“Nobody talks, everybody walks.”

Is Mamasota’s answer to ‘don’t ask, don’t tell,’ but, with law enfarcers distributing drugs.

And that, for their own sordid, vicarious thrills–with the assistance of the local DA, a co-conspirator to drug distribution–and more, lots more.

What is law enfarcement, anyways? And why should you care? Because, enfarcing laws, rather than enforcing them is against the law–until you can catch them doing it–whereby it becomes an actionable offense against the citizenry.

And, to catch these types of coons, takes lots of time–lots of personal resources, and LOTS of time.

‘I have been at it since they handed me an envelope, back in 1997-8, and even then?

It’s tough to catch them at the head of the pond–because sometimes what I see isn’t ‘what I see,’ and so forth.

They depend upon that–and, depend FROM that, every time they enfarce the law of the land.

So–one must learn to trap, because trapping, is indeed an art-and far the better to catch big fish, in their OWN back yards. Oh–you hadn’t thought about that? I guess you need to call Washington again.



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