Just a glimpse of how bizarre–how schizophrenically bizarre, investigations in Mamasota can become.

The Jordan, Mamasota scandal had law enfarcers and their klans of accessory scandal engineers feeding children tall tales of murder, and ritual abuse.

I caught them in the act, perpetrating even more lies and family disembowelment, ten years after this scandal–but I alone am not enough to stop them perpetrating such things again-and again, and again, and again.

I need help–and lots of it, to defeat this idea that somehow, fathers leave their children. That fathers abuse their children. Bothe of these things are patent lies.

And, alone, I am just one person.

But, with others who recognize the imperatives, I am not alone any more.

Because, the ticking time bomb scenario that they plant at your door? It does go off, trust me–and few ever realize that just because it is at your door? It was planted there, to confuse you–to disorient you–to discredit your narrative.

That you didn’t create it is a given–but that you must bear the by product of what they gave you because of it? Scandalously inapropriate–and patently, aginst the law.

And them? Despite their corruptionns of narrative–despite their manipulation of evidence (which, these days, they take decades to do) They skate, along a thin, bluish to grey line–a blue line, muddied by their presence.

Or: God bless the union–the Union, married to the terms and tactics of the KKK and the dear old South.

Or local DA, in Mamasota, all snuggled up on the asses of law enfarcement, directed against the poor, the disenfranchised, and the weak.

The weak. Renate Vettleson was “weak.” Where were you exactly, then? Huh? Where are you now?

Yeah–but you might take note–this is an advance warning–but I hear the pathological narcissists check their names on Google–and even have their Google plus settings on “alert” every time their name comes up in a news feature, or other posting.

So, be careful-you wouldn’t be the first to step in to that trap–that trap of self-aggrandizing navel gazing–the need to ‘control’ what is said about yourself, and the cronies you are in bed with. And that trap set by recrods that Google holds dear-records of access and interest–records that make you, too, out to be a self promoting, self aggrandizing, window ledge slobbering moron.

Subpoenas are a two way street-so, you and yours be forewarned. And those of you as I have yet to name-that I have, as yet access to the names of? Be forewarned that the internet does NOT live forever–at least, here in America.

But I promise you–it does live forever in countries where you cannot buy patronage-nor scrub your own internet searches, internet vanity peeks and so forth. The internet–as you know it–is not 100% under your control. In fact, ask my colleague in Beijing, China-but you guys look kind of namby pamby right now.

And how do I know that anyways? After all-you p*wned my connection-right? Tor has been broken for five years; your presence is observable in most transactions wherein you exploit the NS sanctioned vulnerability of locaity, versus internationality–“time and time and time again–are you seriously that overpaid–that unproductive?

But–believe it or not, every signal that says ” lawful intercept,” is in fact a flagged communication by itself, sure, you are in ‘control’–but that flag signals others as well–signals others that certain connections need protection–FROM YOU!

And, I personally have a gripe: I imagine that lawful trade has been interrupted by such nefariously flagged communications–God bless the law!

But you have yet to imagine the international trade and copyright infringement lawsuits that you, yourselves created by breaking the law.Not my case at all–I have been watchinh you and yours eat from that poisonous dish for nearly a decade (since 2005).

YUm, Yum.

I await my portion…

Did you think I was alone? Yeah-I dare you to shoot me in the back, just one more time;-)

You will pay for that, AGAIN, and again, and again. Only cowards would even think such things were acceptable. And, as we both know now?

I am NOT alone here. MY dear chaste maiden is Wireshark! And her friends, o


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