So-what did I learn tonight? After all–the internet is an educational medium. And me? Just an interpreter

Yeah–I apologize in advance that I cannot understand your world much at all–in fish world, we rarely kill our own species like you do.


In fish world, we are aware–quite aware, actually, of those who were not invited into our world, observing us anyways. Your first clue–the clue that tells us when you are their, with your fat, leering, piggish faces The clue is this: from the inside of our bubbles, looking out, your fat faces appear smaller than they actually are! which is why we notice you to begin with;-) All smiles now! Just me, and my happy happy smiles..:-);-)

And–what did Renate do to deserve you people in her life anyways? Well, we’ll see (fish world joke;-))

But you will pay for that–really, you will, you little underminers–you cowardly little , um….cowards.You know who you are.

BUT: what I really, really learned tonight? yeah– I learned that my traps are better than your traps. My traps are far more attractive to household pests than you are, or your traps. Maybe, I am just an old trapper–and you? YOU? Pathetic. In every way, from your inadequate methodology to your reliance upon out-of-the-box technology.

And believe me–you smell real bad, but not as smelly as Chinese vinegar in a wine bottle.

Here-have a look yourself:


If one could choose the trap that one sets for fruit flies-never, EVER choose the plastic ball that is sold over the counter at big box stores (left side)! Always–always default to home- made wine bottle traps with vinegar. My favorite combination is Yellow Tail Pinot Grigiot, plus Zheng Gang Chinese vinegar. The bottle has a nice shape, and an even more desirable neck–and the dark, black vinegar proves irresistible to little flies–and, moths who only fly at night! Something in Chinese vinegar just attracts pesky little, diminutive fruit flies. Fruit flies, those little, pathetic pests, always trying to nibble on my banana! Always ready to eat my left-overs! And, by the hundreds, drowned in my trap.

The Big Box store trap fails on every single occurrence;-) If the belly of my bottle were weighed against how many (how few, really) flies are caught in each trap? My bottle is the king of bottles–and my vinegar? Makes that shit that oozes from your mommas cunny look a bit like you–a little smelly snot, dropped somewhat haphazardly, on a tissue, and then, thrown into a toilet out of heat.

Which, of course, is where people like you belong. I will see to it;-)

Why AM I smiling so much these days, anyways? Was it that drop at the lake? Or was it that drop at the POND?

Smiling, smiling, smiling.;-);-);-)

Heheheheheheheheheheeheh. ANd NghaaaiIIIaaiaIIII!!

Please, stop, your tickling my balls! Your nuzzle is so delicate–your intentions, so intent! Come out, come out already, ball nuzzlers! I can see you, even in the dark;-)

Here is a closeup of the action, anyways–all those flies, Wiresharked, screencapped, and otherwise documented over these last few years.

–I know, you can’t help yourself, right? It’s in your nature to flock to a bottle full of smelly vinegar;-) You little pests…sorry I killed off al of your nasty little eggs that floated to the top of my toilet bowl over these years;-( Sad Sad Sad when your little eggs don’t hatch;-(


All of those dark spots are DEAD fruit flies. Dead, dead dead. They couldn’t help themselves but get caught in Chinese vinegar, trapped in an Italian wine bottle–and that wine in the bottle? Yeah–a fake–distilled in AUSTRALIA!!! What the hell do the five eyes know about GOOD WINE, anyways? Nothing, actually. But those pathetic little flies who circle around my banana? Priceless-priceless little DEAD flies.


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