Something I am working on, in case you are bored with the regular counter-intel: 13.055 STATE AGENCIES; DISCLOSURE OF BREACH IN SECURITY.

Yeah, just a story, about how I ended up being talked about in International Falls, Mamasota one year. I mean–really, who, in 2007, had any legitimate reason to do a license lookup of lil’ ol’ me?

The way that data travels–and the great exhorbitant expense which has  been spent by state and federal agencies who have manipulated the rules for decades, and subserviated lawful expectations to internationalist narratives of power is laughable–except, as in this case, when it is directed at me, a virtual homeless guy.

Which, now that we are on the topic of bread and butter, might cause others to wonder a bit about how official narratives get created in the first place.

I think, one answer is: illicit access to the powerless; access to the weak, and access–illegally, to the narrative of power itself.

But why, Oh why, Mamasota, did you look up my drivers license in International Falls a few years ago?

Oh, yeah, that’s right–because someone at the time was deploying illegal methods, and far fetched narratives to describe “me” to others in their covens of local and state power.

Because then, “I” defied your descriptors; and also, I was up your ass too, figuring out what Snowden has told us by now. Sure-I am guilty as hell, of intercepting the narratives that you chronically, incessantly, put in my path.

And, between the three of us? It is you, who were as wrong then as you are now. That IS really what this is about.

You were jousting at a snowman, while I was watching the waters melt, and watching, as well, how you dealt with it. Wondering why your types creat snowmen, just to bully later, and knock over.

And, watching how you create bogeymen, illegally, of course, just to warn other wolves that bogeymen exist. Did you think I was alone? Yes–your types prey upon loners, and other vulnerable people.

And, back then? I had found love–a woman who contradicts your narrative in every way. A woman who–as the record will show–was doing anything and EVERYTHING to get away from her husband, and abusive cop from a foreign country, and telling me that she was in love for the first time.

Which is neither here nor there, right? Because what concerns me in the here and now? Is why did YOU perform an illegal name search of my drivers license, SEVEN years ago? And, when I say you–and others WILL agree that you are one and the same, one endless, synced interruption into the life of a person after another-

And: between you and me, right? The answer is at city hall-and that answer will be interesting indeed, when she is subpoenaed. And she is not the she you think she is;-)

After all-what story is ever worth reading, unless there exist actual heroines–actual women who know and speak the truth, and nothing BUT the truth? Well, maybe, just maybe you have corrupted her–but last time I checked in–2012–you had not vetted her out of the roster.

And that, I think, is a god thing. Wouldn’t you agree?

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