Well neither of us will wait much longer–they say that a good story tells itself, an me? I am just the medium.

About me: medium weight, medium height, medium looks, and so forth. And, I am a coward, which puts me directly in the 100 percentile of being an American.

Because Americans do their dirty work together, and then, look back all self righteously, shrug their shoulders and say ‘sure, we tortured a few people, get over it. Our survival as a nation depends upon genetically engineering a raceless race of people who actually fall for the ticking time bomb scenario, EVERYTIME, as opposed to just once or twice.’

Get over it, and get over it twice if you are a soft touch target.

Get over it.

Interestingly, a cultural observer could in all likelihood guess that Obama is from Chicago, because, in Chicago, torture has been the routine for each and every police investigation for the entire history of Chicago.

So, get over it. After all, Chicago is the nations forced confession capital of America–do you hear that Rahm? Get over it, he says.

And here too:


I can’t wait to begin clawing through the piles of data, memos, and other crap that made it o.k. for other agencies to employ/deploy this hydra of soft touch torture via local state and federal agencies against ‘soft touch targets.’

Yeah–soft, like a baseball bat when I finally get up to the plate. Because I have seen the way you pitched your game, and herein, I merely mislead you as to what my best swing feels like.

And ladies? Wear your jock straps–your beloved men folk might want to sniff ’em later.

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