I ALWAYS refer to these two pictures to remind me of where the other data is scattered.

NOt all teams play by the rules. And, many wie ners actually cheat to win.

Which is why, of course, I have the memory of an elephant. AND, I, like an elephant, remember where the graves of my ancestors are. In fact, the graves of my ancestors are often, right along the path where they came to die.

Now: the memory problem–at some point, many years ago, my mind–my entire mind was hijacked. Like an airplane, it was sent crashing into big huge structures, by those who sought several things: 1) my complicity/or my demise 2) my silence or my trust 3) my telling of a tale versus their telling of a tale.

And, of course, I fragmented. Really–I compartmentalized my experience. In fragments. Like bits and bytes, I became a sea of blibs and blobs on paper–a scattering of dots and dotcoms in cyberspace. I had no other option–or, the ‘me’ part of “me” became shattered.

Does that make sense? Well, if it doesn’t, that’s o.k., because you are still learning–you are still thinking that ‘you’ are “you.” Or, you are thinking, I have an elephant in my sights! IVORY!!! MEAT!!!!!

Or, just another big game hunter, looking to get royally fucked. You don’t come here for the hunting, do you?

BUT: if you did? You won’t find what you are looking for-because what you are looking for–especially those photos of Joseph Mengele’s crew, rifling through my house in 2006? At he bar in 2008-9.

Or using my dirty socks as anti-static shields in 2009?  Umm-you guys need to get a grip;-)

Because all 142 of those snaps? They are stored elsewhere–never, ever stored in my footlocker! As we both know, that old shrew likes sniffing through socks.

And the IP list–that list of WWWWW and H with the IP logs from the same era? Gee–most likely lost, or otherwise encrypted beyond your thumb drive exploit. (->->->) etc.

Really-did you think it was for fun? Of course not!  I did NOT enjoy knowing what I knew about you, then! In fact, whathas since come out? Have you–dilligent, of course, and patriotical-have you also noticed the depth and breadth of the illegality of it all? So why did YOU go along?

You get paid one way or another, don’t you? Like all minions, Doo gooders, heroes, scandal agents, blackmail engineers, and other sordid wanks–you like to be in control of the camera. Somehow–in your own mind–you are the cop porn agent, tasking othes with going on film.

Don’tchoo? Dontcha’? Yup, you did. “size five; size six; size 13 and beyond.”

Your salaries, AND your heroic reputations depend upon catching minnows, in hopes of feeding them to bigger fish.

EXCEPT, when YOU are bait.

Fragmented memory recall, number 16 (you have these in your file, right? Good for both of us-how about the rest of the snaps? Nope? Good for me–and a certain IT person, overseas, after the sea beyond the seas;-):


Nope–I do NOT know this guy–but others do;-) For the sake of Nashinul seckuritie, I cannot yet show you the face of modern crime. But I can name the team;-) Sort of, for now…


I always carry a blag bag around–don’t you? It ensures that I look like a civilian, just doin’ mah thang! on and or about mah bizness! And that bizness? they were on or about since 2001, with hints and cherry flavored after-nose before that.

Yeah– I have been watching you for years and years and years. And, hitting every fiery curveball you threw.

Wanna really play ball? Lets do double agency for a change. We might discover that we have friends in common–or not, which is way more fun. TEAMWORK!

Now, go snap your jockstraps–but do it over a 55 gallon drum–it makes music, as opposed to ‘racket’.

Go, Twins!!

Afterword: exactly how do certain agencies/entities/powers ‘mirror’ a website–a closed, contained IP–yet also are able to fully mask their presence, even while the best technocratic endeavours of all of the five eyed hydras in the world are eyesore?

Now, that is a question for conversation, wouldn’t YOU agree?



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