Did I mention cowardly? You, I mean.

Killing cigarette vendors? And then arresting the man who filmed police while they killed a cigarette vendor??

I bet the girls would get their panties all wet if such things happened to other cigarette vendors:

One of the most impossible sentiments that a human being can express in a purportedly “free society,” is sentiment that contradicts the prevailing mantras of ‘the good, and the bad people.”

When I say “impossible”I do not mean that one cannot express the sentiment that contradicts the narrative of good and evil, us versus them, good guys versus bad guys; what I mean is that such sentiments, spoken to prophetically, or too realistically, or those opinions that are unsubsidized in any way by official media and official source journalism will pay dearly for speaking truth to power.

What I mean is that, those who take unapologetic stances against the narratives of power WILL and DO and CAN inevitably become little more than talked about in yesterdays news as ‘people who should have shut up-people who should have known better,” than to contradict the official narratives of power.

Because, for most of us who would even consider intruding upon those privileged, secretly maintained, secretly enforced, and socially sanctified narratives–we have been blackened beyond repair, before we were officially broken.

Here is one of the best cases I could make for that: a man was recently murdered in New York, USA, by police. His crime? Officially, he was selling cigarettes, untaxed.

Stop and think about that for a minute: His crime? Trying to make a living, AFTER the oficial narratives had blackened him to the point wherein the police felt they needed to do “whatever was necessary,” to subdue him, even if that ‘wutever’ meant strangling him to death with a chokehold.

Think about that–an official lynching, via mob action, via strangulation–for selling untaxed cigarettes in New York.

Are we THAT hungry, and THAT in debt to international bankers that we as a nation would tolerate such strangulation’s of men who sell untaxed cigarettes? MY opinion is yes on both–or, put another way–some are so hungry they would do anything to get their hands on power, at the expense of dead men–fathers whose crimes amount to subsistence level survival profiteering. They would sell or pimp their children, even, to get at that power.

But generally selling CIGARETTES, ONE AT A TIME endangers fewer people. And, cigarette vending has a long and treasured history in the older, more free American iconography.

In fact, Rosy the riveter–that standard feminist trope; that icon to the subservience of the feminist narrative to international war profiteers–Rosy had a counterpart, who, we could say, had more independent inclinations than ol’ Rosy. Rosy, as she was, was in fact a tool, just like so many dead men.

But Cigarete girls? They made independent money–and they served the USO’s of America as well.

What about them?


Maybe some of the power hungry might remember these images? Because these images helped America overcome fascism; overcome Naziism; overcome racism and a bunch of other shitisms:

Do the girls get equally erotically charged when other images of other vendors hit the news?

Nope–when this cigarette vendor is strangled to death by New Yorks finest? Barely a peep out of old Rosy the riveter. She died two generations ago, and counting.

Apparently, he wasn’t scantily clad enough, or something to get women to take notice of the brutality that men face daily by America’s ‘finest.’ Probably, Rosy the riveter prefers men her do all the talking, and that talking in the bedroom, every time she cuts a deal with the police state.




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