Yeah–state run institutions, and those who derive profit from children, are always rife with troubling stories.

I have written about it before, but one needs cast no stone in any direction before that stone hits a solid, inter-generational truth: as soon as you combine “state run institutions, and state paid profiteers,” with the word, and the humans that word symbolizes :”children,” you have a recipe for sexual abuse, violence, and predation by state mechanisms–because the people in power ARE the reason why the ‘average citizen’ becomes a suspect under state control, and state entrapment: those who are in authority, are those who project images of themselves into our awareness.

And that predation often by agents of the very state that is paid to protect “the children.”

Or, one can understand all of the pro-state, good guys versus bad guys rhetoric, and propaganda and the collusion of state media and law enfarcement in the recent (yesterdays) case of Mexico, and 458 rescued from group homes.

While it is a blatant case where the first tier western governments can gloat over a second tier western nations failures, it is also a case wherein we see the failure of propaganda systems–such as Britain and the U.S. have in place–to protect state agencies from being revealed for what they are: pimps of children.

Yeah–let’s argue about that: sure, Mexico is no first world citizen, right? After all, the American military operates with impunity there, and no real social mechanisms are in place to actually care for, feed protect, or shelter abused children, right? And, these children grow up, and birth children themselves–and fill the prisons, right?

Or, Detroit, U.S.A., where 72% of African American women do not choose to have a father in the home; and 40% of white females have kids before they attend college, or otherwise are able to grasp what it means to be an adult first, and a parent second–because American laws are a virtual honeypot that teaches women zero accountability, and penalizes you8ng males at 100% accountability.

Put another way, America makes massive amounts of cold hard cash o of teen moms, and any male that these females can entrap for 18 years. Systemic pandering at the lowest denominator of human equality–consensual sex.

Another way you could phrase that? Systemic sheeple control, 101. Or: the state got busted in a state where journalists, human rights agents, and concerned citizens actually COULD find a voice–and that voice was listened to, despite state mechanisms of rhetoric, and political payoffs that shut media outlets down.

Even Mexico bats America on tis one, bringing to light the truth about the horrors and abuses of foster care parents, institutions, and related systems.


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