In re: Renate Vettleson–I am surprised how callous people can be.

So, after spending the night looking for any shred of evidence that Renate Vettleson is still alive; after researching possible relatives who shared the last name, etc., I come, today to a link I had up last night:

Now, I have been trolled in every which way by government, internet mobs, and internet vigilantes for the best part of a decade.

I have been bounced from country to country, from clandestine service to clandestine service, and database to database one country to the next. I imagine the data alone in my dossier must fill warehouses.

And I have literally–literally, been surrounded by strange vans, accompanied by squad cars as I try to publish posts over the last eight years and counting. And I know a bit about what Renate Vettleson was talking about in her blog.

So, I am generally at a loss to account for whether or not things are ‘real’ in ‘normal peoples terms.’ In other words-don’t ask me what is real, I haveno answer: but ask me which state, federal, and international agencies are pornifying the internet? I have an answer. Ask me which local agencies are committing crimes that range from identity theft to wholesale bank fraud? I have an answer to.

Especially–especially ask me which federal prosecutions rely upon falsified internet ‘evidence’ or which  types of white collar crimes are most likely to NOT suspect that the internet backbone is itself a roving wiretap?

I have an answer for that too.

Hell–you can even ask me about the Iraq body count–all of those women and children whose burquas were lifted up over their heads in the name of freedom? I have an answer for that too.

But ask me what is ‘real’? Don’t bother–I live in a nation that thinks an old grey bearded man sits on clouds and throws thunder bolts at the bad people (oh, wait–that’s Greece)-no, an old grey bearded man sits on clouds, grants favors to the self righteous,  and farts out breath-taking hymns–American classics like  “How Great Thou Art,” and “God rest Yeee Mery Gentlemen,” and “”Let my peeple GOOOOO!” and so forth.

AND, they worship virginity, in massive cults! Especially, last generations feminists idolized Madonna–“Like a Virgin-ooooh!” And these days, , wear meat dresses, and generally just put themselves out there as bait….these virgins are soooo deeply in bed with patriarchal mechanisms of control, that the dictionary needs an update: I propose “cuntrol.”

What do you think?

Well anyways, my spirits are lifted high now–I feel self righteous, and FREEEE.

Except for that nagging problem that is decades old with me: I can’t tell you a damn thing about ‘reality’ if I tried. And I am sure that there are heavy doses of tholidimide and saccarine in MY future because I cannot, will not, or resolutely oppose the systemic inducement of trance formation that has gripped the west.

Because in the west, the other guy did it, even when our fingerprints are all over it–you get what I’m sayin’? And YOURS too.

And I smell a rat–for now–with the way that Rena is being talked about. As I said-I knew Rena, a bit, and for the sake of her mother, I wish others to know that the way you bandy her name is not respectful, not fair, and even less kind.

Here is one such example:

I am concluding this is a fake.

ok then. i’m inclined to agree. alternate theory, then?

this ‘boyfriend’ of hers, bruno, i think he is called, is stark raving mad. i mean tin foil hats, hearing voices in the refrigerator kind of nuts… poor guy is lonely though so one day he meets a sweet blind gal at the coffee shop and obsesses on her. he sits in his room all day and dreams of all the things they talk about, all the shared experiences and one day – she’s knocking on his door! oh hooray! he thinks… it wasn’t just a dream!

two short weeks later the television gives him a message. through the static he hears poor rena crying. help me, bruno! i can’t take it any more! then nothing. he tries her number. it’s disconnected. he waits to hear from her. she never calls. rena has succumb to the evil forces of the gang stalkers. just another unknown victim.

why do i think this? it seems he has taken it upon himself to add her name to every TI (targeted individual) list known to the internet, pasting the same memorial message to each. her name is on every last list!


While I don’t fully disagree with the possibility that agencies of one kind or another could be involved in producing disinfo in regards to Rena, or a host of other things -THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of things, these days targeted at your mind, your sanity, and mostly, the imperative that you conform to lies as a means of social control, rather than hard truths–hard truths like the fact that at the end of the day? Truth is, subjective, and prone to outside influence from rash profiteers–who would even pimp the name and reputation of a deceased blind woman.

And, in the least, when harsh speculation is put forward–have respect for those who are/were vulnerable. Have YOU ever gone a day without the freedom that sigt brings? So sure, hate on Bruno–but, if the internet is to be believed(….) BRUNO IS DEAD TOO.

And whatever happened to my country anyways–are the mentally ill such a burden? Are they SUCH a task-are they TOO MUCH to bear upon you? Yeah-I thought so.

It also crossed my mind that Bruno was perhaps a handler of some kind–or that he was a cultist. If you research Bruno Marchesani, you WILL find that he committed suicide himself-apparently in the same year as that posting above.

You can look all thatup yourself–and if you don’t find what I found? The web got scrubbed, again. But I have’ hard copies to prove it (no time right now for the whole screencap, I am web nerd aproved B.S.).

But who can possibly disappear completely–from the web, and elsewhere–if not with a little help, from….? Yes, speculative. No, informed.

And, possibly, real. Rena died. But I am not yet convinced. I am wondering where her mother is–her father; if she is truly gone, they would know.

And, Bruno Marchesani was also apparently a minister whose business it was to create churches–for profit organizations that are not UNKNOWN to wreak havoc in people’s lives. The scenaro is plausible, but yes, not proven.

But please, leave Rena’s name out of it in your sordid narratives. I knew her a bit, and she doesn’t deserve that kind of loose talk. Imagine if her mother read what you wrote?

hard link below: I use hard links because often, as my writing is posted to wordpress, the federal prosecutors redirect it to Ireland, Canada, Sweden, or Great Britain (home of bad teeth, incestuous royal families, and, apparent 68 yar old pensioners who produce scat, rather than solid links)




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