Do I want my sister, mother, daughter, aunt, lover, wife, or other be raped?

Of course not. What a RIDICULOUS question to even ask a person in a theoretically democratic society. Yet it is the question that is implicit in every funding drive, in every state initiative that purports to speak about ‘safety’.

It is the new “Do you beat your wife? Do you rape your dog?” kind of question.

These questions, are gun-sights, aimed at your head every time the multi-headed hydra’s of state and national policing seek more funding.

And, especially, I want extra protection for my daughter. The problem IS however, that multi-headed, and nefarious animals that delineate the boundaries of ‘protection’ are too fat, too lazy, and too incestuously tied to National programs of police and agency depended funding to even know the LAW, much less read it.

They are too imbibed with notions of HEROISM to ever get off their fat asses and actually read the laws, much less enforce them; they are tied like twigs to a chain of reaction: birth, nipple, sale barn, slaughterhouse number 5.

And the cycle repeats itself only because the SOWS in the crowd never meet the slaughterhouse; the cycle repeats itself because the narrative if FIXED, like a fetish object, in the brains of the enfarcers.

WE–such a concept is hard to define, or delineate ‘we the people’ are so easily manipulated through fear OF the state–fear OF state mechanisms of power that are all too ready to turn against individuals–but here, and in the link below is a video of a cowering man beaten by a woman. It is one variation of police state pornography, where the woman acts as substitute for the police power structure.

A we know from the recent Indian narrative*  that the man is “bad”–likely sexually assaulted a woman–” or, most likely talked UP to power–as all of Indian society is a power narrative, and women in the upper castes have that power over all others from lower castes.

India at most levels is a caste system, based upon fertility cults, and social stratification of class/and power, like the United States of America. At the lowest levels, great poverty and mindsets of poverty ecan and frequently do enable horrific acts like gang rapes, and so forth.

Much lesser known, however, is that as women get raped–and the western societies pander to that rape anxiety–boys are the primary work slaves AND sex slaves of these tiered societies. And that never gets any press.

Either way you wanna have at it?

The video shows a woman, pursuing, beating, and dehumanizing a man who never once fights back–that IS all the video shows.

So, if rapeology is a crucial part of the democratic ideal–this type of behavior would cast the woman as a criminal, and that man–that man who, perhaps attempted to talk dirty to that woman–that man coul very likely have been trying to break free of his own personal fear–a fear of being forever a servant to the upper caste woman.

Either way, the video shows a misdemeanor crime of a woman, harassing a man.

And there is no way–no law, no policy, no police infrastructure that in any westernized/westernizing land that protects men from assaults by upper caste women; or the bullying that can take place in societies where birthing and fertility cults are subsidized by state powers that favor the narrative of blameless women over innocent men.


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