A *snipfff*snipfff*snipfff* moment, with intergenerational context, provided by a responsible news outlet.

UPDATE: after trying to write a somewhat normal post, the material which appears after line two, which was subsidiary information–a post I did not necessarily intend to write tonight, and, a post which had to be written after I realized I was under atack, and that post, below line two which was 40 minutes of thought AFTER my connection, my research was subverted (documented elsewhere, with general idea being the Dombrowski motion, ala Bill Kunstler (RIP, Bill))–and, being stopped in my tracks by yet another law enfarcement black bag job, chronicled below, I add this update, just below line one:


Dah dah dunt, dunt, dunt, another one bites the dust. Dah Dah dunt dunt dunt, another one bites the dust-and another one’s gone, another ones gone, another one bites the dust…..

Perry Renn Murder: Family Of Accused Cop-Killer Say It Was Officer's Fault For Leaving Car


This post is being tampered with as I write it. I have spent 31 minutes just to get this far. Here, below is the ‘gist’ of the story, and, as usual, much thought, much preparative research, and really, the whole story gets lost after they tamper with what I am writing.

So, here, in real time is the gist of tonight’s writing–and, I might add, I have experienced similar attacks for over a decade, and counting, with a remarkable uptick and obscene daily harassment since 2009.

Forty minutes ago, I was researching legal terms, and then, the net was cut. I documented the cut via a secondary source, and then, thirty one minutes later, I could not write in this blog. I am currently writing in text mode, as the box that I normally write in (visual mode) was not responsive for over ten minutes.
And this, after a certain blogger who purports/portends to be from GHCQ, and one other peckerwod from Mamasota made snide remarks about wordpresses new writing pages–which is B.S., just like when they last attacked wordpress with a virus;-)
Yeah–virus alright–virus of social apathy at the nefarious means and methods of governments to subvert free speech as it forms.

The gist:
Interesting story to report tonight. So, attempting to research various legal terms, and other criterion that would infer that I am engaged in legal research–the net was cut–as usually happens when I research such topics.

But here is where it gets really interesting: when I query my router a cricket phone/hotspot, and run net tools to tracert the connection, as suspected the net gets cut before and after Dallas TX:

This hop is also very related to, and integrally dysfunctional/hyper sabotaged as these bad actors:

7   123 ms    91 ms    96 ms
8     *      122 ms     *     ae1d0.mcr1.englewood-co.us.xo.net []

9   129 ms    97 ms    99 ms  vb1600.rar3.denver-co.us.xo.net []

So, after a disconnect, and try everything humanely possible (humANEly possible, without breaking laws) and then a reset/disconect after 31+ minutes lost, I sign in to wordpress, after researching the death of Law enfarcement officer Perry Renn, who was killed y the son of a man whose father HE had killed in a fantasy worthy case of chickens coming home to roost–and this in the last two weeks.

I was able to creat a headline “A *snipfff*snipfff*snipfff* moment, with intergenerational context, provided by a responsible news outlet.” But then, for the first time in years of using wordpress–I could not write in the text box-at all! Yes, I have experienced this before, but at those times, I was also followed around by agents of social control who had my connection locked in to their sigcept vans parked outside my writing abodes, or was directly under DDOS attacks NOW and THEN.

What has been happening the last several days/weeks is that I cannot upload photo’s nor can I edit posts unless I publish the content first (by hitting the publish button). Then, and only after then, can I upload photos, or otherwise correct posts.

And now this.

NO–this isn’t a wordpress problem, I am sure of it;-) And my tracert’s from the router kind of lean towards once again, exposing the cancer on the backbone of the internet–an endless black bag job full of tricks that make free speech, and uninhibited practice of the rights to freedom of speech, press, happiness, and a host of other rights untenable, and impossible once the cops and the NSA et al (all of those dirty tricks, leveled at me like a shotgun barrel) get ‘involved’.

* Dombrowski motion: “Where advocacy (a form of highly-protected speech) is threatened by prosecution.”

Disclaimer: in no way do I represent that killing law enfarcers is legally or morally acceptable. However, I do understand why those who do it, do it, and I also understand the courage it takes to do such things.

EVEN MORE SO, I respect the news outlet that had the courage to publish the actual comments of the people who spoke for the shooter, and noted that this was an intergenerational act of chickens coming home to roost.

Here, below, is a very rare, very accurate reportage, uncorrupted and uncensored by mainstream press which documents ‘motive’ of a ‘suspect’ who had killed the cop who killed his father”

Police officer Perry Renn was killed when trying to approach a suspect with a gun, and now the family of the accused cop-killer say the office is actually at fault for getting out of his police cruiser when the armed man was nearby.

Renn was killed on Saturday in Indianapolis after responding to a report of shots fired. When Renn and two other officers arrived at the scene, they found a group standing near an alley. Police say 25-year-old Major Davis then raised an assault rifle, exchanging gunfire with officers for up to five minutes.

Both Davis and Renn were injured, and shortly afterward Renn was declared dead.

The Perry Renn shooting has sent shockwaves through the community, but a recent interview with the family of Major Davis Jr. has stirred up even greater controversy. In speaking to WISHTV, family members said Davis had a difficult history with police and blamed Renn for the circumstances.

The suspect’s father, Major Davis Sr., died of a heart attack while in police custody when his son was a teenager. The coroner’s report said that officers were not to blame, but family members see otherwise.

“You don’t know what he been through with IMPD. We do. He’s scarred for life,” said his children’s grandmother, Pam Moornan, adding, “He wasn’t a bad person. His father was killed by IMPD. That is enough to hurt a person and scar him for life.”

Officer Perry Renn was listed on the police report for Major Davis Sr.’s death.

Family members say Major Davis Jr. was likely afraid police officers would try to kill him as well.

“I imagine he figured they were going to try and kill him. I mean cause look what they did to his father,” said Moornan.

Moornan added that it’s not fair to blame Major Davis Jr. for the shooting, saying police were at fault as well. Other family members blamed Renn for returning fire when there were children in the area.

Family members say they are sorry that Officer Perry Renn died, but said the situation would have never happened if he just stayed in his car once he saw Davis brandishing a gun.

The comments generated such backlash that editors at WISHTV responded, adding comments to the start of the article defending the decision to include the controversial comments.

Editors wrote:

“By showing the other side, you were able to get the answer to “why someone would do this?” We wanted to give insight into the mind of the people/family who were involved so there was some context and exposure for you into this world. For some, maybe it’s a world you are already familiar with; for others it may be something you cannot even comprehend. It was difficult for many of us to watch and understand mostly for the reporter who did the story. Her father is a veteran of IMPD.”

The funeral for Officer Perry Renn is set for Friday.
Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/1341528/perry-renn-shooting-family-of-accused-cop-killer-blames-officer-for-leaving-car/#9luF6CmP1p8vrFDw.99

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