Entry level team ops: “they have whole wardrobes in their car.”

“Send in the clowns…there ought to be clowns….”

For years, I have been followed around by clowns–people who play dress up in front of my house, outside of coffee shops, and even while I am engaged in cross country travel.

“Picket surveillance…” hahahahahaha….and “leapfrog”…hahahahaha.

Where IS my MAP!?

And all of those big fat storks, posting themselves at Haight-Ashbury (at the bottom of the Hill, as we know now, is a fateful spot–did you know that then? I would have thought FDeuce would have told you so. Ahhh. Nights at the…what is that theater anyways? My memory fails me so often, in the most surprising ways;-( )–the veritable graveyard of the LAST generations black ops, aimed at American citizens, free speech, and counter culture thought.

At some point, one must turn around, and confront the clowns face to face–on THEIR terms, or they just get more and more silly, and your life becomes imperiled due to gross exaggerations and conflations of character, based upon their own handiwork of trying to set you up year after year after year, and to scapegoat you into some crime or another, lest the chickens come home to roost–and reveal what child killing marauders THEY really really are;-)

And decades of obfuscations of their methods–one could die, and be blamed for their own death–these people are that careful–but still sloppy and predictable. Poor ol’ internet-thought to live forever, is in fact, quite easily subverted in TOTALITY and in flatus completus by their various democracy subverting programs aimed at US.

Whole internet interactions are virtually lost–and even then? The ones in the dubious and highly selective snapshots? Yeah–not so reliable, it turns out–after all, even Google cannot replay a moment on time, much less, a moment on time that transpired over FAKE Google, via the NSA, et ass.

So, citizens are left unprotected, cuz’ we are none the wiser, if we don’t look beyond the makeup, and the bad theater.

And the quality of life becomes threatened more and more, every time some evil clown is allowed to roam free perpetrating bad comedy–and actually killing innocent people while wearing the clowns attire.

Someone has to face the music–because sending in the clowns invokes the necessity for an audience–wouldn’t you agree? All theater requires an audience–even though, so far, evil clowns have been able to run their routines, in secret horror shows, to selected audiences, and then, bury their audiences under floorboards in the suburbs, or in the asshole of the PCA…

Real clowns sure love an audience, so everyone can see how funny they are, and laugh when the clown gets them to laugh, and cry when the clown cries–such is the nature of security theater, and Americas farce of law that has become little more than a loaded gun, pointed at its own people saying “Laugh, or cry when WE tell you to-anything else is subversion–and you will be punished for that.”

Because the other option is not as lovely as death: one must live ones life, and, by default, open up every and any relationship that one holds dear, to the one sided, politically motivated scrutiny of misguided clowns, who work off of data sheets and ‘profiles’ that are based upon decades of hearsay–with your own opinion, or your own voice silenced, and objectified in ‘official narratives’ that seek not truth, but rather, ‘information,’ and ‘intelligence’ that they can ‘act upon.’

Till they make a joke out of you, and that, spoken in pig Latin to those who also speak pig Latin. Why? Because, pig Latin is funny, apparently, to most people who never evolved from their grade school or high school note writing era/s. (that was 3 Latins, for the faithful)

“IsterMay MithSmay AsHay a WeatySay OreheadFay!”

Hehehehehe. And then, back to gym class, where real Titans roam! Where real true-lovin’ breedbaskets dance, to country western music, hoping like eternity that they find paradise under the dashboard lights before they get old-and turn 21 *gasp* and maybe never ever get their high school sweethearts attention–maybe never ever are able to create a sacred future taxpayer/womb/warrior or ten of them for the Motherland!!!

Anyhoo-actionable intelligence* is as simple as watching someone jay walk, and then, writing up a report that indicates a crime. Or, actionable intelligence can be complex–like Wall Street insider trading.

But look at these two examples–and then, imagine the vast ocean of difference between the two ‘crimes.’

Jaywalking is something that 99.9% of city dwellers are culpable for, and, depending upon your jurisdiction, 100 of country folk–whereas insider trading ON Wall Street is something that only a very slim minority of people ever get the chance to do, much less profit from-and this last point is not a small one, as the ;profit motive,’ is a huge factor in any and every criminal charge.

