Gee, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Or, did I?

NOTE TO SELF: when they have closed the noose, make sure it is on another’s neck. And then, use your throat to sing in other trees, about they that put nooses on necks, but deserve one on their own.

Glenn Greenwald has an insightful post on how governments outsource the dirty, constitutionally reprehensible work of stings, set-ups, co-option of dissent, and outright manipulation of the “public” perception of their very own crimes. Here is the link–because my blog, once again, will not allow me to create a link in the text:

This comment, below, is interest-sting because it references ‘Operation Mockingbird…’

  1. Great piece.

    US, UK and Five Eyes hacking online polls and waging 24/7 information manipulation and warfare online – to and include online false flag operations to discredit companies, individuals, or online activists – to shape perceptions to create outcomes seen desirable by the US, UK and Five Eyes.

    That is a 24/7, 365 day a year “Ministry of Truth,” or global online thought police state, in other words.

    Washingtonsblog did a fine follow-up on this story:

    Thanks to the Snowden cache, it is an established fact that the NSA sucks up just about everything outside the US and most things inside the US.

    When it can’t do it in the US, the Snowden documents have proved beyond any reasonable doubt, that it outsources to GCHQ and JTRIG.

    The use of online false flags has already taken place namely, the 2011 Syrian government hack and Stratfor hack – both coordinated by the FBI / US government controlled hacker Sabu, Hector Monsegur, who was following the orders of his US government agency handlers.

    The Syria hack was to gain public support for US and Western military intervention in Syria – on behalf of what has since been proven to be Al Qaida, the strongest and most numerous part of the anti-Assad resistance.

    In terms of the Stratfor hack, the almost certain main focus being the discrediting of General Petreus:

    Considering that the company’s branding was a “Shadow CIA,” and they had contacts of interest both within the US government, military and agencies, as well as across the world, it goes without saying that either a) The NSA was targeting all of their communications with foreigners for years prior or b) The US government outsourced their monitoring to GCHQ and JTRIG to monitor all internal and external communications.

    The FBI (and almost certainly multiple other US and UK agencies) was directing and coordinating with Sabu, and had him order the two hacking collectives, LulzSec and AntiSec, whom he had exercised complete control over, to carry out every single one of the hacks between June 7, 2011 through the first week of March 2012 . During which time Sabu’s apartment had audio and video surveillance, his phone and mobile phone were tapped, and every keystroke on his computer was monitored and archived. So for each LulzSec and AntiSec hack that took place after June 7, 2011, the US government agencies involved (and almost certainly its UK Five Eye ally agencies) was an accessory before the fact, to the fact, and after the fact to every single hack.

    So, in controlling Sabu, the US government and likely its UK allies provided a target list of over 2,000 domains (, and carried out an estimated 200 hacks under the watchful, real-time eyes of said governments and their participating agencies.

    Of those hacks, two massive – and publicity gathering – information dumps were sent to Wikileaks, namely the Syria files ( and the Stratfor files (;; which were stored on an FBI server for three weeks before they were strategically released to Wikileaks).

    This almost certainly meant – considering Sabu was an FBI handler of, as opposed to a simple mole inside of LulzSec and AntiSec – that Sabu and the two organizations he handled were sending corrupted files and or exploits to Wikileaks in their file-sharing.

    As The Intercept reported, Wikileaks was and is under constant Five Eyes electronic surveillance (

    Considering Sabu was directing the online media campaign regarding the Syria files and Stratfor (which was almost certainly under FBI and various US and UK intelligence agency direction, in direct violation of the Smith Mundt Act, which restricted US government agencies engaging in domestic propaganda before its 2012 “reform”), himself posting, or ordering LulzSec and AntiSec members to post what the FBI and other US / UK intelligence agencies told him to (see slides 4 and 13 in the GCHQ slide show on online false flags:, to shape perceptions.

    So it is almost certain that the LulzSec/AntiSec online media campaign before, during and after the hacks were also a FBI and US / UK agency agitprop campaign to drive visitors to Wikileaks for the Syria and Stratfor files – for monitoring purposes. Monitor Wikileaks, monitor how they went about getting ready, how they organized, how they analyzed, how they got financing, what they were looking for, what visitors were looking for, the most used key search words, etc.

    The Stratfor online false flag and FBI, and other US / UK intelligence agency strategic information dump to Wikileaks had many other aspects other than bringing down Petreus – it entrapped ((; the online activist Jeremy Hammond whose hacks under Sabu (read: FBI, see here:, here:, here:, and here: were ordered by Sabu, meaning ordered by the US government agencies involved.

    The hack, in addition to discrediting Petreus, and entrapping Hammond – whose FBI directed, monitored, and in the case of Stratfor, materially assisted hack made him the “most dangerous hacker in the world” in the first place – created a divide in Anonymous (, and it netted at least two UK anonymous members ( – further supporting the role of UK intelligence agencies as well as multiple US intelligence agencies – and it provided the almost certain multiple US and UK intelligence agencies information from the 200 domains of interest to them hacked by LulzSec and AntiSec.

    Finally, he hack also netted the satirical journalist and privacy advocate Barrett Brown for pasting a link that the FBI monitored and materially assisted (they provided the server that the emails sat on for nearly three weeks before they watched them get transferred to Wikileaks) hack made available, which it would not have been were it not for the FBI and likely multiple other US and UK intelligence agencies’ directed, monitored and materially assisted hack of Stratfor in the first place. Also the government charged him for thought crimes after making empty threats on youtube that no person on earth could take seriously, against the agents who threatened him and his mother on youtube (which led to his indefinite detention with no trial for over two years as well as a gag order).

    The entire Stratfor hack is literally timelined and explained, play by play, in the Feb. 24, 2014 Intercept article (

    The bigger the lie, or in terms of the Operation Mockingbird mainstream media ( coverage, the Haversack Ruse (see slide 13 in the Feb. 24, 2014 Intercept article), the more likely people will believe it.

    There is a reason why almost all of the evidence against Hammond and Brown was either redacted or entirely suppressed under the guise of “National Security” – it is self-incriminating evidence for the government, who initiated, coordinated and materially assisted a ten month false flag cyber hacking spree to discredit and destroy reputations (Petreus), to entrap unwanted activists (Hammond, Brown), to create disunity among a burgeoning online social movement (Anonymous) that questioned many paradigms, and of course to justify the further monitoring of Wikileaks (as well as the almost certain tainting of their servers and systems with the government-provided Syria and Stratfor files), all while using a third party they, the government, exercised complete control over and whose activities were monitored real-time by the government, for plausible deniability.

    Government initiated, plotted and materially assisted online false flag operations and cyber crimes subsidized by your tax dollars, to silence dissidents, to discredit people, to change and create new perceptions, while justifying Orwellian monitoring and passing legislation to crack down on internet freedom.

    Keeping you “safe” from the religious and computer “terrorists” (


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