You can ask her yourself, if you are so in-Kleined.

I got sucked into something like this, some 27 years ago, and counting. A woman who was a scam artist in a sort of understandable way-raised by the state, and an abusive mother; a father who was a disgraced Mamasota law enfarcement agent.

She introduced me to MKULTRA, and how state agents and agencies are  ultimately responsible for the horrors that children suffer in group homes, foster care, and other court ordered incarcerations.

And, the irony is, that this law enfarcement agent was the progenitor of it all, via his child abusing wife–because without HIS authority, SHE couldn’t have perpetrated what she did on her kids–and the results of that were horrifying, and, as the record will show, the record is incomplete in describing the connection between the two.


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