When prosecution fails–sig the taxman on ’em! That oughta shut ’em up.

Or not-after all, I think, a civil conspiracy can be proven these days–in a most unconventional way;-)

Anyways–I love the terminology of the law–it is indeed a lover.

Here is a fine distinction, and even the Brits might take notice:

The difference between the “color of law,” and the “color of authority,’ at least to me, is a fine one.

Or, it is a gaping wide river of difference, based on a postage stamps journey alone. and that stamp, mediated by authorities ‘outside the realm’.

And as usual, you are welcome to refute that. And even then? What is refutation, but response to the unexpected?

So, prepare yourself well. It will be a discussion for later days;-)

Because this little clue is the tip of an ICEberg, and you, in your five-eyed rowboat, assessing the damage that Snowden revealed.


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