Turns out it was a homicide.

Isn’t it odd, how perception is formed by momentuous mistakes of perception? How, in one moment, ones convictions–based on ones preconceptions, and also, based upon the propaganda that one imbibes–isn’t it odd how often we are wrong about things we see, or thought we saw?

Dead wrong, many times. I am sure guilty of that for reasons I won’t go in to right now.

But last night, I thought I witnessed a rape, when in fact, it was a homicide. I though I witnessed a smaller, diminutive female, being raped at the head of my pond by a larger, aggressive male.

I am a product of my culture–and we are all rapeagandized–propagandized to believe that rape of women happens in far greater numbers than other acts of crime upon the bodies of persons.

And, as the title of that article can show you, I implicated myself by merely being there, by not ‘doing something’ heroic to stop the act–that act, which I thought was a rape in progress, and by subsidiary thought, and by my training as a hero, I thought I should have done something–anything–to prevent a sx act between mammals.

And then, that act, which I then justified to myself as likely the way that raccoons make whoopie–I told myself that probably, racoon sex is rough like that.

Why? Because Some scientists, and other morons with political agendas, posit that all acts of sex between mammals are essentially rape.

And, these morons with their theories, apparently fail to note that the basic chromosomal makeup of mammals is not one where males have an EXTRA chromosome, the Y, whereas women are ‘stuck with two x’s’–no, no–in fact, males are merely an X and a half, to women’s two x’s–does that make sense?

Put another way, look at this chart:

1)X, X

2) X, Y

Does that help? If you look, really really hard, in plain English, males are missing a leg, whereas females have four of them, making women more complete four legged mammals. Put another way, this is why we always presume rape, or sexual motive in acts of violence–because the very rhetoric of rapeology posits that three legged animals have more power.

I know–I am laughing too. HAhahahahaha.

But it is the nature predatory beasts to prey on the weak–and the rhetoric of rape, is, well, just another form of predation; and that, upon the three legged members of the species (that is NOT a fish world joke, but if you think about it long enough, you might find some humor. As a fish, with no legs, the only thing on my body that even LOOKS like a leg, is a long, golden turd that follows me around for about forty percent of my daily activity. I don’t even have hands to scrape the turd off!).

Well, anyways-THIS: 1)


Small, male raccoon, killed by my pond last night, while his sister was locked in my trap. In human terms, it was an amazing wake up call for me– the whole event was one that I saw through one set of presumptions, that were entirely flawed. Note, the beautiful structure of his little hands. Even in death, his little hands are more lovely than the strangling, neck biting murderer that killed him. Can you guess why? See picture number four.

And this: 2)


The sister of the murdered young male above, caught in my trap. I hate breaking families up–especially when it leaves one out alone, where it gets murdered, before its life even gets it’s feet wet.

And this: 3)

Coon Homicide

I posted this last night, but failed completely to understand the actual picture–my biases, my presumptions, and my cultural training got in the way of preventing, or at least properly observing a crime scene! Maybe, everyone should revisit old crime scene photos, and look harder at what is sitting there right in your face. But here, in the upper right, as I described it last night, is the body of a freshly murdered raccoon, circled in red. I find that often, in the light of day? Things that I was so thoroughly convinced of–and things that I spoke of to others–are often dead wrong. almost as if, my search for truth is one big fishing expedition. And, no goldfish were harmed while making this picture.

And finally, this–the face of a killer, who I had falsely assumed was a rapist:


Now I know I am even MORE right in my cultural presumptions–bad thoughts lead to sex, sex leads to rape, rape leads to murder, which leads to–well, what else is worse than murder?

Oh! I have an idea–thoughts are probably the worst thing one can do, especially if ones thoughts are about the conflation of crime statistics with social engineering schemas, with intergenerational social control.

Yup–that’s the atomic no-no. Never, ever do the thinking, unless you are paid for it–and on our team! Otherwise, we have plans for you….

Here is a snapshot–see if you can see what I saw (hehehe–another fish world joke. WE swim around in our bubbles all day just wishing–just once! That we could do things that are done in your world–like playing on a see saw, and so forth–we have lots of jokes like that down here, because there are no see saws in our world).

But–can you see what I saw, here( and also in picture number 2)

the rebar had to have been provided by the brother

What is significant about this picture? Is there a cheap, red white and yellow chinese soup bowl, full of surprises sitting on a desk in the background? A strange, low emissions wireless detector? HOw about a camera, disguised as a broken television antenna?? No? Keep looking–but this is a big clue to something valuable–an insight that I have never had certainly, about raccoons, who for all practical purposes are entrapped…

Well–did you spot it yet? I will keep you waiting then. Because the clue is not material, it is visceral. It is alive, and it is quite surprisingly human.And only I would know what that clue is–my mind is a map, and it is full of things that surprise me sometimes.

I have been told, too, that it surprises others as well, sometimes, when we look at pictures of crime scenes, like this one.



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