Profit. What is profit? You can look it up if you want, but profit is the gain that one receives in return for an investment of some kind or another–you buy a toy truck at a garage sale, for five bucks, and sell it for 15-I am guilty of that for sure.

Or, you get a tip that a certain fortune 500 company is about to go belly up–and you call certain associates and tell them to “sell NOW!”

Well, that last example is insider trading–and the first? simple business.

The key factor between the two is motive-intent. AND, even then, at the simplest level, jaywalking hasn’t even been discussed.

So what to make of jaywalkers? Well, most people have done it one time or another–but not all people have had a surveillance team watch them do it.

And the difference? The difference is that jaywalking for some, escalates a narrative of others who profit from having observed jaywalking.

Imagine yourself at a ballgame, downtown–the crowd is thick, the line is long, and there you stand, right next to the guy scalping tickets, at a red light, with a “don’t walk sign.”

Many of you have been there, right? Chances are, about 40% of people challenge the light if no cars are immediately there-another 10-20% enter before the light changes to green, and many just have to run at the yellow–you get what I am saying?

Now-imagine that you–amongst thousands of people, born into a world of MILLIONS and uncountable BILLIONS of people, have, for whatever reason, encountered a political campaign, with associated clowns following you around day and night– that seeks to catch you in the act of jaywalking, and to report it in some nefarious, dubiously truthful official record of your act.

THEN, and most importantly, ask yourself why the other 50-80% of people who also jaywalked were not also written up, or pursued.

And that is the difficulty I have had for decades–political forces have sought to surveill me, me, a virtual nobody if it weren’t for whom I was related to, and who they know–I have been accosted for decade after decade by clowns, who wear wigs, change their clothes almost in front of me, and then attempt to portray that they are somebody different than they were two blocks ago–at some point, I call comedy on that.

And, as the record will show–I have never, and even now, have NO profit motive–it’s all loss. You will see that what I say now (mark your calendar) is as true today as the day you first heard this story, sometime in the future.

But someone has to out the clowns, before more innocents die. What I know, and have learned? Is that not enough of us actually go balls to the wall nearly enough to get our country back to the safe place it once was–a democratic country, with a multiple party(NOT a two party) system, that is guided by the votes of people who live here, rather than international interests who hire clowns to subvert the very most beautiful part of democracies everywhere–dissenters who challenge the ‘norms’ of their own societies.

Taking a bullet or two is easier than living voiceless, or being paid off I assure you.

And, I think you would think like this too, if you had seen it in action-this security theater farce thatI have watched in my own life since 1997 and after (1993 if one gets technical).

My favorite moment over the years? Was it the manilla folder in 1998? The random loss of legal papers and other lifelines in ’99 through 2000? The cavalcade of heroes across country in 2005-6?

No–It had to be in 2013, when some of these clowns found themselves stranded in a beat up golden colored Ops wagon at the gas station right across the street from my house–and who came to their rescue?

The local fire department….

Gee, I should take up clowning–it’s way cheaper than hiring a locksmith when I am in a jam, or paying my AAA dues;-)

And the blonde Viking looking long hair had the nerve to wave at me, and smile (down half a block!) having been signaled by Pillsbury’s own doughboy across the street, that I was watching them, as they were watching me.

This forced symbiotism between myself and clowns had worn off by 2007–so they shot me in the back in 2008! They knew I was done with their shenanigans, but wait! There’s more!

Said the clowns, time and time and time again. Funny world I have lived in for these lost decades, indeed.

Hahahahahaha. Clowns.

“If the team is doing its job, they won’t even know we are there..”

“If the suspect sees the guy with the military flat top,” they won’t suspect that the bicycle courier is one of the clowns?

Highly not likely–because, when flat top shows up? It’s like a government boner aimed at your ass, and that, with premature reflexes.You just know they are splooging ALL OVER THE PLACE, most often just outside the ethnic coffee shop, in a van.

Transparent clowns, bad makeup, and bad security theater all over my rather inconsequential life, for decades.

Or, this:

* actionable intelligence, according to the FBI, is that every citizen, once “watched” will, could might, and most likely DOES participate in 3 felonies per day! How’s that for lifting the skirts at the front of the stage? It’s another clue for you, friendly gatherer of “intelligence,” and that, a clue towards the counter narrative of your prosecution;-)




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