Oh, yeah: the record will show that I have NEVER read the referenced article. But, yeah, I am right indeed–the good old Akamai ‘keep alive’on 23.xx.xx.xx ;-)

My simplest post EVER! ALMOST word free! So, take this post into account according to everything else I have written thus far in this and other blogs I have written–you too, will find the pattern;-)

BUt, Wireshark for thre better part of the last decade has been picking up this Akamai exploit /cookie/s, at 23.XX.XX.XX.

And, I knew since 2007 what this cookie was.

“I would like to call your attention to a possible NetRange of Akamai Technologies IP addresses possibly controlled by/affiliated with NSA that does not appear on your lists.http://cryptome.org/2014/08/akamai-nsa.htm”

AFTERWORD: shit. Like a blast from the past–it seems I wasn’t the only one who found the Cryptome release of 2007 reliable (as your records will demonstrate for me)–so what to make of our last half decade of interaction then?

Yeah–I have an idea, but I won’t tell you until we are in the proper forum–and that, with you exposed as you have invaded and attempted top expos me–digging in my ass crack, picking my nose, and a whole sordid bunch of other stuff.



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