Work in Progress: The tactics, and Politics of the KKK, modernized, via Infragard, et al

In its finest, most American hour, the Ku Klux Klan claimed Presidents, congressmen, senators, judges on the United States Supreme Court; and a host of local and elected officials across the country.

And, especially, and not at all insignificantly, many police officers were members who, at the most selective and localized nexus of Klan violence, instigated, tolerated, or otherwise allowed the law to be merely words, unenforced, selectively.

Lesser studied, and lesser known, is how these agents of social control interacted individually with others in the KKK to violate, incite, intimidate, and harass outspoken dissident members of the KKK’s targeted groups.

If history provides us one lesson, it is this :

“History, repeats itself.”

And, I propose that this repetition, this echo of the past, can be found in the collusion between today’s modern Infragard, police and paramilitary organizations, and their related persons.

Florida cop quits force after he is outed as a KKK member–then, blames his boss for forcing him into it. I think, the KKK is old news–what about the new secret societies–like Infraguard, et al?

Naming them is the key to unmasking them and diminishing their power; removing the hood of privileged narratives, privileged misconduct, and privileged political relationships, reveals the coward behind the mask.

And, in the day of the Klan, these cowards relied upon tired tropes, and false narratives to perpetuate their violence.Yet few of the narratives had more power than that of black men as rapists–and as perverts who might defile “our daughters,” or otherwise gain sexual power through the women of a hygenically ‘pure’ nee~ racially pure, and eugenically guided ‘future America.’

Notes, to self, below.


Recruitment of new KKK members entailed framing economic, political and social structural changes in favor of and in line

with KKK goals. These goals promoted “100 percent Americanism”

Members of organizations like churches and fraternal lodges, were easily accessible by Kleagles or Klan recruiters because

they were already socially active in public issues through their involvement in these organizations. These recruitment

efforts were very successful, as such, Klan membership soared

violence: the Klan also used controlled instances of violence to attract members.[2] Violence was pronounced in areas of

high KKK activity. This intimidated opponents of the KKK and impressed future members. Violence was a method to

demonstrate commitment to the Klan philosophy. Violence was used, however monitored closely by Klan Leaders to discourage

government intervention and to “avoid a backlash from the general public that could damage recruiting efforts”.[6]

The allure of the “invisible empire” and its public anonymity were also appeals for potential Klansmen.[2] In addition to

the empowerment of membership in an empire that was secretive, Klansmen also enjoyed a kinship-like bond from membership.
The first KKK was founded in 1865 as a charitable organization to help widows and orphans. It turned to violence in 1870

and was dismantled in 1871 by law. A second organization by the same name was founded in 1915 and yet a third incarnation

surfaced during World War II.
As Robert O. Paxton pointed out in “The Five Stages of Fascism” in The Journal of Modern History (1998):

Although one can deduce from fascist language implicit Social Darwinist assumptions about human nature, the need for

community and authority in human society, and the destiny of nations in history, fascism does not base its claims to

validity upon their truth. Fascists despise thought and reason, abandon intellectual positions casually, and cast aside

many intellectual fellow-travellers. They subordinate thought and reason not to Faith, as did the traditional Right, but

to the promptings of the blood and the historic destiny of the group. Their only moral yardstick is the prowress of the

race, of the nation, of the community. They claim legitimacy by no universal standard except a Darwinian triumph of the

strongest community.

police officer wife Laura Perez killed

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