Do you ever wonder about the boy in the box? No? I think about him sometimes.

And I sigh, sadly, this is the fate of boys in a vagina focusednation. Inevitable greusome death at the hands of those who pervert human nature.

In lieu of thta sad death? Complicity in the redirection of the narrative of power that so easily genderizes and cauterizes the human impulse to speak truth, to power.

Have you ever heard the story about the boy, in the box? No? Maybe you slayther over all of those other news stories a bit much–like ‘hot’ looking teachers who molest their teen male students; maybe you are too busy solving murders and molestations of young girls all over America–or chasing the possibility that such things occur, at greater rates than the bullying, and the brutality directed at young males?

What is it in YOU that perpetuates the narative? My guess is that you are programmed to do so. That you have only the black and white schemas clouding your objectivity.

Well it was in the news just the other day–the story of the boy in the box.

Again, the murder of a young boy has gone unsolved for decades and more-but I bet you never heard about him.

That’s o.k.–it’s not your fault. It’s not your fault that Americans are hyper focused on hypothetical harm that COULD, or MIGHT, or in all likelihood–maybe would-come to women, if you and yours weren’t such dosh garned heros all the time( yes, I said dosh garned–I don’t want to offend Jebus, or Aunt Bea with swear words!)

But boys, and the harm that comes to them? NOt a top priority in America. Boys are disposable, like garbage.  And, theyare targets of state predation at every level.

Here have a look yourself–this boy was tossed out of a car trunk, like an old tire, or a bag of paint buckets alongside a road one day–it really is quite a story. He was in a cardboard box, wrapped in a cheap novelty “Indian” blanket. And I bet, no one at the time thought to swab him for saliva, much less worked from a profile that was actual to life, rather than hypothetical to the politics of the time.

And, he had a concentration camp haircut–at the same time America was welcoming Nazi’s into its folds via Operation Paperclip. Not that my own interpretation of that haircut is relevant, other than to say that I think the cut mirrors what military drill sergeants wore in that era, and even today:

In a better world, one could suggest that incidents like these are top priorities for law enforcement–but as the Jerry Sandusky thing spun out, we saw that in all likelihood, at some level, the police and other law enforcers, working hand in hand with other institutions, are complicit in these activities.

Like Jacob Wetterling, and many others most probably, or, as you suggested days ago, the Smiley faced killer/s–some crimes, particularly those perpetrated against boys and young men, go unreported, or unsolved–because the police are involved, not the other way around.

And, as we also often see, when someone blows the whistle on cops–more cops show up to ram that whistle down the whistlers throat.

Here is one example, from tonight, on this computer that I write from–take note of hop number 11, as this will be important at a later date:


Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1     3 ms     2 ms     2 ms  192.168.xxxxxx
2   136 ms   109 ms   111 ms
3   116 ms   119 ms   118 ms
4   126 ms   118 ms   131 ms
5   128 ms   109 ms   108 ms
6   130 ms   115 ms   126 ms
7   132 ms   120 ms   117 ms []

8   128 ms   118 ms    97 ms []
9   102 ms   115 ms   117 ms []

10   129 ms   118 ms   117 ms []
 11   172 ms   166 ms   143 ms []
12     *      178 ms   145 ms []
13   791 ms   148 ms   166 ms []

Trace complete.


You don’t have to believe me that the internet has cancer, or that people die or are otherwise harmed when our own government directs poisonous resources at us–because myself and others knew that what you see today at hop #11 was in fact an NSA redirected switching post.

I will demonstrate that later-as for now, the evidence of that particular is not in my hands-nor have I ever seen a warrant that allows anyone else to keep it in their hands, but for now, the issue of credibility is important in some regard, so, ask this guy, from this weeks news if what I say above about whistles isn’t in fact, true indeed:

Oooops. Wrong guy. This guy in the picture, Eric Garner, the impresively strong and substantial black man in the left of the picture was murdered by the NYPD last week. This photo is of his final breaths of life. He was strangled to death while cops jumped all over him like rabid raccoons. His ‘crime?’ Selling cigarettes on the street. So he can’t tell you anything. Strange, that American narrative–in one generation, comely women earned their living pimping cancer in USO’s, theaters, bars, and night clubs all over the world, and seldom were they murdered by the NYPD.

Well, this guy can tel you the price he paid for filming the murder of Eric Garner in New York–and, he can tell you how quickly the police defaulted to the old trope of framing him on a gun charge–while filming his arrest!

Yeah–see what happens when you try to protect yourself without guns? They film YOU, for filming THEM, as they murder people, and then spend their time afterwards framing a narrative wherein YOU are the bad guy, see here??!!

Because why? Yeah, you guessed it: because YOU are in their files somewhere! And it ain’t pretty!!!!!

I have endured that sort of blackmail for decades, and counting. This is the social blackmail that goes on across America every day.

Tell me, just one more time about the evils of Chinese Communist poice mechanisms? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Or the Russian Bear, rearing it’s head up Khodarovsky’s ass? HAHAHAHAHAHA.

And banana republics and fruit flies? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

They have nothing on American law enfarcers framing of narratives, or suspects, believe me;-)

So, anyways–here is a short story about a fellow who had his own whistle shoved down his throat after he gave the world video of cops using illegal tactics to murder a man:

Ramsey Orta, Man Who Filmed Eric Garner’s Chokehold Death, Arrested On Weapons Charges

What could I ever say about that? After all, I am in a timewarp, and I feel like a real Kuhnley sometimes–a coward who doesn’t have the cajone’s to do the right thing–I am defective, and slow to act.

Yet, I am quite aware that those who have the most to hide, prosecute, persecute, and arrest those who film them breaking the law. And US? How can we fight, with no weapons?

I give you my body to consume–in all of it’s out of shape, flabby crevices and cracks–I give you my smelly ass crack–so sniff away! And get it on film.

This is a really important aspect of modern framing: get it on film, so that you can use media to frame your narratives. Not that you haven’t already–but get it BETTER next time–after all, the constitution deserves better, don’t you think?

And, too, any jury that you bring hat shit before–I think they deserve the whole narative-from both sides of your lenses, and mine.

I may be just one fish in a bubble, but gosh darn it, the people deserve their petting zoos!


AFTERWORD: As I wrote this I got “cookied”. What does that mean? Well, unknown programs began to install themselves as a ZICO ad for coconut water appeared on my screen.

It’s like pie in your face, but with the added benefit that some turd down at the “library” of the NSA got paid to corrupt an evidentiary chain of computer commands on my computer that could, at a later date, indicate that I for some reason or another, just needed info about coconut water;-)

AND, that cookie placement? It uses select criteria to stea information–while skipping other information entirely.

I am not making this up! The clowns are at it full time, via Tinet and Tiscali!

But this time, like many before, they are using raccoon masks of subterfuge, and planting bulbs, rather than stealing them;-) And all of this, mind you, within the backdrop of a ‘Windows update’ exploit that took over my entire system!

How do I know that? Well, you’ll see, eventually, Demos–but for now, suffice to say that they have a record of it, and that record is indisputable.


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