Yeah-it’s tough, this life. AND, living forever? I feel that, in the worst of ways.

I didn’t ask to be 100 years old. Nor, did I ask to be one thousand.

Who wants to grow old? Well, apparently, some do.

Here is a selection of those who are vying for eternity.

Try not to laugh:

And these are just a few of those who chip away at reason; who attack common sense; and who for all practical purposes appear to be, welll, you decide, what they are. die

But in my book? Yeah–these kinds of people are causing others to commit suicide, to leave their homes, and to otherwise lose place in the world.

A certain social worker is on notice–that these people are perpetuating bad things.

AND, what they perpetuate is a war against reason; a war against safety, and a war against individuality, and that, through the lens of narratives that contradict the official channel

Put another way–these three sites are inciting suicide, and doting other bad things that would be considered unconscionable, if they weren’t in sync with police and state covert iniatives to do exactly what I say they are doing.

And, what they are doing? It is akin to killing witnesses to state crimes. Maybe, then, it’s “for the children!!!!!!!!!!”


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