The parable of the poisoned narrative. The UNited States of America Federal Poisoning Program.

In reality, where you live, and quite possibly, someone in your own family, is being murdered by, or otherwise illegally harmed by local state or federal government agencies, right here in America, as you read this.

How do I know that? Well, because the history of our ‘great nation,’ is written in this weird code called John Stuart Mill, Jeremy Bentham, and a few other weird old dudes whose ideas were like missiles, directed at the what they and theirs called the “tyranny of the masses,” and other democratic ideals that are held dear at the grassroots level.

these guys, and several others from their era claimed that whatever does the greatest good for the greatest number is the morally ‘RIGHT’ thing to do.

Jeremy Bentham had himself mummified.  Apparently, becoming a mummy is the right thing to do-especially in America! Mummy’s are loved even more than living, breathing duddy’s! And, especially, as is/was the case with Bentham-your own body is more important, and deserves better mummification than bodies that you kill or oppress.

If you have a minute today? Research the head, at the foot of Benthams mummy. And that head, dis-embodied, in the narrative.


AND: Bentham gave us the prototype of a system of control that defies democracy-that spits in the eyes of fair treatment, or Constitutional protections;and that negates human rights: he gave us the Panopticon, a prison system wherein the oppressor can look in, but they oppressed cannot look out, any further than the oppressor would allow them to.

Or, the internet, and the Prison Corporation of America, doin’ bidness, all day long, in conspiracy against the rights of ‘man’.

The greater good for the greater number is sucH  is such a flawed statement that I don’t Have another lifetime to think about it. It has its purposes, especially when herding animals, or fighting ebola, or curing cancer, which, despite the billions of dollars that Americans have thrown at finding a cure for cancer? No cure is in sight.

Apparently, the doctors are too busy with enabling the gate-keeping of the narrative–not to mention paying the mortgages on their million dollar homes, and participating in the liberation of Israel–AGAIN, and AGAIN, and AGAIn, as they subvert democracy all over the middle east (doctors without borders? HAHAHAHAHAHA No such thing…) to speak up about the fraud that is the fight against cancer in America. Maybe, breasts get in the way of their ability to focus on actual cures, rather than  the panacea of prolonging the lives of women whose husbands died from Agent Orange, or a host of other toxic chemicals that are class action worthy, and rarely reported in mainstream press).

But seldom does that higher panoptical, and high minded ideal and purpose protect or serve those who you know and love, right there in your American home.

BTW–how’s your mummy anyways? Hope she is doing alright since your duddy died–from cancer, or some other disease that could have been cured in the last century.

Oh–a disclaimer: I am not writing to you, the person who pushes the button every time you are TOLD to push the button. No, I am talking directly to that less-than-thirty-percent of people who DON’T push the button, every time they are told to push that button.

Here is a glimpse of the 1920’s in America, when government agents were actively participating in the murder–the outright MURDER of American citizens who they deemed to be murderable”

“Frustrated that people continued to consume so much alcohol even after it was banned, federal officials had decided to try a different kind of enforcement. They ordered the poisoning of industrial alcohols manufactured in the United States, products regularly stolen by bootleggers and resold as drinkable spirits. The idea was to scare people into giving up illicit drinking. Instead, by the time Prohibition ended in 1933, the federal poisoning program, by some estimates, had killed at least 10,000 people.”

So, that should clear the room a bit for this parable to spin itself out. The Federal Poisoning Program. Makes you wonder what they are poisoning now, huh? Think big: like–INTERNET big. And then, some.

So: One of the slick, oily, Nixonian residues of our century and the last is that Americans are afraid to confront power, to its face.

Americans are cowering, daily, and selling each other for pocket change in order to cash in on the latest crazes in ‘moral campaigning,” and “fear mongering,” because no one wants to be the guy with the yoke on his/her neck, being pilloried in the public eye.

Nobody likes rotten eggs in the face, or in the elevator, where fear is at its tantamount, especially for entitled white feminists who dread the closing of the elevator door almost as much as they dread the opening of it, and the realization that they are nothing but empty vessels in transit…

Oh, I think I jumped a rail there-back to the parable: one of the slick, oily residues that has pushed America to the slippery slope of killing the children of other nations for the  sake of cheaper gas is the narrative of pre-emptive war.

America’s hunger-hungry, hungry, hungry America is at its wits end. They have watched the horror that is England, and winced, feeling the Queen in their stomachs like bad sushi. Americans have winced, realizing as they have, that the international war-debt has transferred FROM imperialist England, TO Interventionist America, and they are shitting like dogs every time they wonder what they ate.

Nasty corpses like Dianne Feinstein, the Bush Klan, and even Obama readily and daily pimp the arms race on domestic soil, via programs and policies that shit like calf scours all over the constitution, and they do so because they know what the Great BeeHive of English Matriarchy knew in the last century–‘if we don’t figure out a way to pay up, we will be the next intervened upon nation. AND, once that happens, we will lose our privileges, and our Fabian advantage.’

Oops.. Fabians, again, I digress–that damned interventionist narrative intrudes upon my parable, again…

Well, anyways, this: American government and their early century moral campaigns would stop at NOTHING to get their point across. AND that point was this:

Dearest Americans:

We write today in order to bring you up to date about our latest social program that is in the interests of society at large, but especially, in the interests of the children that you hold dear.

So, please, do not ask questions; do not contradict our narrative; and especially, just shut the hell up, and teach your children to shut the hell up, about our means and methods of social control–and you will stay living, which means we won’t kill you.

But, to the rest of the people–especially those who watch us put poison into your wells of joy; your wells of excess or your wells of alternative social protest, or anime (oops: anome’), be reminded that we will kill you to death, while others watch.

AND, we will likely get away with it.

Why? See the first part of this letter, the part about keeping your mouth shut.

Or else.


J.Edgar Hoover’s ass mate in command

by order of the Congreff, and a bunch of other folkf, like Dianne Feinftein, et. al.

Really–that IS the parable. Except, it is not a parable.It really really is the way things work in America.

No different than any totalitarian regime; no different than any nation like Russia, where the ‘president’ gets elected for decades at a time without opposition (or, the oppositions gets jailed before the election–hmmm, the election..); no different than China with its billions of people and a government that requires good citizens to just shut up, and pay of the right people (pardon me, **@)–it is government, but with more cash right now to create the illusion of democracy (did you ever wonder why we have a democracy? It is because we spend billions every year to subvert democracy elsewhere, so in essence, democracy really is actually brutality dispersed through interventionist policy.)

The United States Government, via its security agencies and other local paramilitaries, has been murdering United States citizens directly-and by directly, I mean, every day, as a matter of business, and as a matter of theoretical ‘right’ or ‘imperative’ to do so.

So, ‘silence’ truly is golden; it has a direct monetary reward attached. And it has a treble value: see no evil, hear no evil, and especially, say no evil.

Or, America, for Americans, whatever that means–but I think you can figure it out.


By poisoning the well. AND: by entrapping, ensnaring, and utterly abusing the very essence of freedom–which is, for the unwashed, PRIVACY, of the ordinary person.

Or: Panopticon, with the ever penitent lower class, lower caste, lower tier (most likely, and most statistically likely to be male) prisoner begging for freedom from the unnapproachable face of the well heeled, morally bankrupt, law subverting and sadistic oppressor.

image of the Panopticon


Oh, well, that wasn’t a parable at all, you deceptive fountain! That was the truth, all over your own generations. I promise you.


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