Slow, like a snail is good–but also, posibly, unconstitutional in many ways.

Torture works too (not). All the evidence contradicts that, with a few glaring exceptions.

But what IS torture>?  It is a case that has not yet been made completely, but, I believe, can be made.

So anyways: today I am a tiny little snail, in a glass bubble. My neighbors moved out, and the big glass bubble next to mine is empty, except for fauna, and greenish algae.

And, I remember the day they left–they floated right to the top of the bubble, and waited their until the blue net came to take them to a better place. A whole family, moved on.

They left behind a bottle of “Algae Control,” whatever that is. I hope they come back to get it, or at least, move it closer to the light source, so I could have more shade.


And I hope that whoever it was who kept poking their face alongside their bubble stops coming around, because it sure disrupted the neighborhood.

My neighbor on the other side had her door kicked in, at the same time that those strange, pudgy, round faces were looking in my neighbors bubble. She had to have it replaced. Is there anyone out there in your world who monitors those sorts of things?

Apparently not–too busy looking into our bubbles all the time.

And my neighbor on the other side had to put up a fence, because of all the traffic through her yard, and over her fences. It was odd, how many people were affected by those big round faces.


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