Whoever loves the law shall not lose it (her).

Actually, I made up that title, just to spite those old biblical narratives that they try to force down our throats.

Isn’t it an odd dynamic–these social conformity enforcers attempting to monitor “our” narratives, via “internet search history” or other nefarious means of collecting, what they think, are pieces of “our mind” into convenient, searchable databases.

This IS what objectification IS, after all.

1) begin with the usurpation of a citizens right to privacy, by positing that you, or someone else in your secretive society has a ‘right’ to open a citizens mails, or inspect their packages before those packages a) leave the post office from where they were sent, of b) that you have a right to open the mail, based on  the fact that it’s postage stamp from it’s place of origin was, in YOUR opinion,  suspect–I mean, REALLY–some douche from out of nowhere has the ‘right’ to ‘suspect’ a postage stamp??

Moving along now…

2) document their ‘reality’ via the usurpation of a citizens right to ‘think’–via the presumption that one word, phrase, or other idiom indicates an entire profile of persona–BTW–where ARE those records of internet searches for Dick Cheney, Keith Alexander, et ass.? I imagine they are PUBLIC records? Lets see, when the time comes.

3) posit that such and such thought is or isn’t ‘actionable’ versus and/or ‘reasonable’ or ‘normal’ under the law (as one or another legally untrained 2-to-4 year degree law enfarcement moron interprets the law that day).

4) on and on and on–I am actually bored talking to you people all these years. I have suffered from knowing you, and worse? I have lost time trying to prove my case year after year after year–you people are out of line, and I will indeed prove that in so many ways-because the ‘people’ deserve that–And me? I eat hurricanes for a living.

5) I cannot WAIT to get your names, faces, personal details etc ON RECORD so that I can begin to dissemble you.And that, inter-generationally.


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