Sometimes, you just need to move on. After all, the fish that got away is one we all have.

I mean-it isn’t always a fish that gets away–and we all have a story about how something we tried to trap, became free again, right?

For me, it was the damned coons.Errr: check that-it was cops.

Coons are relatively predictable–they follow a natural set of laws. Their routines, their habits and so forth are well documented–if someone wanted to parse all of the literature, one would find that indeed, raccoons are predictable.

But what about RABID raccoons, who have rabies? I mean–very little of the literature about raccoons documents the behavior of raccoons who have rabies–because most rabid raccoons get shot in the ear with a .22 bullet once they are seen to be rabid–it’s a precaution.

And then, they are turned over to the CDC or the local folk who disssect them, and their brains, and diagnose them as rabid, or not rabid.

That’s about it–very few people have ever been able to observe rabid coons for any length of time–and if they did, I would certainly appreciate a link!

But there isn’t one, I am sure of it. Most likely, no one found it important to document the behaviors of rabid coons for any length of time. Maybe, coon rabidity is under-appreciated as a topic of conversation.

but, if you are curious, here are a couple of them discussiing just that topic.

In raccoon language, of course.

I particularly advise you to skip to the bottom of the page, to this quote, and what came just before it:

  • ” Push, Push, Push ” – “Shove, Shove, Shove”Did you get a reaction, was it a rock n roll “King-Hit” ? One thing these rock n roll DOGS never counted on – “Defensive Reprisals”

    “and another rock n roll dog down, another one bites the dust – Push, Push, Push and another dog bites the dust, and another run
    down, another run down, and another grand standing wind up bites the dust, Dump, Dump, Dump and another one gone blown
    apart… (Variation on a “Queen” number… “Queen Hits”, not unlike “King Hits”…Ha, Ha –

    One day they will realize it just isn’t worth DYING for, the ‘Art’ of climbing all over the spirit of another human being, thought
    molestation, ritual abuse, psychological terror – these gig pigs call it rock and roll, then out come the base ball bats – for a little
    behavior modifications, so they ‘KNOW’ – then where their headache originates from and why the medication doesn’t do anything for
    the ‘Natural Phenomenon’

    Watch Out who you dump all over, to get to the top (of the pops) You might get the shit kicked out of you, on the way down…

    Comment by Robert — July 31, 2014 @ 3:50 pm

Original link:

And then, note my post here.

Apparently, Queen has regained popularity with the pimple faced gamer set–and their young, testosterone charged inbred cop sycophants–or something like that.

Maybe, the page that I got that link from–that page, which somehow just appeared on my screen tonight, all by itself–just maybe, I am delusional.

Or, They win.

A whole bunch of queens, if you ask me. These two are like a circle jerk of Queen love. Two lovebirds, baseball-batting each others eyes out, while the queens look in on them once in awhile, and then, close the door, because what is going on out there is, well, kind of gross, and violent.

And no queen wants her fingerprints on that sort of sordid activity!

But I have been threatened with worse, I promise you. And you know what else, piggy? A baseball bat just might improve your hindsight–if you get it in your occipital with the aid and assistance of a fireballer.

See how it works lil’ pig? You can blow my house apart anytime–it’s what you’re trained for, right?

But you, too, will live forever! Isn’t that salvation after all? You too, are your own kind of demented reality–but yours, my lil’ pig in my pen, is one where YOU are bashing people up with bats.

And mine? Just spectatin’ like the rest of the futures readers.

Up the IRA, you orange pigs.

(Smiley Face Here.)




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