I can’t wait to demonstrate the seven second delay before the ‘average, reasonable’ people.

There are no web threats other than government using citizens for target practie-web security is uselessI can’t wait; really, I am at the line, and ready to run! I CAN’T WAIT to show Guantanamo lawyers, civil rights attorneys, and the average Joe Blow how the very act of signing on to the internent can become a “high five” to those who exploit the “average citizen,” and seldom, if ever get called into account for what they do.
After all–exploitation isn’t just an internet term–it’s STANDARD law enfarcement practice in America, these days!

Yeah–that seven second thing-almost –ALMOST anyone can document similar exploits, or, what is called in journalism a “broadcast delay.”
Sure, switches can lag sometimes; switches can ‘switch.’ Even the average Jonas Blonas gets that. But how will you explain that a switch–one tested at home and then tested at coffee shops concurrently–switch things around differently?
And I am not talking about switches or baits at coffee shops in the Ukraine, or China either. I am talking about how you and yours switch stuff down the street;-)
Now that is a conversation, huh? Huh?

Much less the targeted 45 minute delay sessions that had become regular fare after you ‘identify and attempt to constrain/redirect/reroute/sabotage” a citizen: the browser crash with the odd and transparent Google pages, the even odder scripting errors (that even techs I know had a hard time dealing with)the forced re-starts time and again; the Windows Update exploit, the Akamai cookies, the practice runs of STUXNET, the unknown malware that even WebrootKaspersky/ etc. had no name for–etc, and lots more etc.– after government or other nefarious actions caused by alleged “ethical hackers’ and their spawn. Yup. That will be a show, indeed.

It will live FOREVER.

And, yes–you missed those records with your last rounds of ‘cold captures’ in black bag gear that expected raw product, but got instead, legal arguments and records of a citizen attempting to document in real time what you were doing.

Um, yeah-and I even gave you a few copies of some of the snaps that show you clearly blag bagging a site–mine.

Oh-shit! Did I forget to mention the steganographic methods used to encapsulate your efforts?
Gosh dippity dang–if only those OTHER lost products–those poison fruits that you dropped of at my door could produce that product that you produced-NOTHING of real value to your case at the time, I would be so happy–but where are they?????

See: The MAp!

Maps don’t lie, do they? After al–cartography isn’t just an ancient art in China! China, where every other Columbus got their startup;-)

But, you suck-turning off my t.v. in those years, trying to intimidate me from going public with what YOU were up to. And yes-there IS a proper forum for that, wouldn’t you agree?

Yeah. See you there, whenever you are ready;-)


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