What do the letters HH, the number 88, and handkerchiefs have in common?

They are all symbols of one of America’s best kept secrets: There is no ‘racial component’ to social control mechanisms that kidnap children in America, and indoctrinate them into the ‘future’ social planning.

In fact, old time methods like the Ku Klux Klan, Joseph McCarthy, MKULTRA, and free love after that– previous government-led covert movements look quaint next to this ‘new thing.’

After the eugenics movement that happened in Mamasota in the 1920’s, the resurgence of the KKK, and the bedroom peeking exploits and antics of the McCarthyites of the 1950’s, and COINTELPRO of the 1960’s–what TEAM SPIRIT was left for those hillbilly Boys and girls to rally around??

Go Twins!

Knoblauch — a four-time All-Star and former Rookie of the Year — is out of jail on $10,000 bond and is due back in court on July 30. The station had more details on the arrest and Knoblauch’s other legal troubles: When officers arrived, they said Knoblauch appeared to be intoxicated. Police said Knoblauch’s wife told them she was asleep in her child’s room when her husband came in, upset that he wasn’t sleeping in their bed. He allegedly grabbed her by the arm and started smashing her head into a wall. Knoblauch is accused of throwing a humidifier at her before she ran from the room.

HH isn’t just a common abbreviation for His Holiness, or Her Highness–it also symbolizes HEIL HITLER, and the numerological cognate used by neo-nazi’s to signify the same: 88.

And, ironically, it also is an abbreviation for Hip Hop, the new social movement where the old social movement has been replaced by multi racial, multi ethnic racists of all colors who unite for the sake of ‘one world, full of US-versus THEM.’

But a quick trip down memory lane to the beginning of many of my assorted assaults, starting definitively in 1993, I remember Homer Hankies, of course! And Hubert H. Horatio Metrodome (RIP, little metrodome–home of heroes!), and the HH Hornblower business school at the University of Mamasota–the EXACT place where eugenics took hold.

Why, buildings on that campus are even named for the founder of the Eugenics movement in America.

Groups identified in the law Those groups identified in the 1925 law were the feeble-minded and the insane that were institutionalized. “The law provides that feeble-minded and insane in state institutions may be tubectomized or vasectomized upon the advice of the state board of control, the superintendant of the state school for feeblemindedness, a reputable physician or psychologist, provided or his or her legal representative gives consent”

AND: the famous Twins studies, too! Those other twins, illegal eugenic studies that were perpetrated by Hitler’s minion, Joseph Mengele, as he tortured, sexually abused, sawed apart and tried to rejoin (!!!) twins–he dissected Jewish and other children who were twins, just to see what would happen.

Would they feel the same pain if he sawed one in half, and watched the other? Would separating them, and subjecting one to torture while observing the other demonstrate a mental nee~telepathic bond? Or, how about propagandizing one to think one thing, while the other is used to perpetuate Twins-isms?

The ‘other twins’ themselves weren’t too keen on the research–but the Heroes just ran with it! The Twins win!! The other twins lost!!

Then according to the literature, Mengele and his minions tried to burn all the evidence of their crimes. I bet that took awhile–maybe six years or so? Or not.

Maybe they just spent the next twenty years after the war trying to gain access to them and those in power so they could subvert, redirect, or otherwise obfuscate evidence of their crimes?

I dunno, I’m just a doin’ mah job!

But thankfully, the results of his work can still be found in productive, big Pharma friendly subsidized studies at the U of MM!

And lots happen, indeed, when illegal experiments are perpetrated upon persons. Shit like wars and stuff. And lots of time stolen-lost forever, while social programmers manipulate data flows, and subvert relationships that lead to data flows.

Or, just friendly rivalries, where HEROES are created, the opposition falls or fails,  and handkerchiefs are waved in stadiums! Why, everybody just loves heroes! And stadiums! and being on the same team!!!!

After all–black and white thinking goes a long way in the backwoods of sooperstitious America.

In fact, Mamasota leads the nation in spin doctors, and PR firms–and the homer hanky was just one example of successful marketing by social programmers, and opinion leaders. Who could stand against that? Heroes, indeed!

Yay, kids–its for the children–children need heroes to look up to–except, of course, when those heroes fall flat on their faces. Or, actually beat their wives up, and actually get caught doing it, as opposed to being accused by some nefarious plot of law enfarcers, and other warrant subverting pigs.

Secret societies-the laughable masons–hehehehe.

You ain’t seen the truth gets its pants on yet have you?  Too busy snapping pictures of my wife in the shower, huh?

But I can promise you-I have wiped my ass with a homer hanky before–and more than once. There’s nothing quite like the shit scraping advantage of thick, plastic ink, silk-screened in some locally owned and nepotistically connected print shop to scrape a turd out of ones ass is there?

Go, Twins!! Mamasota is all about shaming the heroes into the bed. Or:

“If his previous legal troubles weren’t enough to make Knoblauch get his act together, perhaps a professional shaming will help. Before long, people won’t remember him for his All-Star play, but rather his disappointing behavior off the field after his playing days.”

Heroes, indeed. But one thing is for certain-you people know how to drum up business when business are leaving the state faster than water can flow from an exploding dam.

Because Mamasotans HATE it when men don’t sleep in Mama’s bed–rather than noticing how MAMASOTA is in bed with her children, and the locally born and bred panderers, breedbasket  financiers, sperm chasers, eugenic minded citizens,and their paid law enfarcers who make this shit even topical.

And even then? One cannotavoid the factthat Mamasota was a hotbed of Ku Klux Klan organizing, and KKK activity at the heydayof KKK recruiting drives.

Nor can one deny that at the highest levels of government (many senators, congressmen, local officials, and even American presidents were KKK members) there is and has always been systemic abuse, led by public relations campaigns, and in sync with law enfarcement to control the population with eugenics that actively interfere with, intrude upon or otherwise manipulate the ‘breeding’ choices of citizens:


Chuck Knoblauch is no exception: his wife, who was sleeping with his child, is truly a Mamasotan in every way-and Chuck, a typical man, likely has no words to describe such odd behavior by women who are under the spell of eugenic social forces.



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