is stopped from transmitting important data to the next generation.Like the fine art of trapping.

Or, think of it like this: when the Nazi’s were lining up Jews and boarding them on trains for Auschwitz, how many young Jews at the time had a clue that Europe had waged an inter generational genocide on Jews? How many young Jews blindly trusted ‘authorities’ to ‘ do the right thing?’

And, how many young Jews died believing that such a thing could NOT happen there, in their Homeland? The trap had been set in their generation by those who believed in state mechanisms of equality, justice, and so forth.

And, those hollow words failed them in their idealism.

After all, nations are beholden to the ‘rule of law’ and ‘constitutions’ of one kind or another, right? Never in a million years (or, in the case of Jews in Germany–in some 900 years) would such atrocities as Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen, and the Nuremberg trials ever be permitted by a free state–or so the thinking went at the time.

But then, political movements and domestic terrorists who worked FOR, and within the state began to change the constitution, and the general legal framework of a fair or just state, into a state that selectively and on a sliding scale, created categories of disenfranchised people by dehumanizing them, and by waging public campaigns against them.

Then, they began to entrap them, and then, they began to kill them-because the laws were changed, or outright ignored when it came to these people, and these peoples rights.

Rights? Well, those are slippery slope arguments that I am not intelligent enough, coherent enough, or factually prepared for right now. But I know a thing or two about history; and I know that the path to absolute freedom is lined with traps–no matter how often I walk down the same path? I often find that the path itself is illusory, and baited for redirection.

Well-what would I know about free states anyways–I have never fought for or died for one, right? Yet I haven’t had a moment of privacy for decades. All of that freedom, targeted at the back of my head, and me, with a headache now.

But I find it important to note that there ARE historical patterns that are noteworthy if only because generations of sons and daughters–but PARTICULARLY OUR SONS are set up to fail, when Nazi-like mechanisms of power target them as cannon fodder, or ideological food to stomp upon.

And one of those patterns is this: sons who are aware of the traps that are set for them by inter-generational murderers, are often prone to fall into exactly those same traps, despite the warnings, because the path is not always clear–and worse, diversions and snares are placed upon those paths to entrap them as prey.

Now, I ask–are our sons stupid? Of course, the answer is YES. But are they “really stupid,”? and this, I think, must be assessed on a case by case basis–because, as we know, our sons are not always fully informed, and worse? We live in societies where sons are targeted, manipulated, and essentially forced to subscribe to the “All American Heroes” magazine.

Which I don’t for sure. So, you can prosecute my thought along these lines-prosecute away!–but our sons need to know more about entrapment–because if they don’t, the women they will one day love and cherish, could well get caught up in traps of their own.

Here is one example:

[ I have been stopped once again by law enfarcers from uploading a photograph. SO, picture instead, a female raccoon, wide eyed, caught in a trap, and gnashing her teeth at me because she has been caught doing what thieving raccoons do all the time: stealing from my pond.]


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