Democracy, impaled by the deep state, impaling itself, 101.

Hope you are enjoying the RIP show, a break from our usual fare.

Is the audio o.k.? Let me know, I can turn it up for you-I know your subversion center has lots of background noise.

Tonight RIP, Robin, inventor of the Ford Colon, the shit powered car:

“When the shit hits the fan, it’s powering my car,” all the way to Washington D.C., and then some….

And I am guessing that the car had ‘no nutsack drag,’ either.


Now, back to the fray.

SERVER IS TOO BUSY–but tracert gets through just fine…;-)

Well the frogs are at it again, then–and no, Tiscali isn’t always in France.

Now, earlier in the day, I attempted, once again to engage in one of the most useful, productive, person to government entity forms of democracy possible-I tried to contact a police department that has recently become embroiled in yet another deliberate murder of an unarmed black kid.

And, here is what I got (documented elsewhere, and here, a bit too) My favorite hops are marked in bold, with lots of other oddness reserved for a later time, but my favorite hop It’s the one that doesn’t exist in this tracert–my OWN personal carrier ID!:

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.2.9200]
(c) 2012 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1     3 ms     2 ms     2 ms  192.168xxxxx
2   310 ms   294 ms   299 ms  10.133xxxxxx
3   260 ms   233 ms   223 ms  10.133.xxxxx
4   314 ms   292 ms   287 ms
5   192 ms   172 ms   193 ms
6   232 ms   232 ms   151 ms
  7   240 ms     *      243 ms []

8   273 ms   321 ms   338 ms []
9   350 ms   316 ms   323 ms []

10   310 ms   299 ms   282 ms []
 11   318 ms   320 ms   303 ms []
12   271 ms   501 ms   432 ms [
13   255 ms   233 ms   271 ms [
14   315 ms   279 ms   257 ms [
15   241 ms   288 ms   251 ms []
16   276 ms   257 ms   285 ms []


I am still looking for myself. According to this trace, my personal carrier ID isn’t even in the trace, and that is something indeed!

I am pinching myself–yes, I can feel that. I farted….yes, it smells like roses–but nowhere in that trace am I located.

Sure, a cut and pasted trace can be faked, yeah, that’s true–but I am depending on YOU, my great audience of 2, to keep the records of my attempt to participate in democratic  pursuits.

I even padded my XKEYSCORE, just to make it easier for both of us to geo-locate my complaint in the vast universe of the NSA data farm/s. Because, um, yeah–we both know how accurate they are…

Ah, democracy, and the word “pursuit” both have French connections.IN fact, If it weren’t for the French, Americans would still be buggering sheep, and paying tax to the Queen.

Oh, wait–they ARE doing both of those things one way or another! But most often, I suspect, the wolf in sheepies wool is fucking themselves.

I mean–who else names a switch the same name that the textbook tells then to name a switch?




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